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  1. My husband has just suggested we start planning a cruise. I'd love to go back to Alaska. Glad to see someone out there enjoying the Beauty of Alaska. Nice pictures!! Good for you Budget Queen for planning a trip.
  2. Excited... Very nice video--Must have been scary when he disappeared under the zodiac. Thanks for posting
  3. I should be in Canada today, celebrating with all the Canadians. I'm missing the yellow duck drop from the Nestor Falls Dam in Ontario. so much fun. Hope you all have a safe and happy 153rd Birthday. Catch a fish for me.
  4. My choice for a land trip would be back to Alaska in Aug/Sept. I've on 3 cruises there and loved every minute--even the rain in Ketchikan. We did a land tour after our cruise and it was simply amazing. The bus and train rides showed how beautiful the state really is. We saw the most bright red fire weed in all its' glory. I'd want to fish the Kenai peninsula for a few days. Stay in a cabin and just watch the world go by on the water. If not there then I'd like to stay closer to home and go find a cabin on a lake in Northern Wisconsin to fish all day if I wanted to. We tried to find somewhere this summer/fall, but most of the resorts we checked weren't accepting guests. I'm hoping that our Oct fishing trip to Canada will happen. Only time will tell.Lake of the Woods is a beautiful serene place to visit. We stay in a cabin on the lake, Loons, pelicans, bald eagles, bear, deer, raccoons. So much fun.
  5. My most favorite food item to have on cruises is the Creme Brule'. I can taste it now. My husband loves the escargot and the cold melon soups served in the main dining room. We don't see them often offered on the ship, so it must have been on our Carribean cruises. I also loved the scallops. Can't forget the bread sticks. No matter where we sat in MDR they were the first items to disappear at the table. After the first night our waiter would bring out a more generous portion at the start of the meals. It seems that everyone loves them.
  6. Oh this is so cute. You should write a book. Very Creative. Made me laugh. Thanks.
  7. H is for the Hake Knife we used on our first cruise to Alaska--Hake is a fish that DH ordered for dinner that night.
  8. I remember that bridge from our cruise to Aruba. Also the lighthouse. Have to go through my pictures, but I think DH was the only one on the bridge, Just call Me Chicken .Loving your review. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  9. I hope you continue with your review. I'd be interested to hear how you liked the Islands.
  10. C is for the delicious Creme Brule that I'm missing so much. This is a nice diversion from the Virus. Thanks for starting it.
  11. Don't try to take any chocolate pillow candy off the ship in Australia. Have no idea how many people had huge amounts of chocolate that they had to leave in the theatre. The cruise people said it would mean that you'd have your luggage completely unpacked and checked by the port police. No one wanted that. Feel sorry if it packed in suitcases and you got caught. We usually ate ours before bed, so none to try and sneak out.
  12. Even though I don't have anything scheduled until Sept. I feel so bad for those of you who do. I understand the reasons, but it is so sad.
  13. Wish I could post pictures, this post has been a trip down memory lane. We have a photo from our first cruise that was on the Summit in 2002 in Alaska, It is a beautiful photo of the fire weed all in bloom in Denali Park. We loved everything about that cruise including the Ship. We are scheduled to cruise again in Sept. if we can go across the border into Canada. Thanks to all who have posted their beautiful pictures.
  14. Something so silly and refreshing. Thanks for posting I'm from Wisconsin and real butter is the only way to go. Hot rolls right out of the oven and real butter. YUM
  15. My sister and her husband have stayed on the ship many times for their whole cruise. She says there is nothing like it. Sitting around and enjoying the ship. My sister usually has a few spa treatments that she wouldn't have had if she had taken advantage of the ports. I used to think she was crazy, but it really is relaxing. DH and I skipped a port due to just being too tired to tour and I spent the day enjoying the sun and the quiet while I was crocheting on the deck, moving about as the sun moved, It was wonderful.
  16. We were on the Solstice and loved it. We LOVED Alaska and want to go back for the 3rd time. Don't wait to go. Celebrity is a great cruising opportunity and I don't think you would be disappointed whenever you go. Have fun.
  17. Thanks for the information. I don't drink much alcohol, but I do enjoy my Pepsi ( sad to say Coke isn't my favorite). Also saw that DH can get a coffee in the morning he'll like that. So I learned something today.
  18. Does anyone know if soda is included in the complimentary drinks?
  19. I haven't gone hungry on any of my cruises. We usually eat all dinners in the Main dining room (MDR) The ice cream and gelato have been very refreshing after returning from a tour. Ask any questions you have. Someone will always give you an answer and no question is dumb. I hope you decide to cruise. It is a lot of fun.
  20. As long as they aren't tossed in the ocean I think this would be something fun. I found a rock around Halloween at our church and my great grandsons were so excited to be able to hide them again. Kept them busy for a while looking for the most sincere spot to hide it. Wound up on our Pastors' desk, she mentioned it in the announcements the next week the kids were still having fun.
  21. We have 3 days pre-cruise so wanted something a little closer to the "action" even though we are old enough to need too much action. LOL Hopefully the Yotel will give us just what we want. Travelinon--- Have you joined the Roll Call. Come on over.
  22. My husband has a new camera that he is anxious to try out. He loves the outdoors and beautiful scenery. Thanks again.
  23. MsKaufman, Thanks for linking up with your photos from Bar Harbor. We are looking forward to our fall trip on the Summit. It looks really beautiful. Not sure about climbing the rocks though. Not as young as I think I am. LOL
  24. I was reading a recent posting about the kinds of OTC meds to take in addition to your regular meds. Cough/cold/seasick/ ect. What a wonderful gift you have been given. An experience that will not soon be forgotten. May you have a wonderful cruise with your Aunt. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh ocean air.
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