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  1. I noticed that after I posted - thought I have deleted the post.
  2. Well looks like my Alaska cruise in September is now toast.
  3. LYFT has announced that it is now serving all of Metro Vancouver. Cheers! Dennis
  4. Martin - don't most of the taxis leaving for the airport use Howe Street and the Granville Bridge - neither of which are used for the Marathon. I will once again be volunteering for the Marathon and on the bike helping the 1/2 Marathoners finish the course. My 15th year doing it. Cheers! Dennis
  5. The Old Sitka dock is the one that I have docked at the last two times in Sitka - they will run a shuttle into town. For years you had to tender into town because it is difficult to navigate all the little islets, reefs etc protecting the harbour but I do remember seeing a smaller HAL vessel tied up in town but I doubt the SOTS will fit in. Is the Sitka port schedule for 2020 posted yet - it might show which one or does you trip manifest mention a place. Cheers! Dennis
  6. Urban trekker


    The Amtrak code for Vancouver, BC Canada is VAC - PACIFIC CENTRAL STATION. Dennis
  7. Uber and Lyft started operating today in Vancouver and at least one has airport service. Still limited in the areas they can serve because not all regulatory permits have been issued and both companies are have a hard time hiring drivers do to stricter licensing requirements. Hope this helps. Dennis
  8. As of today Jan 24, Uber and Lyft are now operating in the Metro Vancouver area but not all of the cities in the region haven't given them the green light - you will be able to get to the airport etc. Stiffer licensing requirements are slowing the recruitment of drivers for both companies. Hope this helps.
  9. Hotel Georgia has also now gone on strike.
  10. While I have been to Nanaimo many times over the years as a Vancouver resident I have also twice come in by cruise ship. The first time we tendered and next time time we docked at the new terminal. Agree with Heidi13 - nothing wrong with Nanaimo - and they do roll out the red carpet and you might even see the Mounties in there ceremonial red serge uniforms. The walk along the waterfront promenade has signs telling the history of the area - from coal to lumber to tourism. A short little boat ride you are at Newcastle Island park - lots of trails and scenery there. I to
  11. Just an quick add on to Martincath's post - there are three ship in port on Sept 22 so if you are boarding any tour or charter buses outside the terminal- you will likely board them one block south of the port on Cordova rather than on Canada Place Way. There will be plenty of signs and staff/volunteers directing you to the buses. Thanks Dennis
  12. I was downtown yesterday for some tests at St Paul's and went by the former Fish Shack site - it definitely WON'T be reopening as the first shack - looks like it will be called the Heaven and become more of bar with all day drink specials. I think if you look at the dining options along Granville the upper end of the pricing scale is scarce and I think that reflects the people who come down to the entertainment area are in a drinking mood and not a more refined dining mood. Cheers! Dennis
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