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  1. Have you posted the video online? I'd love to see it. Welcome back.
  2. @Mulberry08 - Yes the system has changed, however, Seabourn have said they will honour unused coupons from the $400 scheme
  3. One coupon each for two of your bookings. I'm sure someone else can provide a third
  4. After we exchange the details for the form I will send it to Seabourn (and a copy to you) and once it is processed they will credit your booking
  5. Hi I have 2 of the $400 coupons available. If you email me eohowell at gmail dot com I will sort out the details with you
  6. Hi - I have two of the original $400 OBC coupons that Seabourn will still honor even though the current offer is only for $250 If you are a first time guest on Seabourn you can have one by contacting eohowell at gmail dot com ☺️
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