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  1. Nick from the US, is on the Serenade. He told us he started his career at Disneyland as Prince Charming.
  2. Great tip thanks !! I have noticed right after dinner you can see lighthouses, Nantucket and the Cape.
  3. We did not arrive until around 12:45 pm, there was no line downstairs, and once we got to security upstairs there were only a couple of people in front of us. We had lunch in the Grand Pacific dining room and were there before 1:30pm when they close to letting people in for lunch. Yes we found it easy to make reservations for Orchid Garden once we were on board. There is a special waiting area for Platinum and above with a continental breakfast. We are Platinum and there was no one in line when we arrive to check in, and we boarded right away. The Swing show was the second night of the cruise, Blazing Boots was one of the sea days on the way back to Boston, I think it was the last night I am not sure. We enjoyed them all. This was our first time on the Gem, we really enjoyed it. The food in La Cuchina was just OK, not really great, service very slow. It is easy to get fabulous Italian food in the Boston area, and incredible pizza, so there is a high bar set for an Italian restaurant. The crew was excellent, and welcoming. The food and service in the main dining room, all the restaurants really was outstanding. We had no problems. We are booked for next year.
  4. Great tip, thanks. We rarely have out picture taken, but we will give it a try this time. Thanks for all the tips.
  5. After many years of taking cruises we have just achieved Diamond status. We will be taking our first trip in September with this status on the Serenade, and are really looking forward to it. It seems that the Diamond Lounge becomes crowded so drinks are now on your sea pass to be used around the ship during certain hours. Can you get soft drinks at other times of the day, and can you take them with you ? Anything else we would wish we knew beforehand. Thanks for any tips !!
  6. I agree, and maybe go out to Bermuda for a day on the way up or down the east coast. They do west Coasts trips all the time, why not the east coast ? Would love a two week cruise from and then back to Boston and include any of the great cities along the coast.
  7. Thanks for your answer. We booked through a travel agent, and I just looked at our confirmation and in small print it does say that we would forfeit $100.00 if we tried to change anything, the date or ship. I missed that. I understand that part of the reason for this was to discourage customers who were booking many cruises, with the intent of only taking one, they wanted to keep their options open.
  8. We decided against taking this cruise. We had booked the Canada cruise on the Serenade of the Seas for September 2020 out of Boston, and tried to cancel and transfer the deposit to the Summit cruise just a few days later. Unlike in the past Royal Caribbean would only let us transfer part of the deposit to another RCI cruise $700.00 we would not get the other $200. refunded at all. We were charged a $900.00 deposit for a balcony cabin, much higher than ever before. Then we would have to book the Celebrity Summit cruise another $900.00 deposit. All this for 2 more days in Quebec, other than that the cruises were the same. What happened to getting your deposit back until final payment ? Why such huge deposits ? Since RCI and Celebrity are part of one larger company you would think they would allow changing at this point more than a year before the cruise. They lost out on some loyal customers taking a longer and more expensive cruise because of these recent changes.
  9. The cranes are gone, and I don't see all the construction equipment that was there until just a few days ago, so there will probably not be the noise I was concerned with.
  10. My husband is watching the Carnival Pride dock at Kings Wharf right now. There is still one crane, and we wonder if they will be working, will there be noise ? It is sunny and 73 degrees, it looks inviting just the same.
  11. We are considering Celebrity for the first time, they are going to Canada both from Boston to Maine and then Canada and back. The itinerary looks great, there is an overnight in Quebec. We have done this cruise just 7 days on the Serenade of the Seas and really enjoyed it. The idea of 12 days and more ports is appealing to us, and leaving from Boston we can drive. I have seen that the Summit has been to dry dock, and added more cabins and taken away public space. I saw photo's of the new decor all the grey seemed cold a dreary. When Royal Caribbean did this on the Serenade of the Seas it became more crowded especially in the MDR, and pool area. They took out the library which was missed, and took away space in the dining room for cabins adding to the crowding. I understand they were trying to appeal to a younger crowd. We thought we might try Celebrity, the cost is higher, we don't want to pay more for the same thing. We have been on Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, and enjoy both for different reason, but we always travel on the smaller ships. We are retired and enjoy relaxing on a cruise. Would we be disappointed on the Summit, does it feel crowded ?
  12. It looks huge, much bigger than the original Custom building. The Carnival ship is due tomorrow so it must be the temporary structure.
  13. We are traveling on the Gem in May out of Boston to Bermuda, we have been watching the construction of the new pier at Kings Wharf on the Dockyard Webcam. This is where the Gem is scheduled to dock. There are still large cranes there, and the building was torn down. The Gem will leave Boston for Bermuda next Friday, it doesn't look like the construction will be done by then. Has anyone heard anything about the project ?
  14. Do you know who the Cruise Director is ? In our opinion it makes a difference with the atmosphere on the ship.
  15. Does anyone know who the cruise director is on the Gem now ? This will be our first time on the Gem in May to Bermuda, after many trips to Bermuda on the Dawn. Even though the Dawn is an older ship, the entertainment was always excellent, with great cruise directors and a fabulous loyal crew. We were on the last cruise out round trip Boston to Boston on the Dawn and most people were loyal Dawn cruisers from New England. The officers kept assuring us we would love the Gem, and commented on how nervous we were about change, we are a bit "set in our ways". I agree there is very little here on Cruise Critic about the Gem but I will keep looking, and I hope more people will post. Once the Gem arrives in Boston it will find a loyal band of travelers ready to cruise where ever it goes.
  16. We have traveled on the Serenade a few times to Canada, and throughly enjoy the smaller ship. We are taking the Bermuda cruise this year. The port facilities in Boston are great. We always arrive later, between 12:30pm and 1:00pm, and the terminal is not crowded and it only takes about 30 minutes to get onto the ship. I expect the Bermuda cruise will attract a similar group as the Canada cruise this time of year. The demographic is older over 50 crowd, and most are experienced cruisers. They know what to expect and the atmosphere is relaxed. People are very much at home on the ship. The shows are excellent, it is not a problem to get a seat. The crew told me they enjoy the Boston crowd. The Serenade was in great shape last September the last time we were on. This ship did get most of the "upgrades" a few years ago. Most were not popular like taking away a complimentary restaurant Sea View cafe at the top of the ship. Though we enjoyed a wonderful Japanese meal at Izumi (a la carte) last year that replaced it. The put new cabins in place of public areas, and used others as the Diamond and Concierge Lounge only open to some cruisers. We enjoy the ship just the same and are looking forward to the Bermuda cruise this year.
  17. Does anyone know who is the cruise director on the Dawn ?
  18. SERENADE: Jamie Fentiman May 13 until mid-September. (date? then who?) We will be on the Serenade in two weeks, any one know who the Cruise Director will be ? They are on a transatlantic to Boston where they Maine Canada cruises start on September 11th. It seems when they arrive back in the US is when the change will be, but many of us are curious who will it be ?
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