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  1. Don't think that would be a pretty scene AT ALL. If I couldn't be the first person trying to board I would wait and be the last. (give them time to clean up the crime scene 😉)
  2. I certainly hope and believe that NCL will still continue forward with a policy of vaccinations required out of US ports for some period of time. I also believe that they will want to ditch the masking needs onboard for all of those vaccinated. So now I am starting to wonder based on many of the new vaccine apps being developed if there is a possible way that NCL in conjunction with the app developers might be able to come up with a way that an app could be used at the time of booking (rather than boarding) as proof of vaccination....Possible?
  3. You are also getting ready to embark on one of life's great mysteries. Very soon you will start to find out that you no longer have enough time to do all of the things/chores etc that you want. (There won't be enough hours in the day) Even though you easily fit them in during your working years. I know this because I live it every day! Actually I am a little surprised I found the time to type out this reply! 🤣
  4. I say go for it...NCL will then owe Nada! 🤣
  5. Even more of a shame that the first $100 million and possibly the last $24 million of that came from Miami: "Miami-Dade County will pay $100 million in un-reimbursable project costs toward the project. Norwegian will need to pay back the county with interest for all money over the initial $100 million and up to $215 million."
  6. Not selfish at all.... I think all sane and rational people agree with you 100%
  7. I will also be very interested to see what they might do with the Supper Club. I will wager a guess that it might be made into something that is more revenue generating. When we sailed on Escape we really enjoyed going there on multiple occasions. While the food wasn't the best and some of the acts they had weren't exactly Broadway quality we still very much enjoyed our multiple (free) stops there. I hope they keep it the same but think they probably won't.
  8. My guess is that once cruising can begin again in earnest out of US Ports...all of the main stream cruise lines will require vaccinations. (You can argue whether or not that is the right thing to do...I happen to agree that they should and will) They will do it for their own risk mitigation if nothing else.
  9. Rum Runners are your friend! 😉 Stating that for a friend that swears by them as I have never tried myself! 😄
  10. While the Epic often gets bad press...I agree with you. If it was originally built having a Waterfront like on all the Breakaway ships...it might be my favorite of all. The way the pool deck and Spice H2O is setup on Epic has sadly never been duplicated. The weird bathroom setup never bothered us one bit.
  11. I think I know the answer but because I don't know for sure I'll go ahead and ask it anyways. We tend to spend enough money on NCL cruises in the casino that we end up booking our cruises direct through NCL Casinos at Sea and receive some nice perks that way. My question is would it be possible for a TA (Big Box or other) to do any bookings through CAS on our behalf or do we need to deal directly with CAS ourselves? Anyone know for certain?
  12. I don't mean to be nosey...but has your husband ever actually gone on a cruise with you? The reason I ask is for way too many years my wife would want to go on a cruise and I always brushed it off. Always thought I would be boarding the Titanic! Finally 1 year she actually convinced me to go and give it a try. well as soon as I did that was "Game Over" and I decided that really was the only type of vacation I wanted to do after that. Was completely and irreversibly hooked! 🙂
  13. It's not as cold for as long as you might think sailing out of NYC in the Winter. Have done several 14 day cruises in the months of January and February and each time by mid-afternoon on the 2nd sea day it would warm up enough so it was bearable to be on deck...and keep warming up more and more after that. We also really don't want to fly if at all possible. It's not a fear of flying but it is just a case that we know somewhere along the line there will be a hassle involved...there always is! 😉
  14. I have no idea if it is even feasible or not...but I would love to see the following when cruising starts up again. A Breakaway or Breakaway Plus ship running year round out of NYC. Could kind of follow many of the common routes now. Say during mid-March and April..the 7 day Bahamas run May through Mid September the 7 day Bermuda run Mid September through October the 7 day Canada run From November through mid-March (This would be where it is very different) have continuous alternating 14 day sailings doing different Caribbean routes. Maybe even throw in one
  15. I have never understood the reasoning behind not doing it that way. It seems as if Vibe will start taking up more and more space..so maybe they will!
  16. Very interesting and good to know....Thanks for pointing that out!
  17. Hi Arzeena, Still nothing booked for me as I want complete certainty as to what the protocols might be before I do it. While I want to cruise desperately there are some show stoppers that might still be out there (like only using NCL excursions ..would be one) I really think we will see some clarity in the next few months though and can't wait to find something soon! Don has a cruise booked on The Gem for next January or February which I think is 11 days...I definitely would love one of our 14 day cruises out of NYC but still waiting on any schedules for those.
  18. I'm fully vaccinated as well and also full of something (Although what I am full of most people would think is something all together different from vitamins 😉) So Let's Go!
  19. For sure! I would guess that most/all islands/countries (Especially North America and Caribbean) will do exactly that.
  20. The fact that NCL will require vaccinations before sailing..is a positive. (All the other cruise lines will follow with that soon enough as well) The possibility that cruising *may* be able to start up again fairly soon is also a positive. If in the end there are more cruises that start and stop in ports outside of Florida is also a positive. (Actually that might be the cherry on top 😉)
  21. I understand exactly how you feel...for us we much prefer doing 14 day cruises mostly out of NYC and sadly feel that those may not quite be on the horizon yet. With regards to your points on vaccinations (which I totally agree with) I would like to add one more reason why I feel they will be required for quite some time into the future...it's simply called "Risk Mitigation" on the part of the cruise lines themselves...I'm sure in the end all of them will end up requiring them even if only as a CYA legally.
  22. File this under no one really knows yet what will happen. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/09/dr-scott-gottlieb-how-covid-safe-bubble-can-be-created-on-cruises.html
  23. Exactly! Some folks have reported some discomfort after any of the vaccinations...but small price to pay IMHO. Being intubated on a ventilator I'm sure would be way more uncomfortable! Right now new cases are spreading the most for people under 50...so hopefully soon many of them will be able to be vaccinated as well.
  24. Wife and I both have had our 2 doses At local pharmacies (Walgreens) here in Western New York. (I had Pfizer and she had Moderna) We showed our Medicare card and Insurance information each time. We have already received information back tom Medicare and the Insurance company verifying those shots...and personally I am happy to have that (along with the cards they gave us)
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