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  1. There are 2 elevators when you are exiting the ship that they make you wait at to go down to the luggage. Its not really a good set up. Formal night was the day we went to Key West, the 2nd night on the ship.
  2. I have booked it twice through Carnival. LOVE IT
  3. I was just off the Victory last week and I can say the food was really good. The Deli made fresh sandwiches, the MDR had some great choices an I enjoyed everything except the salmon patties and broccoli soup. Everyone with me loved their steaks. At Seaday brunch they all had the steak and eggs *filet mignon and said it was the best. I'm a pretty picky eater and don't eat meat, and while its not 5 star, I would say its probably 4 star. I did not eat off them buffet except for breakfast one morning and the food was a bit colder than I like, the bacon was very well done. I like breakfast in the MDR though best. Their pizza was ok, the crust thin and crunchy and I like that too. I had shrimp and clams from seafood shack, they weren't greasy and their breading was fantastic, all fresh made.
  4. I have been on the Liberty twice and Victory 4 times (just got off this past week). I much prefer the Victory over the Liberty though they are a bit a like. The staff and food seemed to be much better. Our Victory cruise was close to perfect.
  5. We just got off the Victory and did it also. Always do. Was only one night we got a pager and waited maybe 20 minutes. They now have both the 3rd and 4th deck in the MDR since they now have more people wanting it.
  6. This will be short and sweet but to the point. This is my 4th time on the Victory, and I've seen many changes with her, but obviously I love this ship. After my most recent cruise on her, I love her even more. This was a short 4 day cruise, Key West and Cozumel ports. The Key West stop was very short, leaving the port at 2;00 so not much time to do anything, plus living in Florida I go there occasionally anyway, but we did the free Duvall Loop bus just to get a little feel of Key West. Afterwards we stopped for some fantastic fudge and cookies and then drinks at Wet Willys, they have the most frozen concoctions I have ever seen in my life. Then back to the ship. I always choose my time dining since I never really know when I will want to eat. In the 4 days of MDR we only had to wait one time, for about 20 minutes for the 5 of us. In Cozumel, we just went to the pharmacy to buy our antibiotics, did a little shopping, bought a watch and then had some nachos and Sol (like Corona) then headed back to ship. Again, have been to this port a lot, so we were only off ship a little bit. My favorite thing to do here though is Salsa and Salsa. If you have never been, be sure to check it out. So, the ports out of the way, my over view of the ship. Room 8435, extended aft balcony room. The room is small but adequate, balcony is awesome with 2 chairs and one lounger, Plenty of room. Bathroom the normal, nothing special, water naturally ran out of show. Ramone our steward, excellent. Requested twice a day room service and ice and housecoats. Toilet paper is absolutely awful. I'm not sure if they have to use this for the septic system or what, but its really thin and scratchy. Shampoo is just ok, no conditioner, body shampoo smells great and lathers nicely. Refrig worked well, room stayed nice and cool, closet space and hangers plentiful. The television stations suck, they should really do better on this. MDR, we all really liked the menu for the most part (I don't eat meat so there was one night that was rough for me so I had 4 appetizers). All the food we had was good except the crab cakes, we didn't care for those, and I didn't like the Broccoli cheese soup though others did. Steaks were cooked perfect according to those with me. The bread, to die for. No tablecloths except for one night, sorta miss those but oh well. Wait staff was excellent also. No real long waits for the food. The desserts as usual were very good. The Seaday Brunch we thought had a nice menu and the food was good. They do not automatically give you the danish anymore, you do have to request it. The Seafood shack was a treat for me one day, the clams and shrimp and fries for only 6.00 were very good, actually it fed two of us easily. The Deli sandwiches were made fresh so you could change them up a bit except the veggie wrap was premade (with hummus and couscous and avocado and other good stuff) and it was delicious. They are open until 11 at night now, we really enjoyed that. The pizza was actually better than I remembered it, maybe they changed it too. On port day they set up a special breakfast buffet too which was really convenient in the adult pool area. All in all, our food experience was great. Entertainment was decent. We had seen the comedians before and liked them and were afraid it would be the same material but it wasn't, so that was a good thing. The shows were ok, not the quality I have seen on other lines ships, but they were fine. The CD Ryan Rose was a hoot. Loved his energy, his sense of humor, he kept things going. Internet....really bad. I had the middle package and never was able to get into my email. Not sure if it was because I was aft, but it was very poor. Disappointed me because I like to keep tabs with my dog/cat/horse sitter that way and could not get an email 😞 Was sad that we didn't get the wait staff entertainment the last night, not sure if we just missed the show or they quit doing it, but we were in and around the dining area for