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  1. Thanks - I got a telling off from border staff for it being there in the first place !?! I’m going to Japan next month and don’t fancy having the same conversation with their border control - HMPS said I travel at my own risk (to be fair I think they have to say that) a replacement passport is £75 in the uk so in the grand scheme of things it’s not worth the risk so I’ve bitten the bullet...
  2. Thanks for your replies - you’re right I can’t be sure it was the cruise line - but the reason I thought it was is because there was one sticker with my name and room number on the back and another (same colour, font etc) with what I think was my folio number and a barcode on the page I described. The visas issued by the countries I visited are all on the correct pages. Still have the same same issue though with a sticker in a place where it should it be so I contacted the passport office who have advocated that any page containing personal information shouldn’t be tampered with in any way(!) It’s annoying that I still have over 8 years on my passport but it can’t be peeled off without spoiling the page...
  3. Hi, wasn’t sure where the most appropriate place would be to post this query so I’ll start here... Late last year I was on a Suez Canal cruise with Celebrity when we had to hand our passports in on the ship for immigration purposes. At some point a small sticker with a barcode on it was placed on our passports, not on any of the plank visa pages but on the “page reserved for official observations” you can find on UK passports. Didn’t think much of it at the time and didn’t think anything of it until a recent trip where immigration picked up on it and told me that page shouldn’t be used for anything and I “shouldn’t have put it there”. I’m sure this is a common thing to happen so wondered if anyone else has had this questioned or had any problems?? (I also intend to check with the passport office to get their advice as I’m travelling again soon) Thanks!
  4. Thanks to OP for starting the topic and for the replies so far! Found this an interesting read having recently booked MSC for the first time due to price and itinerary but apprehensive about some negative comments. Like some of the previous posts I read negative reviews and see what they are actually complain about (eg - if that’s the worst thing that happened I can live with it) and try to work out if they are people looking for something to moan about or not. On my last cruise I got so wound up by the number of people complaining when I was having a fantastic time, it was often from people not doing research beforehand or having what I thought were too high expectations (In some cases I thought TA’s had been misleading !?!?) - just shows how different people can have such varied opinions even on the same sailing. When I read about poor service I just thought to myself “at that price I don’t care”, if the service in the dining room is poor I’ll eat in a speciality restaurant, slow drinks service we’ll sit at the bar. Hope I’m not being too naive (!) - but at £45 pppn we’re getting accommodation and all of our meals (compared to the £120 our original choice on Celebrity for a similar itinerary - we’re definitely itinerary first people) 😁
  5. I’m on 3121 in a few weeks (11th) - it used to be part of Ocean Liners so unless they have replaced the windows I hope it’s a larger one! Will let you know
  6. Thank you for posting this - it’s good to know that the ship is now moving I hope damage is minimal and you make it back ok to Civitavecchia safely. I’m on the 11th sailing with my partner so will be keeping an eye on this.
  7. Thank you for posting this - it’s good to know that the ship is now moving I hope damage is minimal and you make it back ok to Civitavecchia safely. I’m on the 11th sailing with my partner so will be keeping an eye on this.
  8. Oh not just me then - I thought it was being uk based that was the issue! I think I’ve seen it before it’s basically a list of all the beverages in each package - appreciate you looking though - thanks
  9. Hi, I’m trying to work out if it’s worth buying my other half a package for our upcoming cruise on Constellation (I already have the classic bought partly with obc). I have a link here, but being in the uk every time I click on it I just get redirected to the front page of the UK site: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/onboard-packages/beverage-packages/premium-classic-and-standard any friendly US based cruisers prepared to click on the above link and upload as an image for me? Thank you!!
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