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  1. You're correct. It was originally SALL and they changed it to PALL.
  2. I had confirmation of the Premium package and the internet package which I purchased direct from Celebrity. Only when I got my seapass and tried to use it did they tell me PALL was Classic. All is well now. Ive had three drinks and I'm totally relaxed. I am not one to let small stuff ruin my trip, its just aggravating when they can't get simple stuff right on the first day.
  3. "A Crochet group, 131 people.so are in those shirts. "That is nothing but a simple sticker..." No it requires a new room card. Once I finally got on board I went to a bar and my room card was set for a basic package instead of the premium I paid for. I had to go to guest relations and wait in line to get it corrected. A little later I tried to sign on to the internet with the package I paid for and it wasn't shown. Back down to guest relations, wait in line, get it corrected. Even though I showed the confirmation email I had to pay again and they said they would iss
  4. there was no problem for the delay for any reason other than they have priority boarding based on your class. Now we are waiting in line to have them put the correct liquor package which we purchased two months ago on our sea pass so we are able to get what we paid for. Aggravated.
  5. This our second celebrity cruise. Last time we arrived at our scheduled time, checked in and boarded. This time we were scheduled for 11 am check in, arrived at 11:30 and are still waiting to board an hour later. If they are boarding by class and muster station now, why schedule us for early check in? We would have spent time enjoying Miami instead of sitting in a waiting area for more than an hour. Not a good way to start a Cruise.
  6. I'm thinking of taking a tour at the Sandiego Safari park that begins at 1pm. My Celebrity ship is scheduled to arrive at 7am. I will pick up a car at the airport rental facility. Does anyone think this might be to much of a rush to get there on time for the tour?
  7. I received an email from Celebrity saying they were offering up to 25% off on shore excursions (among other discounts) on my cruise. Error 1: When I click on the link it takes me to the Celebrity page and shows my cruise and excursions with no discounts. Error 2: When I go to Celebrities main page and I am signed in it shows me my two upcoming cruises, one which is in 4 weeks. When I click on "Plan my cruise" it takes me to a page asking me what cruise, reservation number etc... even though it was showing the cruise on my main page and I clicked from there. Error 3: I was
  8. So I have been deciding on a cruise for 2020 fall and have to pick one by the 30th to comply with my future cruise "deal" I got on my last cruise. I have been reading a lot of reviews of the Edge and already had concerns about the IV rooms. I just got off phone with my travel agent and she went on the 3 day Edge preview cruise. Here is what she told me. She liked some of the things about the IV room. However these were the problems. I was unaware, according to her, that when you have the "balcony" window open the AC goes off. I asked can't you just close the inner doors? She said t
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