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  1. https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings
  2. Possibly tendering? Always a crowded hassle. Not sure they could pull that off though for private islands that need it. But still could avoid it at least at some ports.
  3. I found and copied this from a post from over 6 years ago. (I needed to find it so I could grab a couple of those mp3's for ringtones) Personally the 2 I like and use are: Let's Go! Original And: Ultimate Caribbean (Which I am now currently using on my phone) Let's Go Let's Go! Original Let's Go! Club Remix Let's Go! Lounge Remix Let's Go! Reggae Remix Ultimate Caribbean Ultimate Caribbean Just thought some of you might like those as much as I do
  4. Hi Arzeena! All is well here and I hope for the same for you and your family as well! Very stressful times we are living through...and hope and pray for better days ahead. We don't have any future cruises booked at this point..and won't until we understand what the rules and requirements might be....still watching and hoping though! Stay safe!
  5. My favorite as well! I have used that as my ringtone on my phone for years!
  6. Just a quick update from me....My check for passport renewal was cashed on March 6th...and I did receive the new passport finally yesterday on July 10th. Really don't even have a use for it now...but still happy to have received it. If any of you are still waiting at least there's hope that they are starting to catch up on processing them.
  7. I hear you! I really don't expect to set foot on a cruise ship (whether there are any going or not) for at least the balance of this year. I had actually submitted for my passport renewal thinking I might need it for an October cruise (14 day on Breakaway) but I cancelled that long ago and doubt very much that it will happen anyways.
  8. Thanks for that update Laszlo! Not that it really lets you know when you might get them...but at least you know that they are being processed. For me the check was cashed on March 6th and to date I have heard nada!
  9. If Covid doesn't end up bankrupting the cruiselines by itself....making it difficult or impossible for people 70 or over to cruise will definitely finish them off...and they all know that. Depending on what comes up medically in the way of vaccines etc in the near future will be the only way forward for them. It won't matter if you're a child, young adult, middle aged adult, or over 70...no proof of vaccine...no cruise for you. And that's the only fair or correct way to do it.
  10. Yes that's the case (and I'm assuming for now that NCL will abandon it as well if they haven't already) Here's a portion of a copy of info for Royal folks: https://loyaltoyoualways.com/service/coronavirusupdate/ We are currently laser-focused on additional safety enhancements for our return to service. To develop our future boarding screening process and updated health protocols, we are collaborating with government health authorities, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and our own team of medical experts. These are not yet finalized, but when they are, we will be sure to advise accordingly. We know that our 70+ guests and those with chronic conditions are especially eager to understand what cruising will look like in the future. While subject to change, via the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), we have confirmed that the previous restriction requiring a doctor’s note was lifted in early April after cruise lines suspended service. Please know that every decision we make, and all of the fine-tuning we do, has your/your client’s well-being in mind. We miss you and your clients – and can’t wait to welcome you back onboard. That was never going to fly...the real question is what will be required before sailing starts up again....My bet is nothing goes until there is a vaccine available and you can prove that you have had it. But who knows?
  11. When/If cruising ever starts up again there will be some way needed to screen all passengers and/or when a vaccine comes along that all passengers have gotten it.....don't wish to get it? You will not be allowed to go. The entire "Over 70 doctors form" was a desperate attempt to show they were trying to be responsible right before everything was totally shut down. Whatever new testing methods they may wish to use along with any requirements for vaccinations (when they become available) will not be age dependant.
  12. I agree totally...when/if cruising starts up again there will probably be some type of new requirements/forms/testing etc. I doubt very much though that it will be in the form of a quick hip shot some of the lines were taking just before being shut down totally. Whatever they require will probably not be in the form of a specific age requirement due to all the backlash already received along with it now being common knowledge that any and all ages can be carriers and affected negatively by the virus itself. Making it next to impossible for people 70 and over to cruise would simply be a way to hasten bankruptcy.
  13. Hi Arzeena! We are doing well so far (Knock on wood) and I hope very much you and your family are as well. We just cancelled our October Breakaway cruise which broke my heart as it was a perfect Itinerary (Bermuda and the ABC's in the same cruise and out of New York...wanted to do that badly...but right now there is way too much uncertainty) If things settle down later may try and rebook..if not we will next look at 14 day January Gem Cruise (Lots of familiar people on that one too! Charlie is holding up his end with his Thursday Night Pictures! 😉 ) Time will tell on everything but certainly doesn't look very promising right now. Take Care and Stay Safe My Friend!
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