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  1. Yea. The cruise industry. 😢😢😢
  2. Topic? What was the topic? Oh yea. Where are the ships now? ‘Has been relatively civil on this board. Let’s not go back to old times.
  3. Very civil, but may be deleted for commenting on it.
  4. DW & I were booked on the Oct 5-12 b2b, Mariner, my fav. Mexico and around. It would seem that this cruise may still sail. Would be interested in pax views still booked on this cruise. Any thoughts on current, I do not like the term, restrictions, but some may well be into effect on this cruise. I did cancel this one before final payment. Back in May. Deposit refunded almost immediately. Used 200 for Jan. Have a booked cruise, before all this has happened, 1/26/21 b2b with 2/5/21. Splendor, first time. I do hope this sails, with less restrictions. Plus, 1000.00 OBC per segment
  5. Canceled our b/b Oct cruise two weeks ago, one week before final payment. Received credit for deposit yesterday. Some people just have good luck and others not so much. Now, just hope our b/b in Jan will still float.
  6. Sorry for the misinterpretation. I guess I missed the word “similar” in you’re original post of “code red” type measures.
  7. On Explorer now. No “code red”. I believe if a “code red” is issued someone has been diagnosed with some illness.Has not happened. Precautions being taken with crew serving pax. No paper menus, s&p still on tables, etc, what ever that means. ‘Regent taking pax in best interest and doing a wonderful job.
  8. Caviar must have been served in La Veranda. No caviar in CR this morning. Also, no Grand Buffet in CR next Sunday. Precautionary, I was told.
  9. A wonderful family together. A happy new year. Depatures Magazine listed on it’s inside back page an add for Crystal Cruises. Jan/Feb. Those two people really look familiar or they are you’re twins? Always looking great enjoying life.
  10. Like your style Bill. I believe you are sailing on Explorer in January. Will miss you by a couple of weeks. Booked for the two week cruise over Super Bowl on Explorer. Love cruising on Regent somewhere during Super Bowl. You can call me weird.
  11. Yes we do, but 169 a pop. Better be good😋😋😋
  12. Are you taking you're children and grand kids along? What a wonderful trip.
  13. I guess we are back to a normal routine. Last port was canceled due to swells. It was a shame not to be able to tender. Couldn't tell the difference between 1.5 & 1.6 meter swells but the captain could. Safety reasons. All excursions we're canceled 1/2 hour before scheduled times. Not a lot of happy campers. The sad part is that all the locals on shore prepared their day for us. NO SHOW. I believe they lost a lot of tourists dollars that day. So an extra sea day. Free wi-fi was another NO SHOW for almost 2 days. Finally up this morning. Something about the ships satilite being down accordi
  14. Earthquake in Acapulco area today around 11:am. Mariner was docked and shook for about 10-15 seconds. Was reported approx 4.0. Gang way closed to passengers until cleared by authorities. 30 minutes later all clear and back to normal. No reported damage yet.
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