quite sometime and never saw a show. We did see one the first night, we always love that. Victory does have an aft adult pool. The pool guards made sure no kids came in, was very happy with that. They removed a second row of lounge chairs by the pool on both sides, bad move. Not enough lounge chairs by the pool. They have a lot on the upper deck but people like being by the pool. Dumb move on Carnivals part. They added additional tables and they were never full or even half full. They do have the beer station (and ice cream) back by the pool. 2 hot tubs, never really hot once the retractable roof was opened but always full. Dive in movies had some good movies, this is always so much fun. Take you blanket, it gets chilly, yes, it really does. They have popcorn here also. We did the martini tasting at the alchemy bar. 19.00 for 4 pretty nice size martinis. You pick 4 of the 6 choices and then they set them in front of you. You have to guess which is which. I did it just by smell and was awarded a really cute carnival wine charm. Casino...well, I lost. Its pretty smokey even though supposed to only be half smokers. Saw people smoking through entire place. Only 2 roulette tables which were always full, not happy about that. Band by the Casino was just ok most of the time, they did switch out and have one good one that played for just a bit, wish they would have played more. Steel drum player on deck 3 was very good, personable, enjoyed him a lot. Sushi by the Casino, never tried it but looked good. Didn't really see anyone buying it. Used to have the tasting bar there but thats gone. All in all, loved the cruise. Few minor things I would change. Heard a lot of people complaining about rust on the ship, hey its salt water. Living in Florida I know how hard the salt water and air is on cars, houses, boats etc. Normally their boarding and debarking process is great, this time it was not. They have changed up the debarking and you have to wait in long lines to go down the only 2 elevators to retrieve your luggage. I would suggest self assistance. If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them. I will go back on this ship. The crew seemed really happy, they talked a lot to us. Many have been with Carnival 20 or more years. Fun times!!
  7. I was watching a video of the Ocean Suite, 7258 and it showed the tv on the side of the room, not across from the beds and it didn't look like it even swiveled out. I know a lot of people wouldn't care, but we do take a nap or just some chilling out time prior to dinner and like to watch a movie or some tv, but this doesn't look possible at all from the bed. Does anyone else know. It just seems weird that carnival would put a tv on the side of the room and not across from the bed. Especially since they aren't particularly big tv's so they can't be seen from everywhere in the room.
  8. They do require one though I'm sure the first day or two people aren't familiar with it so you could probably get in if you have a small party.
  9. From what I was also told, because of the fact that this ship was loaded, many people 4 to a room instead of just 2 and we sailed at full capacity, more restaurants were open than usual AND that is why the Solarium Bistro was no charge for dinner (which we did enjoy a lot).
  10. Yes, we were at the M&M, my husband won a water bottle and the couple with us won a hat. We were on the right side of the room behind the string of people that won everything LOL I thought it went a bit long though I enjoyed Jeff (the cruise director) and thought he was funny. Yes, I wish we could have all introduced ourselves with our CC names...in the past, the ones I have been on were just people walking around talking and were able to do that. This one was a bit different.
  11. We were on last week and we had some rockin, heard a stabilizer is broke. It was no big deal, sometimes when there were white caps people were walking a little side ways. Like you, I enjoy a little rockin at night. Friends on there this week said they are experiencing the same thing. I don't think its a big deal and didn't hear of anyone getting sick.
  12. I have heard that one is broke and last week on the ship it rolled gently but more than normal, it is still doing it this week according to some of my friends that are on there. It didn't seem to impact anyone was just odd to have a ship of that size roll like it did.
  13. I've done 3 RCCL, 1 Norwegian and 8 Carnival cruises. Our Norwegian was by the far the biggest bathroom, Carnivals are small also but do have plenty of counter space and shelves under the counters as well as being quite a bit wider. The room size itself is pretty well comparable except this one had exceptionally small closet and no drawers unlike the others. Also, placement of the bed away from the doors seemed odd, though some may like that. I personally like to lay in bed and look out the door at the ocean. I do think this cruise had an excessive amount of people, they stated several times that there were more than normal amounts so I do believe that had an effect on food service and maybe even quality.
  14. Nope, there was never a problem with that...thankfully. LOL Sooooo many old people on board and lots and lots of those scooters too.
  15. I'm on the West Coast in New Port Richey and we left at 8:15 on Sunday and were at the port at 11:00 and that was with a Racetrack stop for drinks. If you get there too early all you do is hit the huge line of traffic entering the port anyway.
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