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  1. Mapleleaves, that is really good advice. We are looking to do DIY and a cruise this time around. We've done 2 cruises with land tours included. We had great (over the top) hotels to stay at, but just waiting for the people to load and unload the buses and trains was a big waste of time. Some of the people were quite inconsiderate. That and the fact that we saw some sites that we wanted to explore a little longer and weren't able to. I'm going to check out your recommended sites. Thank you.
  2. I did the glass blowing on the Eclipse in Aug. I didn't pre-book, but signed up when on the ship. You pay for the project you choose to do. The ornament I made was $50 and worth every penny. I now have a handmade ornament to celebrate our 50th anniversary. If I do this again, I think I'd make the paperweight, it was very unique looking. Have fun.
  3. Thanks for clarifying the soda card use. It makes sense to me and it also seems like a very good deal.
  4. That will be too bad. I'm not interested in huge ships that have climbing walls, tunnels that end in the pools, and shopping at places most folks don't frequent. Anyways my thought is keep the smaller ships for a restful cruise experience.
  5. Is that deal for the whole cruise?? Can't imagine that, I also can't imagine drinking $50 worth of soda a day!! How much is a soda?
  6. I just wanted to add my thanks for all the comments and ideas you offered to us. I have never cruised on HAL, but seriously considering an Alaskan cruise on one. Then a land tour on our own. I also want to commend you on taking such good care of your mom while on this trip. You will never ever regret the time you spent with her enjoying the sights and sounds of Alaska.
  7. We cruised in early Aug. and haven't received a survey. We would have had some valuable comments, so they missed the boat (so to speak)
  8. Thanks for all the time you have spent typing and documenting your tour to Alaska. Your review is awesome. We are looking forward to another trip to Alaska, but just can't decide on an itinerary and ship. We are looking for a smaller ship than the Celebrity ones we've been on. The Amsterdam seems like a great size. I'm going to check out when it will be in Ak. and where. Thanks again
  9. Bev0426? Just wanted to suggest that DH wear some convertible pants. Shorts until you need the legs covered then you can zip the pants part on. My husband did this when we went to Rome and visited the churches. I think he got his at Bass Pro or on Amazon. They are light and comfortable with loads of pockets. Have fun on your cruise.
  10. If I book I will be a newbie with Azamara too. We have had 8 cruises on Celebrity and 1 on NCL ( we went to Hawaii before the volcanic activity got so bad) So I will be reading reviews and ideas. Thanks for posting the link, off to read it now.
  11. I am considering an Alaskan cruise on the Azamara. so will probably have more questions after I read more.
  12. I just have to chime in, I loved the Hot Glass experience on my recent Eclipse cruise. Noticed that the Lawn area was not used-ropes all around the perimeter not sure that it could be walked on or even picnicked on. It was windy and cool up there most of the time.
  13. I always have some bandaides in my wallet. I've needed them too many times when the boys were growing up. They take up little room and can save the day if you need it. I also have Imodium in my med kit at all times. Cheaper at home than in Canada the wilderness. I'm also going to carry cough medicine with me from now on. My husband had a bad cough on our recent cruise and he had to go to a port pharmacy and it was kind of expensive but it worked and we got some good sleep that night.
  14. Enjoying your review. I've always wanted to go to Pikes Market, so I hope to go there on my Alaska trip. Not sure I want to lug luggage very far like you did, but I'll remember that it is doable., Thanks for taking the time.
  15. By the end of an Alaskan port day, you will have dinner, maybe the show and bed. It is hard to beat the scenery and the nature talks in the Theatre on sea days. We were on Celebrity twice to Alaska and loved both of our trips. But we both thought that the next time we would try and do a DIY land touring so we could see more of Alaska. We took a car rental in Skagway and had a great trip to the Yukon. I did walk about in Ketchikan and saw the salmon run both reasonable alternatives to the ship tours. My husband did a ship halibut fishing tour that he was disappointed in, but then it is called fishing and not catching for a reason. LOL The glaciers were awesome from the ship. We also saw some sea otters, whales, and eagles from the ship. We were out on deck a lot even though we had a balcony cabin, so you could cut costs by getting a non balcony cabin. Juneau is also easily done without a specific tour-- Ride the bus out to the Mendenhal glacier and spend as much time as you want, Ride the tram up the hill and go hiking. Those are just a few of the inexpensive outings you can have in Alaska. With a little research you can find more in other ports, but you will have to do some research, which the teens can help with. Have fun and enjoy Alaska. You won't regret the experience.
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