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  1. What sad times we live in. The OP has made one of many arguments that can be made about the way CV is affecting the world and the many decisions that need to be made as a result. Governments, companies and individuals will always have their own self interest and self preservations foremost in their minds. It seems to me that along with the travel advisory the OP was concerned about his/her own health and welfare. At the time @laserboi took the decision to cancel, I can presume that the dollar versus living calculation played a heavy part in the calculation. Has the va
  2. We are also saying a huge thank you to our NHS workers for their commitment to saving lives. Last night at 8pm people stood on their doorsteps and balconies clapping, cheering and whistling to show support and solidarity. The government want retired NHS staff and others to volunteer to help out, the request was for 250,000 people. In a little over 24hrs more than 600,000 put their name forward. In these challenging times its nice to know that there are good and decent people out there.
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