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  1. We are flying into Seattle in the evening (only non stop flight) so we will not be exploring Seattle before the cruise,the next morning. We need a good airport hotel that is quite, safe, and inexpensive, I need suggestions ,please help. Thank you
  2. I read the The Hampton Inn & Suites has a cruise & fly package but I could not find information on their website, any help would be appreciated
  3. Can anyone please recommend airport hotel near Sea–Tac Thank you
  4. Thank you. We decided to walk from the cruise port.
  5. Does anyone have an idea how much it would cost by taxi to get to Beacon Hill Park,from cruise port? Any suggestion for any other form of transportation? Thank you
  6. I love gardens and quaint streets. On the Ogden Point Cruise Shuttle in victoria, which stop would you suggest we get off? are all stops pickup/drop off? For round trip are you given a tickets? Thank you for your help
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    Great map thank you
  8. vm6514


    Thank you all
  9. vm6514


    Please help , what interesting sites are there walking distance from Juneau, Alaska cruise port? Thank you
  10. Thank you so much for all your detailed help. It is good to know that there is so helpful people
  11. Thank you good advise. I think we are going to do that, no drink package
  12. Do i have to call my cell phone provider before the cruise to set this up? Also can i make phone calls with just Voom surf? You have been very helpful thank you
  13. Does anyone know if you get the internet on the ship can you get it for just one day. Also the drink package do you have to get the package for the whole cruise? Thank you
  14. has anyone gone on the panoramic drive st kitts shore excursion on Royal?
  15. has anyone gone on the panoramic drive st kitts shore excursion on Royal?
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