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  1. For the record, I never advocated eliminating ambassador hosts. And perhaps my observations are outdated. On the 2015 World cruise, I know that eight hosts each had their own room. This on a very popular sold out cruise. And I know that my observations over many nights never registered more than a dozen women who danced with the hosts....and these were most often the same women each night. On my last Crystal cruise in 2019 I didn't make enough observations to be pertinent.
  2. My point is in the number of guests per ambassador host or art instructor or --insert specialist here--- utilize the services of the specialist positions. My experience: I'm not a religious person. I have don't really know how many guests use the services of the Protestant minister. I have observed a crowd of Jewish gatherings on Friday nights held by the Rabbi. There must be on average over fifty passengers attending. I also do not use the art instructor, but I know from experience such classes generally have around 15 to 20 people. My Apple Ipad class had about 20 peopl
  3. Vince....I must say that you do not recall correctly. My point is not that their duties are brief...many times they dance all night long. My point is that their dancing skills are utilized by only a small per centage of passengers. A small percentage....not merely a "couple" as you posted. Given this, Crystal might consider utilizing those rooms for personnel that might appeal to a broader range of passengers... and these others could also double as escorts as the hosts do now.
  4. Um....did anyone assert that the hosts only dance with a "couple" of women for a "few minutes" each night?
  5. So to recap...gift shop employees, entertainers, speakers and their spouses, instructors, casino employees, ship officers, front desk employees, surely some others have all been tour escorts. And happily so, as they get to tour for free. I've heard casino and gift shop employees say theirs was the greatest job because they get to go on tours. Seems that ambassador hosts make up a minority of escorts.
  6. In regard to the OP "bye bye Ambassador Hosts"... I never saw the value in having as many as eight ambassador hosts when little more than a dozen passengers utilized their skills.
  7. My state has a mask ordinance. I feel *relatively* safe going out shopping for groceries. Feel very safe going outside without a mask for my daily three to five mile walk. I will not eat in at a restaurant. Have friends who are pretty sure that's how they were infected with Covid. Studies have shown the virus travels through the AC and heating systems. Cruising? No freaking way. MAYBE the companies can make the ship safe, but port calls would negate that. Since my primary reason for cruising is visiting ports, I'll pass until we have a vaccine and ports are open for
  8. The CDC still has its Level 3 travel notice warning on travel for cruise ships in place. The lifting of the no sail order has lifted cruise stocks on a day when the market is down around 2%.
  9. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/CDC-Conditional-Sail-Order_10_30_2020-p.pdf?source=news_body_link CDC says it will let its no-sail order expire if cruise companies can prove to the agency that COVID protocols are working with specific testing requirements and trial runs.
  10. I think zero chance your cruise sails. I also think the world cruise will be cancelled. If I were booked on either cruise, I have to say I would not go. Just too much risk. The cruise lines have to consider protocols onboard plus the ever changing protocols at different ports. Sad times......
  11. Why have you "fully" paid for a cruise two years from now?
  12. I remember Regis from the 2015 World Cruise. Very accessible...talked with him in the workout room; he gave me advice on movie selections in the library; happily conversed in the bars and he played on a trivia team. RIP Regis.
  13. No. The most deaths from the flu in the last 40 years was in the winter of 2017-18, when as many as 80,000 died. Some years' deaths fall under 20,000. https://www.statnews.com/2018/09/26/cdc-us-flu-deaths-winter/
  14. I don't understand.. It seems that people are suggesting filing a credit card dispute after a cruise is cancelled. But one usually pays for a cruise months before sailing. Then there is a wait of 60 or 90 days after the cruise cancellation for Crystal to pay. My question: Exactly how long can one wait after a charge to a credit card and expect a refund from the card company? I always thought that after a few months the card company would say "Sorry...contact the vendor...nothing we can do."
  15. A site on the virus around the world from Microsoft. Just about anything you want to know about individual country data in regard to the virus: https://www.bing.com/covid
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