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  1. Question (and for any others who have cruised the Edge in a suite so far this year): Did your butler bring you afternoon snacks? Ours only did once, as opposed to all our previous suite cruises. We were gifted with brownies upon boarding at noon (with our wine), a glass the second day, an insulated mug the third day, a box of charcuterie the 4th day, and a photo the 5th day. a weird rubber round disk (too small to be a coaster) 6th day. Nothing the final evening. Just curious whether this is still suppodsed to be a suite perk. Thanks.
  2. Go to the productions! The dance troupe is sharp, sharp, sharp--one of the tightest we've seen in over 30 cruises. Good singers, fun acrobats, great costumes--the shows take a page from Cirque du Soleil.
  3. SO. MUCH. FUN! And if you're low-key, it doesn't *have* to be participatory: you can stand in the corner and bop all by yourself. There was a Battle of the DJs with CD Lauren--who was just learning--as the third DJ. Our fave guy switched very quickly between all the cool Beatles tunes because, he later explained, he was trying to drive folks to Lauren's channel so she could gain confidence ("I'm a gentleman," lol).
  4. Only one, for us. We showed up together and both got our stickers on our seapasses.
  5. The only place we saw it was in Raw... You can wander by in midday (when they are shut) and watch the fabulous art of sushi and sashimi making. Remember the Magic Carpet menu for dinner is Raw's too.
  6. What markeb says regarding GE is accurate in my experience too. However, I warn anyone whose expiration date is coming up to renew NOW. Folks are starting to travel and things will get backed up again. Memba when Homeland Security shut down their travel site(s) during the pandemic last April? They didn't re-open the Trusted Traveler program until July or so. During that time, my GE expired--which we used *all the time*--and I couldn't renew it. DH's had been due to renew and he got it done under the wire, no conditionally approved, no interview. Mine, when it finally went through many months l
  7. Also a White Night Party, so bring your togs!
  8. Last week: There were 2 DJs, one good and one...not so good. Both quartets (latin and jazz) had excellent musicians and just okay singers--one of those could not stay on key; we had to leave in hte middle of their set. Along with the duo--who changed up some songs so much they were unrecognizable, and not in a good way-- there was an acoustic guy and the main theater band, who did separate sets sometimes in the Club or the Grand Plaza. Carity Lockheart is an EXCELLENT singer who did 2 shows, one a tribute to Aretha Franklin. We love music--terribly spoiled by the old HAL bands--but in spite of
  9. We only learned he was aboard during Capt. Kate's final announcements before we disembarked. Never saw him, even after we went online to review his portraits--BUT there is a photo from last week showing him, her, and others on the pier (he's in the middle): https://www.tradewindsnews.com/cruise-and-ferry/richard-fain-celebrates-aboard-as-cruise-sector-gets-back-to-pre-covid-normal/2-1-1033291
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ19ke1F31g/
  11. CORRECTION: DH reports that the "must be disembarked" time was 9:50, not 9:30.
  12. But guess what--we were NOT given antigen tests before disembarkation after all! No idea what happened with the MANY kids, none of whom ever seemed to be masked, except for two young teens on Friday... (It was two under-sixteens who were disembarked from the Adventure with covid last week, so I would think there was precedent.) But we spent many hours in PHL with flight delays, sat next to a couple from the Millie who said they underwent repeated tests...
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ19ke1F31g/ The coolest thing ever (well, after being on this historical cruise) was the water ballet, of having the Reflection and the Equinox see us off in Nassau, with water cannons and a battle of the horns (guess which one was loudest?). https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ2ROiNDSDE/ Equinox then accompanied us back to PortEverglades.
  14. 9:30 was the latest listed on the disembarkation schedule. 8AM was the time we had to vacate our staterooms. You might be able to stay in one of the gathering areas later, but I wouldn't bet on it. Don't forget there are excursions--including at least one for folks whose flights leave AFTER 3:30... To the Everglades? These include a transfer to the airport, and they handle your luggage.
  15. Luminae stayed open later for lunch, 2 or 2:30, on boarding day (we had a 1:30 check-in time and popped up there "just in case"); they were still seating folks after we ordered and were served.
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