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  1. The face value of any NCL NextCruise certificate is $250.
  2. Dollars to doughnuts the deck 12 smoking section was moved to another area on the same deck. Since deck 11 is all passenger cabins, what unsuspecting cabins are now the recipient of the noise, courtesy of OP's complaint and NCL's resolution?
  3. Thank you for the mental image of Tidy Whities...LOL
  4. I booked a Fantastica Experience using USA-based travel agency and expected drink vouchers as noted with my Fantastica Experience for January 2019 Sinfonia cruise (European itinerary). The vouchers were not in my cabin and tablemates (who booked different experiences and drink packages) had received vouchers. I took up the issue with Guest Services on the first night. They saw nothing about drink vouchers noted on my booking in the ship's computer system, but they offered to contact Corporate. The next day, they did "in good faith" give me the vouchers even though no word had come back from Corporate.
  5. I noticed a difference between MSC cruises sailing from North America and my one and only sailing aboard MSC in Europe. To be fair it was a older, smaller vessel, the Sinfonia. Which may not be a fair comparison to Divina which is newer and larger. The buffet on Sinfonia was among the smallest I have experienced. The salad/fresh produce section was so limited in variety that I ate far less fresh produce than I would on any other cruise line thus far. The buffet line had plated small bowls of lettuce with maybe a tomato wedge, olive and crumble of cheese on top. Additional bowls of topping would number two or three. For a person who indulges in a greater variety of produce when cruising than at home, I was disappointed. The one bonus was fresh fruit was almost always available in abundance inside the buffet and near the grill and pizzeria counters closer to the open deck. The rest of the buffet served a "Mediterranean" section and I cannot speak to that as nothing appealed to me personally and three or four more hot entrees. Additionally, soup, bread/rolls section and desserts. They did offer themed outdoor service lines several times. For example, one day was German food and another was pasta dishes. The MDR menus were limited, but that is true for every cruise line. You would expect pasta to be a standout on an Italian cruise line, but I heard from my Italian-heritage tablemates that overall, pasta dishes were greatly disappointing. But they did say a couple of the pasta dishes during our 12-day cruise were good, so not a complete washout. And a few dinner entrees were tasty. But inevitably, if we (tablemates and I) did happen upon any "good" food, it was only available one time during the entire cruise. My advice on that is if you do find something to enjoy, savor it because our joke was "you won't see it again." As people like to point out, I did not go hungry, but I also now have experience to back up my opinion of the MSC product.
  6. If you are "offended" or "upset" by people sleeping in public (rather than their cabin), Heaven Forbid! you ever step foot on a cruise ship. I've witnessed sleepers (meaning people sleeping) in lounges, theaters, libraries, and hallways (equipped with seating, of course). And don't even get me started on those bold enough to fall asleep on the promenades or out by the pool.
  7. logan25

    Flight time

    Depends significantly upon when passengers will be allow to disembark. A taxi transfer is only about thirty minutes from the port to airport with plenty of taxis available as long as you carry your luggage off the ship and don't delay exiting the ship.
  8. I tried to research the route of Metro or Bus and come up with no recommended route due to no stations being "near" the beginning (El Prat) or ending (Placa de Catalunya) points. I have a cruise departing next Wednesday and anxiety thinking about being stuck no knowing how to get from point A to point B and the reverse. I contacted the hotel asking for their guidance on transportation and am waiting to hear.
  9. I would hazard a guess it is something along the lines of "shirt and shoes required". Which leaves the open question of "pants optional"?
  10. My travel mug will get a real workout for sure when I sail on MSC in the Med. I assume no prohibition of carrying my own beverage into the MDR. Not a fan of mineral waters.
  11. Appears that Fiesta de Santa Eulalia is on the docket for February. I will be in town, near La Rambla during the festival. Do events normally transpire all day or only in the evening?
  12. Royal Caribbean Vision roundtrip New Orleans January 26 - February 2, 2019 inside $687 oceanview $847 port fees and taxes additional
  13. For those who look to the far-flung future... MSC Preziosa October 2020 (various embarkation points and dates) 7-day Northern Europe Itinerary Embarkation offered from Hamburg, LeHavre or Southampton. Bella Inside fares from $483 to $519 (plus taxes). Hamburg: October 4-11, 11-18 or 18-25 LeHavre: October 6-13 or 13-20 Southampton: October 7-14 or 14-21 You could also get discounts based on your MSC Voyager status.
  14. MSC Sinfonia January 30 - February 11, 2019 European itinerary roundtrip Barcelona inside $658 or Oceanview $658. (Can get Fantastica Experience) Note: Additional $168 taxes and fees   You will have to go hunting who to complete your booking on this one. The MSC USA website is not showing this fare, but I found it at one of the online travel agencies (which also included $50 shore excursion credit). I am sure the fare will be available through many sources.
  15. It's incredibly sad that fellow members have to step up to the plate to offer assistance since official CC help does not seem forthcoming.
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