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  1. 6 months ago, the situation we are in, not only did not exist, but was not even in our minds! If you can tell me what will happen in the next 6 months, then you are assume. Until then we will continue to book cruises, (2 booked for Jan 2021)and cancel prior to payment accordingly. We will not travel if we don’t feel safe, but planning to travel stimulates us instead of canceling now for an event well in future that we cannot predict and fretting over what we won’t be able to do! Our glass is not half empty nor is it half full, it is just to small. Harry and Irene
  2. Had same issue.... played around and on “documents page “ hit first light blue line under passport info... took me to another page where I just hit passport arrow then another page to confirm passport info.... all green now... good luck, because calls to princess did not help!
  3. Totally agree, I was going to call my TA and have her add the codes to my existing booking but I have a casino discount so I’m gonna wait to see if they straighten this out before I tie up my TA’s time chasing something that may not be there.thanks to all of you !
  4. On RCL if you are NOT Prime, or have not accrued 2500 points yet and need to get money, do not bill to your room! Use the ATM, the fees are much less than the 5% you will be charged by RCL ( unless you are taking a small amount amount, then 5% will be less!
  5. “Ultimate” VIP casino cruise is regularly in November! you qualify by taking one of the “regular” VIP casino cruises or if you are a high end player. I believe that What you then have to pay for the “Ulitimate” VIP cruise will be dependent on your level of play! Harry and Lucille is correct, the February 15, 2020 Sky Princess is a Regular VIP casino cruise that if booked (have to have invite), you then qualify for the November 2020 “Ultimate VIP cruise!
  6. The last. 4 cruises I have been on (princess &RCL) 2018-2019, the free play chips are taken weather you win or lose and when you win you only get back what the value of the free play was ie.. a $25 free play chips win, gets yo $25 in real chips not $50 as stated above. the red/ black/ 00 roulette bet example is wrong! Or maybe the above writer got on a table that liked him! Slot credit is best (if you play slots) in that this is treated just like you normal slot bet. if you play $5 real money slot and win $100 ( you get $100 added to your account, you don’t get your origin
  7. Presently (based on closing price $51.19 today) stock is paying 3.65% dividend! not bad! $2.00 share. based on price I paid for my CCL stock,I am getting 8% yearly dividend on my original investment! That does not include OBC’s!
  8. Glare was there for all seats but worse for some because of where they were. We found that if you stood up the table was MUCH better, but impossible to hide your cards and see them without going down to seat level again.
  9. Sailed on Regal Princes when they installed new version on Poker table!! it is fancy but flawed!! 1) glare from machines makes vision of opponents info difficult to see! 2) machine locks up randomly, Every one has to log out if the machine has not kicked yo out, 3) watch your money totals when machine locks out! We took pictures! Because your money doesn’t always go to the casino bank! i think you get the point, Don’t really need these problems on top of the 15% rake! ($8 max) note table installed on February February 17 2019
  10. Several years ago we had our Princess cruise out of San Juan canceled!! we rebooked on Royal C. (Air fare booked)! princes tried to put us a ship out Florida, but gave us $350 OBC on next cruise instead. (reason given for cancelation was some “country” booked whole ship!) not sure if that was true!
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