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  1. I just read a USA Today article where Del Rio says relaunch will take six months. Please stop advertising and selling cruises that will never happen then!
  2. Jumping in late here, but I agree with Seaman. My May cruise was cancelled. I took the FCC hoping that November would certainly work, since we usually cruise over Thanksgiving anyway. They have my $3K still and I believe that I also have two cruise next certificates that will expire before cruising starts again. Too much money tied up in a service that may not happen. Was it short sighted not to take the refund? Probably, but I still believe if they keep getting cancelled we should ultimately be able to get a refund back. At this point, the FCC's are also on my kids' accounts and this isn't fair either. Who knows when they will be able to cruise again with school schedules and one going to college? The money should go back to my account only.
  3. So I just called, and the agent was very nice and even asked a supervisor. However, she said they could not "figure out a way to do it" without incurring penalties. She said it had to do with my category of room being sold out already (B6). At least I tried, but I still think they could have done it. She never said "it's for new bookings only".
  4. They are offering $100 OBC for latitudes now for my sailing. I am one week away and was wondering if I should call to see if they will add this to my reservation. Has anyone ever had them add offers after final payment by calling in?
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