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  1. Cost of NCL transfer to ship in Barcelona is $25. If just one passenger, then that is more economical than taxi at $39 Euros. If two passengers, then it’s fairly even which you choose. If more then two, definitely take a taxi and save money.
  2. In my experience, this practice varies from ship to ship. I was told it is left up to the chef whether to offer or not.
  3. I refer to passengers. That’s why I used quotation marks.
  4. It is parked across from us at this moment. I am a passenger on Majesty of the Seas.
  5. The “empty” Breakaway sailed into Nassau a couple of hours ago.
  6. Back to Back Canada/New England itinerary Norwegian Gem Boston to Quebec City September 20 - 27, 2019 $249 solo inside guarantee (IX), no perks plus port fees/taxes ———- Nowegian Gem Quebec City to Boston September 27 - October 4, 2019 $249 solo inside guarantee (IX), no perks plus port fees/taxes
  7. Empress is parked at Nassau this morning, along with Majesty.
  8. I’ve not received any such document on Majesty. Ship was originally expected to return to Port Everglades today but itinerary revised to return on Wednesday, September 4.
  9. Majesty of the Seas Ship is still on It’s “original five days”. We were supposed to add on two days (one extra sea day and Nassau). That is still the plan as we sit berthed in Cozumel, but Captain just announced we will remain a second day here before setting sail for Nassau and just have one sea day in between Cozumel and Nassau. I imagine a lot of things are still in flux. Stay safe, everybody.
  10. RCCL can set any policy it chooses, regardless of Canadian law. For example, irons are prohibited by Royal.
  11. Shrimp was literally the only reason I would eat at the Asian-style restaurant. Without shrimp, I don't plan to eat there at all.
  12. I reported a missing June cruise several weeks after disembarking. As of August 8, it has not been added to my cruise history. I will report a second time and give NCL another several weeks. If it is still missing in September, I will report it a third time and so on and so on.
  13. Ditto. All bookings made before an increase are grandfathered to the rate current at the time of booking, provided DSC is paid prior to boarding. For example, my booking for next May indicates DSC can be prepaid at $14.50/day because that was the going rate at the time of booking. If I neglect to prepay, I will be charged the prevailing rate after boarding. So I am not surprised any current booking or mock booking indicates $15/day. However, that in no way confirms no increase is around the corner so to speak. So have we received a peek behind the curtain? Only time will tell.
  14. Adults are just as likely suspects. I had decorations stolen from my Epic studio cabin door and minors are not allowed access. Well, not allowed to be resident so do not have keys with access to the studio cabin.
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