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  1. Are any venues designated “vaccinated only”?
  2. $266. Easy Package $434. Premium Package $553. Premium Plus Package Don’t ask me what drinks are included under each. That is above my pay grade.
  3. I spoke to an MSC rep two days ago about applying extra 15% Voyager discount. She spoke to someone on her end and took notes, then gave me an SR #. I will contact them again today since I have not received a revised invoice.
  4. If a booking is paid in full and past final payment, how would the “overpayment” be processed? Refund to credit card? Refundable OBC?
  5. MSC is accepting just about anybody regardless of vaccination, provided they test negative and follow their specific protocol. Keep in mind MSC has been sailing in the Mediterranean for almost a year without any major outbreak, so even before there was a vaccine available.
  6. OP, do yourself a solid and ask MSC the question directly. I would hate for your party to be caught short at embarkation. I do not know the answer, but it is imperative you get this right. No ugly surprises.
  7. Link to updated protocol, July 23, 2021: https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/why-cruise-disney/experience-updates/us/
  8. That would news to the August 2 roll call members
  9. Divina’s start date has not changed. But Meraviglia is a startling delay of another six weeks. It was to begin revenue sailings on August 2. Begs the question what was the catalyst for this change in schedule.
  10. How was the MDR experience? Are passengers from unlinked cabins assigned to communal tables as before?
  11. I would rather cruise Alaska and skip Canada every year. When I want to visit Canada, I visit Canada.
  12. Per current MSC health protocol for Bahamas and Caribbean cruises, yes. All embarking passengers will be tested at the pier (cost covered by MSC).
  13. But will the shelves be stocked? Or is it simply a place conducive to reading?
  14. Sounds like current protocol will continue, since the passenger characteristic is status quo.
  15. In short, no. Norwegian has Harvest Caye off the coast of Belize. I agree that cruise ship itineraries (currently including Grand Cayman) can be expected to change. The best source of information will be the cruise lines themselves.
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