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  1. For sure! I would guess that most/all islands/countries (Especially North America and Caribbean) will do exactly that.
  2. For sure! I would guess that most/all islands/countries (Especially North America and Caribbean) will do exactly that.
  3. The fact that NCL will require vaccinations before sailing..is a positive. (All the other cruise lines will follow with that soon enough as well) The possibility that cruising *may* be able to start up again fairly soon is also a positive. If in the end there are more cruises that start and stop in ports outside of Florida is also a positive. (Actually that might be the cherry on top 😉)
  4. I understand exactly how you feel...for us we much prefer doing 14 day cruises mostly out of NYC and sadly feel that those may not quite be on the horizon yet. With regards to your points on vaccinations (which I totally agree with) I would like to add one more reason why I feel they will be required for quite some time into the future...it's simply called "Risk Mitigation" on the part of the cruise lines themselves...I'm sure in the end all of them will end up requiring them even if only as a CYA legally.
  5. File this under no one really knows yet what will happen. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/09/dr-scott-gottlieb-how-covid-safe-bubble-can-be-created-on-cruises.html
  6. Exactly! Some folks have reported some discomfort after any of the vaccinations...but small price to pay IMHO. Being intubated on a ventilator I'm sure would be way more uncomfortable! Right now new cases are spreading the most for people under 50...so hopefully soon many of them will be able to be vaccinated as well.
  7. Wife and I both have had our 2 doses At local pharmacies (Walgreens) here in Western New York. (I had Pfizer and she had Moderna) We showed our Medicare card and Insurance information each time. We have already received information back tom Medicare and the Insurance company verifying those shots...and personally I am happy to have that (along with the cards they gave us)
  8. Right there with you Bro! 2nd Pfizer last week and it really is a great feeling! Good on you Laszlo. Very mild side effects after the 2nd...just felt quite tired on day 2 and a bit of soreness in the arm..but other than that..good to go!
  9. We can attest that the Beef Brisket there is very good. We did a 14 day cruise out of NYC just before everything shut down...and we went there 3 times. Fun times!
  10. Various other forms of Social Media and just every day types conversation with different people, groups, etc. Nothing at all scientific by any means but still many replies from people saying they are afraid and don't think they will venture out on a cruise ship any time soon.
  11. Many of us (myself included) tend to use CruiseCritic as a barometer of how much pent up demand there is for wanting to book cruises. There is a much larger cruising population out there that have never been to or even know about CruiseCritic (I know personally many people like this) The feedback I have been getting is that many of these people probably will not use cruising again as a vacation choice. They have possibly been scared off for good. While my choice will be to cruise again when/if it can safely be done again...but sadly many others may not. Once cruising can start I don't believe
  12. 100% agree with this...I don't have any fcc's to worry about and will not book anything no matter how far out until cruising starts up again. the laws of supply and demand at that point will dictate prices and I predict they will need to drop significantly from what they show today.
  13. Just a guess/opinion from me....but if the cruise lines can ever reach a point where they can start up again and approach normalcy... not only will they not be able to increase prices to make up for the Covid shut down...they will actually need to lower them significantly from where they are today. All of us fanatics on cruisecritic make it sound like there is such an overwhelming pent up demand to cruise that the ships will automatically fill up at high prices just as soon as it is allowed. There is a much larger population out there that has enjoyed cruising but may very well be scared off f
  14. Very Nice Laszlo! I missed seeing the octopus but I assume it was in the garden in the shade (According to Ringo) I'd like to be Under the sea In an octopus' garden In the shade
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