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  1. A wonderful family together. A happy new year. Depatures Magazine listed on it’s inside back page an add for Crystal Cruises. Jan/Feb. Those two people really look familiar or they are you’re twins? Always looking great enjoying life.
  2. Like your style Bill. I believe you are sailing on Explorer in January. Will miss you by a couple of weeks. Booked for the two week cruise over Super Bowl on Explorer. Love cruising on Regent somewhere during Super Bowl. You can call me weird.
  3. Yes we do, but 169 a pop. Better be good😋😋😋
  4. Are you taking you're children and grand kids along? What a wonderful trip.
  5. I guess we are back to a normal routine. Last port was canceled due to swells. It was a shame not to be able to tender. Couldn't tell the difference between 1.5 & 1.6 meter swells but the captain could. Safety reasons. All excursions we're canceled 1/2 hour before scheduled times. Not a lot of happy campers. The sad part is that all the locals on shore prepared their day for us. NO SHOW. I believe they lost a lot of tourists dollars that day. So an extra sea day. Free wi-fi was another NO SHOW for almost 2 days. Finally up this morning. Something about the ships satilite being down according to the IT expert. I still have a problem grasping this enomaly. Puntarenas today. Hot & extremely humid. Thunderstorms during the day. Will stay aboard as we usually do in this climate. The few hiccups the last couple of days will roll of my back as we continue to enjoy the Mariner and the outstanding crew. Sea day tomorrow. Special wine tasting and lunch at noon in Chartreuse tomorrow. Must have reservations and non refundable fee. We signed up for this one. Finally on Friday, Panama Canal.
  6. Earthquake in Acapulco area today around 11:am. Mariner was docked and shook for about 10-15 seconds. Was reported approx 4.0. Gang way closed to passengers until cleared by authorities. 30 minutes later all clear and back to normal. No reported damage yet.
  7. EARTHQUAKE!!! Today 4.0 around 11:00am in Acapulco area. Mariner docked and the ship shook for about 10 seconds. Closed gang way until cleared by local authorities. Back to normal after 30 minutes, all is well.
  8. On Mariner now. Still the same. No CNN for some reason🤗🤗
  9. Maybe not meant to be but it sure did read like it. Have not used spa ever. No need. Also I don't hang around out side just to judge their clueless efforts. What that looks like I wouldn't have a clue. To have an opinion, as I asked and didn't get an answers one should at least have used them. Have you ever used their services?
  10. Yesterday Cabo. Beautiful day, a little humid for us. Excursion to San Jose Del Cabo. Art district and Baja Brewery. Some wonderful local art and icy cold beer after. The crew has been so accommodating. Smiles and greetings all the time.😄😄😄 Prime 7 the other night. I might be mistaken, but at one time did not Prime offer their prime fib from a serving cart? Onion rings. In the past large in house made. Today the rings look like something from Sysco. Small all the same. Frozen I think. Sea day today. Chartreuse tonight.
  11. Hi, remember me? Mjflowers. Embarkation was last Monday. Old news. I'm over it. Move on to a new thread starter on embarkation if you must. This is about the Panama cruise. Any comments on that appreciated. Otherwise?
  12. After all that. Block party 6pm, Prime 7 tonight. Before, Observation Lounge every night with Nick the pianist for those Grey Goose Martines, extra olives. Art district excursion tomorrow in Cabo. Supposed to be another wonderful day. It's good to be cruising.
  13. Bill, prices stay the same? As you, doesn't matter to me. Pessimistic people wouldn't even use the services. 45 minutes and it's over.
  14. Little condisending, don't you think? What services did you utilize that we're not up to you're expectations from the list?
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