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  1. John Heald said an announcement will be made on Monday 3/30.
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    They will be docking in their home port at the end of their scheduled cruise.
  3. The Fantasy has a some junior suites, junior suites with obstructed view and grand suites. All have balconies. We stayed in a very nice Grand suite last November. The ship is showing its age but we had a wonderful cruise.
  4. My wife loves her Frio insulin wallets. If you are fliying, make sure you tell TSA that you have medically needed cooling system for the insulin. They still may want to exam them but they are legal. If the agent says they are not legal, ask for a supervisor. There is great information on the web about travelling with diabetes.
  5. Thanks for your ongoing review. I will be on the Sunshine on the 2/22 so I am reading your review with great anticipation. This is my 2nd cruise on Carnival with my 1st being on the Fantasy last year. I have been on 10 other cruises on other lines but decided to try Carnival and so far so good.
  6. You can serve that meal to me anytime!
  7. The original poster is LONG gone!! Let's go on with are lives. I see this on all the boards. My ex MIL called it the Pearl Harbor effect. She would walk into the room when hen her 2 brothers were together and make a comment that she knew would get them into an argument. She would walk out and watch the fireworks. Again, I see this on many of the boards.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, Suites do not have access to their rooms until 1:30pm unless you have FTTF.
  9. There is not a lounge captains lounge in every port. Mobile does not have one and I am guessing Charleston will not. Those are the only two I can verify.
  10. This was just posted on Facebook. Carnival WEATHER ALERT CARNIVAL FANTASY - JANUARY 11, 2020 January 10, 2020 Dear Carnival Fantasy Guest, As you are preparing for your cruise, we want to make you aware of a weather alert. Adverse weather conditions are forecasted for the Mobile area tomorrow and this may impact the arrival of the ship and your embarkation. We are currently planning to operate your cruise as scheduled. However, we will continue to monitor the weather and, if anything changes, provide you with an update by 9:00 AM (CST) tomo
  11. This is a decision that you are going to have to make yourself. Do all the research and then make an educated decision as to whether or not it is the right thing to do. No one on these boards is qualified and should not sway your decision in any way. Be safe and good luck with another "munchkin'".
  12. I am on the Fantasy in November and I was not worried that all the violations would be resolved.👍
  13. I missed it through all the other -----. Thanks
  14. After having the original post devolve into a "war" on vegetarians and vegans , did the OP ever get a straight answer??
  15. Thanks Any ideas for a Sunday brunch with our friend we are cruising with? They are driving an hour from Mississippi for the day before.
  16. Thanks for the information. It has been hard to get information about Mobile on the boards. It is my first time on Carnival and Mobile so I like to plan ahead. We are staying in Mobile at the Hampton Inn in the historic area for 2 nights. Any suggestions for something to do or a good place to eat nearby would be appreciated.
  17. I did print my boarding pass and it just says Priority.
  18. I am in a suite plus I purchased FTTF so we could drop off our carry-on. Our boarding pass says "priority". Which boards first and will I be able to go to my cabin even though my boarding pass does not say FTTF? This is our first Carnival cruise. Thanks
  19. I have a 1:00pm flight out of Mobile Airport. What is the best way to get from the port to the airport. Taxi, Uber, or Carnival shuttle. I have posted this a couple of times on the Gulf Coast port board but have not received any suggestions. Thanks
  20. What is the best way to get to the airport after disembarkation in Mobile? Uber, Taxi or Carnival shuttle. We have a 1:00pm flight.
  21. Sorry for hijacking this post but I could not get an answer on the Gulf Port departure board. We are travelling on the Fantasy in November. This will be our first cruise on Carnival after many other cruise lines. I am looking forward to being on a smaller ship with friends after being on the NCL Breakaway. Now to my question, I have a 1:00pm flight. What is the best way to get to the airport? Taxi, Uber Carnival transfer?
  22. Is there a Captains Lounge in Mobile?
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