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  1. Do I want to get to the terminal early to see the suite area of the terminal? What do they offer for waiting guests?
  2. I posted a question regarding the availability of getting a taxi when we depart our transatlantic in Dublin on May 6. A reply came from someone from Dublin that there were taxis available if ships were in port. Guess we'll find out when we get there, but she said no need to pre book.
  3. Also, do the taxis take credit cards? Thanks
  4. Will taxis be available when we disembark on May 6 (a holiday?) in Dublin?
  5. VT, You stated in an earlier post that your husband used his day pass for the thermal spa. I thought they did away with that perk? Is it available again? Thanks
  6. On Silhouette I was made to pay $10.00 on black or red bet at the Roulette table...nothing was $5.00
  7. Can I use my 15% off any spa service (elite plus discount) towards the purchase of a week pass for the thermal spa? We are sailing on the Edge. Thanks
  8. We went to the Hilton last week and got it thru resort for a day. Beach was small and rocky. Chairs and umbrellas ok but not enough for hotel guests and the 4 of us. We couldn't sit together and we arrived early. Women's bathroom had terrible odor, but looked clean. Food was just ok, rum punch-think they forgot the rum. I wouldn't go back.
  9. SeaPete

    Perfect Beach

    I do believe that is where we were dropped off. In the past we have gotten a day pass at the Marriott. We should have stuck with that.
  10. SeaPete

    Perfect Beach

    We went to the taxi stand where everyone else from the ship went...just by the port. We sat in the van at least 15 minutes while the van driver tried to convince a Spanish couple to do a tour of the island with him. He had a map he was showing them. We were about to get out of the van when he finally returned. We were 3 adults in the van going to Eagle Beach. We paid the same price both ways so I think this is the going rate. He would not sell us 3 chairs...he kept repeating 2 chairs plus umbrella $45. We were 3 adults.
  11. SeaPete

    Perfect Beach

    I just returned from our cruise and went to Eagle Beach. I would never go again. $20 each way from ship for 3 persons. We needed 3 chairs and 1 umbrella...we were told $45 for 2 chairs and 1 umbrella. He would not sell us the 3 chairs and 1 umbrella. Paid $90 fo 3 chairs and 2 umbrellas. Would never go back. We never used the rest room nor the restaurant. Water very cold. Next time I will stay on the ship. Only stayed an hour...waste of time and money.
  12. On a 7 night cruise, if I book the 7 night dining package, are all restaurants available to eat in?
  13. We are on the Silhouette. I'm thinking lunch is on the specialty package on sea days only. Does that sounds right to anyone?
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