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  1. Thanks for that...sounds like unless I bid quite high...my chances may be slim to none! 😉 Edited to add...since we already have spa passes (a must) and we really like our current balcony cabin location...maybe for us it isn't even worth trying.
  2. Thanks all for the replies...I'm off to place a bid! 😉
  3. Pepsi is sweeter (definitely not better...but sweeter 😉)
  4. Hi Folks, We currently are in a balcony cabin for our January 19th Bliss sailing.(14 days) We also purchased thermal Suite passes for $319.00 each for that cruise. Today the upgrade process opened up for us. It looks like it might be possible to bid on an upgrade to a Spa Balcony for considerably less than the $319.00 each we paid for passes. I have never participated in this process before and do have a couple questions. If we did bid on a Spa Balcony does anyone know approximately how long it might be before we would hear? If our bid was accepted we would no longer need the thermal suite passes so can those be cancelled (and refunded) and approximately how long would that take? What would be the latest that those could be cancelled? Thanks!
  5. You might want to check MY NCL this am and see if you can possibly make reservations for Six now (when you weren't able to before) Don't know if it is true for all sailings but Six just opened up to allow for reservations for several Bliss January 2020 sailings.
  6. I am wondering if it is possible that they really don't know yet. It would make sense to replace Rock of Ages simply due to how long that has been playing on Breakaway. It wouldn't make sense based on the fact that on Bliss it will not be considered the Main Show as much as Jersey Boys is and Havana (which isn't the main show) is what Six is replacing. Have a feeling that we really don't know what all the changes will be yet (for all of the ships involved) and that might be contributing to why Six in most cases is not available to book online.
  7. For all of you who have upcoming sailings on Bliss and can't book online (I'm in the same boat...pun intended 😉) You might want to try calling and see if it is possible to reserve that way. I haven't done that myself yet but my sailing isn't until late January and while Jersey Boys can be reserved for our sailing online now..nothing else yet. (Six or Happy Hour Prohibition)
  8. Hey Randy! I'm afraid that even if I dig through all of my vinyl...I won't be able to find a turntable to play it! 😉 As long as none of the songs sound like this though I'm good:
  9. I thought I recalled that "Six" would debut in September on several ships. Breakaway, Getaway, and Bliss maybe? Curious if anyone has seen it yet and what their thoughts are.
  10. Thanks Cole, Good point! The web site really does tend to lag when it comes to some types of info. For our cruise we are trying to get a group together for this and we will be calling to ask about a group reservation anyways in about a week. We will ask them then. Thanks again!
  11. Hi Folks, Was wondering if anyone knows whether or not it is possible to use an SDP credit for this show on Bliss? I realize that it isn't a dinner but many of the types of Shows (Like Cirque) in the past have allowed that. Anyone know?
  12. NCL has always been very strong with regards to entertainment. Very quietly and subtly they are beginning to chip away a little at that as well. And I hear you about the rope courses, water slides, climbing walls, etc. I don't begrudge anyone that likes those types of things..but nothing I am interested in. Then I hear they are now starting to eliminate Spice H2O (Which is one of the nicest features on many NCL ships) to make more room for pay type venues and it's again very sad.
  13. Del Rio hopefully is in the process of breaking out his golden parachute right now. Some of the recent sales are due to future bookings being down...many loyal NCL cruisers have had enough and are leaving in droves...It's actually heartbreaking to see what he has done and the way he treats his customer base....Leave Now Frank!
  14. Interesting! $319 for 21 days isn't that bad!
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