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  1. Try this - https://aerocar.ca/ - they are the official limo car service for the airport. Hope this helps Dennis
  2. Yes business class does unload first and clears customs and immigration first. Dennis
  3. It won't be a problem with luggage. First the Canada Line trains were designed with the airport travellers in mind and they created areas where you can put your luggage while on the train. Second, while the trains certainly do get crowded you are getting on at the airport which is the terminus station and getting off at Waterfront station which is the other terminal so you won't have trouble with luggage on the trains. Cheers! Dennis
  4. Thanks for the update on the Canadian. Dennis
  5. I will try and answer this one - on my several visits to those ports the one that I found best for interesting day hikes is Skagway - Dewey Lakes or even the walk up to the old cemetery/ Reid Falls will keep you busy for a few hours - there is also the hike over to the point - the name which escape me right now - that if extend will lead you to the start of the Chilkoot trail - all of these have easy access from the town. In Juneau you could walk up Mt Roberts which is by the cruise terminal and ride the gondola down. Hope this helps Dennis
  6. Yes there is a food court and government liquor store as well.
  7. Actually there is a Dollarama in Harbour Center which would be the closest to the ship. The Dollar tree store is at the corner of Pender and Main in Chinatown but it isn't the nicest of locations. Thanks Dennis
  8. I will try and help you out with this. 1. They could pick you up at the bus stops just inside the terminal as you exit the secure port area but this is not the normal spot and requires the tour company to pay a fee to get into there. 2. Normally all the tour buses are line up just outside Canada Place along the curb - however that can depend on how many ships or other events are on around Canada Place. If it is a three ship day - the buses move one block south to Cordova as it is too busy for them to operate safely - also on Vancouver Marathon - the first Sunday in May and on Canada Day July 1 they will be on Cordova. There will be port and Tourism Vancouver volunteers helping with crowd control etc. Some of the other locals are likely to along and posting there views on this matter. I hope you have a nice tour to Whistler - the view up the Sea to Sky Highway is magnificent. Dennis
  9. (which is infrequent, only 4x a week for the Canadian for example) When did the Canadian start doing 4 trips a week - current winter schedule is 2 x and in summer it is usually 3x a week but because of track work between Edmonton and Winnipeg I believe Via is only going to run 2 trains a week this summer. Or are you meaning both arrivals and departures in that total. Dennis
  10. I have stayed at the Moore hotel twice and will be staying there again next year - while an older hotel property it is well maintained and only a couple of block from Pike Place Market and Westlake mall which has a rail link from the airport and where you can catch the monorail to Seattle Center and the Space Needle. Book the hotel as soon as possible as it sells out quickly. Cheers! Dennis
  11. BOBBY3344 - the hotel you stayed at might be the St Regis. Cheers! Dennis
  12. CVU - remember all buses are one zone fare all the time regardless of time of day. Cheers! Dennis :):):):)
  13. Yes it is walkable to the port - about three blocks and slightly down hill. Hope this helps and cheers! Dennis
  14. I am a little confused about your comment that the train line looked long - as a native Vancouverite - I don't see how you could see the train line as the main entrance is about two blocks away if you were standing outside the cruise terminal. No doubt it was busy as it was a three ship day - as for the taxis I suspect that wheelchair users will get priority for the accessible cabs over people with a large party and lots of luggage. Cheers! Dennis! :):)
  15. Yes it would be a good trip for scenery - the link below will take you on a trip up the Sea to Sky highway and through to Whistler - it appears to be either early in the year or later in the year as it does have some snow in the Whistler area. Hope this helps - you might want to do a google or you tube search for Sea to Sky Highway videos. Cheers! Dennis :):):):)
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