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  1. Here's a story about a small bill. My friend was working for the local power company 40 years ago when a customer came in waving a cutoff notice that said her power would be cur off in 5 days if she didn't pay the balance shown on the enclosed bill. The bill amount was $0.00. The clerk working the desk wanted her to write a check for $0.00 in order to clear up the account. The customer was enraged and confused by this request. Finally, she got hold of herself and told the clerk she preferred to pay it off in cash. Now the clerk was confused, but she gathered her wits about her and
  2. About a year ago we booked the Legend to the Panama Canal for December, 2020. I expect that will be cancelled, so a few months ago I booked the same cruise (with a change from Legend to Pride) for December, 2021. Then I saw the six day cruise just before that so I added a booking for that, so I am hoping for a back-to-back in 2021. Then I saw a Journeys cruise in Nov-Dec, 2022 and snagged a porthole (PH) cabin for that. So one way or another, we are going to see the Panama Canal. I suspect we will have plenty of time to read the history of the canal between now and whichever cruise works out.
  3. While looking for some other info on the Carnival site, I found this on the FAQ pages. So now it could save money to book with a travel agent, assuming you are using a credit card. This is new, right? Accepted payment methods for bookings made directly with Carnival Cruise Line include: A credit card surcharge of 1.1% for Visa and Mastercard and 2.3% for AMEX will apply to direct bookings made through our website and call centre. Surcharges do not apply to debit cards. Please contact our Customer Service department to make payment over the phone. PayPal: We accept the f
  4. I'm 74 now and I seem to recall that when I went to Europe when I was in college, you needed to have the smallpox vaccination. I think you needed it to re-enter the USA. Once a vaccine baecomes widely available, I would not be surprised to see a bunch of countries having a similar requirement for current Covid 19 vaccinations.
  5. We booked 5243 for a cruise last winter on the Legend and were very pleased. As SD Padre Fan nates, the balcony is shallower than the higher deck version of Premium Balconies, but it was fine for us. The additional length of the balcony made it very comfortable for us. We had no problem with elevator noise. We currently have upcoming bookings for 5243 on the Legend and for 5243 and 8237 on the Pride. We hope that we will be able to take those cruises and enjoy those lovely cabins.
  6. You can absolutely do this. I have done it myself.
  7. My most recent cruise was on the Legend in 5243, which was a delight to us. I peeked around the barrier and the 9A next door seemed to have just the same view. We don't mind the obstructed view cabins on the Spirit class, and they save considerable money. On our cruise last November we had the additional experience on a port day of having the crew's lifeboat drill involve "our" lifeboat being lowered part way and then returned to its position, which was fun to see. We have booked the same cabin for our next two cruises, which we hope to ba able to take as they are a while into the futur
  8. I was on the Legend in December. Your Time dining check-in is at the maitre 'd desk at the front of the upper level dining room. We ate around 6:00 each night and never had more than 2 dining parties ahead of us in line. We also noticed that it was significantly quieter on the upper level than on the main level where the fixed-time dining folks are. We asked for and got the same servers each night. Well, after the second night, we didn;t even have to ask.
  9. Aft will be great, and in Alaska it is great to have some extra money for excursions. Use your $922 to see sights/wildlife!
  10. I have generally enjoyed fixed-time dining, but on our most recent cruise, on the Legend, it was too noisy to hear each other, except for the person seated right next to you. The maitre 'd didn't have another table that was is a quieter location, but when we said we'd be happy to try YTD, he was happy to set that up for us. At least on that ship, fixed time diners are on the lower floor and YTD folks on the floor above, where it turned out to be significantly quieter.
  11. We brought two of those folding chairs, not to a cruise, but when we had to kill a few days out of town between medical appointments. Our inexpensive motel (Motel 6) did not have any upholstered chairs, just wood chairs for the table. Having the camping chairs let us be more comfortable between our various excursions to movies and meals. I think it's worth a try. I hope you will come back and post about how it worked for your mom. Maybe you will post some photos for us??
  12. I think it was 2003, so not recent. We had an Inside Guarantee and got assigned to a obstructed view balcony on the Legend. We were thrilled.
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