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  1. Our experience in 6 cruises in AQ has been ALL the CC perks plus the AQ amenities.
  2. Blu will be your assigned dining room if you book an AQ cabin, however, you may choose to go to the MD Select seating on a day to day basis if you prefer the menu offed there.
  3. Aqua! Blu is the big draw for this cabin category.
  4. Only the people who will be drinking need to buy the package...no sharing. :)
  5. Char


    As others have said, you can take it onto the ship, and I advise putting it in your carry on. BUT, remember, if you are flying to your embarkation destination you must pack it in a checked bag for the flight. Happy anniversary!
  6. Joan, Check post #13, right above your last post...we may have been replying at the same time.
  7. About the ice cream flavors...they also have peanut butter as well as cinnamon ice cream.... one of my favs is a scoop of peanut butter and a scoop of chocolate in a bowl, not a cone. :D
  8. I just looked at the Villa Europa hotel web site and if you scroll down you will see on the bottom right side an area to click on for taxi and transportation info. Hotel link Transportation LINK Some info from transportation link:
  9. Char

    Host Andy

    Andy, we also send our thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this time of loss.
  10. Char

    Swan thingie

    Yessss! It's that lake of chocolate sauce that gives it the chocolate eclair flavor. :D
  11. Char

    Swan thingie

    And don't forget that it was "swimming" on a lake of chocolate syrup. Brings back good memories of cruises past. :D
  12. Thanks Andy! I went over to the Princess web site to check out their different levels. I only have 1 Princess cruise. No minutes for me. :p I still prefer Celebrity and appreciate the Elite benefits that we have now, but I wish they would go to a days cruised way of counting instead of the cruise credits method that they use now. I have 247 days sailing on Celebrity with another 14 coming up in December. :D
  13. How many cruises on Princess gets you 250 free internet minutes? :)
  14. I haven't gotten it either, but like a few others, I don't get much email from Celebrity...don't know why.
  15. Depends on how long your "smart shirt" is. :D
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