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  1. Thanks for posting these old films they were wonderful. I have had to cancel a cruise today we had planned for September. We will be waiting for a vaccine for Covid-19 before going again probably not till next year. It has been disappointing not to be looking forward to our trip, the films helped thanks again.
  2. We are on the Gem to Bermuda from Boston in May, and are sitting tight for now. We made our final payment months ago, but we are expecting we will have to cancel while hoping things will tun around. We figure we have a least a month before we have to make our decision. The State Dept. recommendation not to cruise seems here to stay for a while. As most know here in Boston at a conference, 70 people out of 200 from around the world were infected in two days, and went home most unknowingly spreading it. We are retired and just staying home as much as possible.
  3. Nick from the US, is on the Serenade. He told us he started his career at Disneyland as Prince Charming.
  4. Great tip thanks !! I have noticed right after dinner you can see lighthouses, Nantucket and the Cape.
  5. We did not arrive until around 12:45 pm, there was no line downstairs, and once we got to security upstairs there were only a couple of people in front of us. We had lunch in the Grand Pacific dining room and were there before 1:30pm when they close to letting people in for lunch. Yes we found it easy to make reservations for Orchid Garden once we were on board. There is a special waiting area for Platinum and above with a continental breakfast. We are Platinum and there was no one in line when we arrive to check in, and we boarded right away. The Swi
  6. Great tip, thanks. We rarely have out picture taken, but we will give it a try this time. Thanks for all the tips.
  7. After many years of taking cruises we have just achieved Diamond status. We will be taking our first trip in September with this status on the Serenade, and are really looking forward to it. It seems that the Diamond Lounge becomes crowded so drinks are now on your sea pass to be used around the ship during certain hours. Can you get soft drinks at other times of the day, and can you take them with you ? Anything else we would wish we knew beforehand. Thanks for any tips !!
  8. I agree, and maybe go out to Bermuda for a day on the way up or down the east coast. They do west Coasts trips all the time, why not the east coast ? Would love a two week cruise from and then back to Boston and include any of the great cities along the coast.
  9. Thanks for your answer. We booked through a travel agent, and I just looked at our confirmation and in small print it does say that we would forfeit $100.00 if we tried to change anything, the date or ship. I missed that. I understand that part of the reason for this was to discourage customers who were booking many cruises, with the intent of only taking one, they wanted to keep their options open.
  10. We decided against taking this cruise. We had booked the Canada cruise on the Serenade of the Seas for September 2020 out of Boston, and tried to cancel and transfer the deposit to the Summit cruise just a few days later. Unlike in the past Royal Caribbean would only let us transfer part of the deposit to another RCI cruise $700.00 we would not get the other $200. refunded at all. We were charged a $900.00 deposit for a balcony cabin, much higher than ever before. Then we would have to book the Celebrity Summit cruise another $900.00 deposit. All this for 2 more days in Que
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