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  1. There are several ships doing transatlantic in April, how did you decide which to choose? Just curious
  2. I don't need to be thanked. I just don't want to run into the stewart and him thinking I didn't leave an extra tip because of a problem with his service. I like the idea of leaving a note and telling him I've left him a tip thru Guest Services. Thanks for your suggestions
  3. On the last night of our cruise, before the room steward has made up our room, I have always left a cash tip and thank you note for the room stewart. When I return from dinner he is usually in the hallway and thanks us. On my last cruise I went to guest services, early on our last day and placed an extra tip for my room steward using my on board credit. (This was in lieu of giving him cash) When I saw him, no thank you. I approached him and told him what I did and he thanked me but obviously they are not notified in a timely fashion. In the future I'm thinking of just leaving cash - or - leave a note telling them about the gratuities I left for him thru guest services. Is cash always King?? I'm guessing yes?? How does it work when I tip thru Guest Services? I just want him or her to be aware that they provided us with great service and that we appreciated it.
  4. We were on Silhouette in January and our room steward ran out of toilet paper. We went to guest services and they said they had no shortage. Still our room steward insisted and we only had the 1 roll at a time...no extra. Our friends also in aqua class had the same problem. Never experienced this problem before and hope I don't have to start packing Charmin!
  5. We did this excursion a year ago. There is no way to enter the water except climbing down a ladder into it from a small dock area. Lots of coral, rocks, stones on the shoreline and they don't want you entering from there. The climb down the ladder was about 3 or 4 steps. There were a few small white plastic tables if you wanted to grab one to bring by your lounge chairs. They were filthy, bring lots of wipes if you go. Bathrooms were fine. I was very disappointed in this excursion. I wouldn't go again.
  6. Do I want to get to the terminal early to see the suite area of the terminal? What do they offer for waiting guests?
  7. I posted a question regarding the availability of getting a taxi when we depart our transatlantic in Dublin on May 6. A reply came from someone from Dublin that there were taxis available if ships were in port. Guess we'll find out when we get there, but she said no need to pre book.
  8. Also, do the taxis take credit cards? Thanks
  9. Will taxis be available when we disembark on May 6 (a holiday?) in Dublin?
  10. VT, You stated in an earlier post that your husband used his day pass for the thermal spa. I thought they did away with that perk? Is it available again? Thanks
  11. On Silhouette I was made to pay $10.00 on black or red bet at the Roulette table...nothing was $5.00
  12. Can I use my 15% off any spa service (elite plus discount) towards the purchase of a week pass for the thermal spa? We are sailing on the Edge. Thanks
  13. We went to the Hilton last week and got it thru resort for a day. Beach was small and rocky. Chairs and umbrellas ok but not enough for hotel guests and the 4 of us. We couldn't sit together and we arrived early. Women's bathroom had terrible odor, but looked clean. Food was just ok, rum punch-think they forgot the rum. I wouldn't go back.
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