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  1. Doing southern Caribbean in November. All ports are familiar to us with the exception of Martinique. Are there any do's and don'ts that we should be aware of. Can we use US dollars to pay for things while we are on the island? Any other tips that might help us.
  2. We are doing a southern Caribbean cruise in April and will be stopping at Cartegena Colombia. Generally we don't purchase tours but get off the ship and get a tour on shore from locals or take a taxi into town. We understand the Old Town there is interesting. Is doing it on your own safe here? Any suggestions about this port would be really appreciated.
  3. We are sailing with Celebrity on April 1st an received an email offer for a precruise booking of a drink package with a 20% reduction and billed in Canadian dollars which is great for us. Has anyone had this offer in the past and can tell me if the 18% gratuity is included in the per day price. Have called Celebrity twice and got a yes one time and a no the next. Any info will be appreciated.
  4. Have been looking around Cruise Critic to see if you are able to bring onboard water when you checkin.? I know that you can purchase same on Celebrity site but when we cruised other lines we would take a few bottles of water and Diet Pepsi when we embarked the ship. Generally cruise lines don't have Diet Pepsi and I can't drink Coke products so take a few bottles with me. Then we are in port we will buy a couple H20 and pop to bring back with us. Any info will be appreciated.
  5. Sailing on Celebrity in April in the Caribbean. When we get on Board can we have lunch anywhere other than the Lido Resturant. I find that the Lido's are always crazy and creates such a hectic environment that it is hard to relax and enjoy that first meal onboard. When we sail on Princess they have one of the dining rooms open for lunch on Embarkation day and it really starts the cruise off in such a relaxing way. Anyone know anything about alternates on Celebrity? Thanks
  6. We are doing the transatlantic cruise this spring on the Silouette. I think I remember receiving an email from Celebrity saying that they have changed the Elite cocktail party in some way, thought I can't for the life of me find the email and the Captains Club site doesn't seem to show anything different. Can anyone explain the new approach to me? Do they still have the party in the lounge and do you receive unlimited cocktails as well as canapes? As well as the cocktails there from 5 to 7 are there also drinks loaded to your cruise card that you can use other places? That is how RCL does it if I am correct. Could you use te drinks on your card at dinner in the dining room? Thanks
  7. We have decided to fly to Florida a couple of days before our cruise. Can anyone suggest a good hotel that is reasonable in price but has good quality
  8. We are sailing on the Koningsdam in November. Can you tell me: 1. Is the Main Dining Room open for breakfast 2. How much it costs to eat in the Canaletto resturant 3. Is there a charge for food in the Explorations Café and Grand Dutch Café and if so is it a flat rate or is it by each item you eat
  9. We are sailing on the Koningsdam and I was looking on their site to see if we can pay our tips before we leave as we usually do with other cruise lines. I can't seem to find the information about amount of tips and being able to pay the tips prior to the cruise. Can anyone help with this?
  10. Sailing on the Konningsdam and we are planning for some speciality dining. Can you have breakfast and/or lunch in the Pinnacle Grill? If so what is the additional charge for this?
  11. We are in the above cabin on the Mozart deck. Across from us there appears to be dead space. has anyone stayed in this cabin before? If so can you tell me if that space is storage and posed a noise problem? That happened to us on another ship and the rattling of dishes, glasses and talking of workers was bad and we ended up having to move cabins. We don't want a repeat of that.
  12. When we sail on the Konningsdam in November we will want to stay in touch with home via internet. We know we don't get free internet with HAL as we do with Princess, Celebrity and RCL so will need to purchase time. Can anyone give me an idea of how much internet time is. When in port we will take iPad off with us and use it in an internet café but when at sea will need to use the ships café. Any info regarding this will be appreciated. A second question regarding Happy Hour. Is this a reduction on drink prices or a BOGO concerpt. Thanks
  13. Doing the Caribbean in November. Haven't been on Holland for awhile and we were wondering: 1. Can you go to the dining room for lunch on embarkation day? We have sailed Princess a lot in the last few years and having a nice lunch in the dining room versus the chaotic Lido is a nice relaxing way to start the cruise. 2. Read somewhere that Holland is hosting a cocktail party at the time of embarkation. Is that correct? If so how do you find out where and when it is happening. 3. We are 3 star mariner members and wondered if there is a special check-in line for us in Ft Lauderdale? Thanks
  14. As we previously said we have not sailed with HAL for a few years and when I went to our booking I noticed a few new things that I am interested in. We do not typically buy the drink packages as we never could drink enough to warrant that purchase but I see that they now have drink cards which was of interest to us. 1. Do you buy these before you sail? 2. Does Holland send them to you or are they placed in your cabin? 3. How do they work? Do you present the card when you order a drink and they substract the value off the card? 4. If you buy more than you actually use do you just lose the money left on the card?
  15. We are sailing in HAL Koningsdam in November. We have tentatively booked cabin 6183 0n Mozart deck. Has anyone stayed in that cabin or near it? We would like to know if it is a good choice and also if there is any engine noise noted there. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated as we haven't been on HAL for a long time despite being on 60+ cruises. As well I have read that Hollands food has gone down hill. Is that really the case? Thanks
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