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  1. We have recently returned from Papeete, as part of a TP cruise Syd to Hnl. We prebooked a circle island tour for US$65pp. Tour lasted approx 9 hrs, doing a full circle. It was great, small van with 9 of us. We stopped for lunch at the Paul Gauguin Restaurant which was nice. The museum is closed, and will be for some time, perhaps a few years. A long day for us, but very much worth the money, and very informative and enjoyable. Gave a great overview of the whole island. The shorter 4 hr ones only do either the east coast of west coast. It was our first time to Papeete, and we thought how similar it was to Fiji. We did not notice many tour operators at this port, mainly the prebooked ones, but this could have been because it was 'end' of season for them. We were expecting a lot more, however we were off and running by 8am. Our ship was in port until 11pm that night. Most people were back onboard for dinner, with very few returning after say 7pm. The markets (I was looking forward to them) were not operating....again perhaps because of the late season. I was surprised at this. Feedback from others that stayed in town, was that the city was expensive, with not a great deal to see. Some spent the day at a resort, and feedback from that sounded very good, esp for snorkelling. Others (we had a huge roll call) caught the ferry over to Moorea, and had a great day there. These people did not prebook as they were waiting to see what the seas were like on the day. Met a couple of others that had caught a taxi out to a surf break, and went surfing for the day. When we return next time, we would utilise the time better in port and do a twilight cruise. Jen
  2. Current info from a cruiser onboard now, is that Radiance will still be into Sydney Friday 6th, with repairs taking 6-8 days. So far, the TP is still going ahead. Feel sorry for those already here and those about to fly in.
  3. We are on the next one, the TP, due to depart 17th April. Many cruisers were also doing this prior B2B NZ. I am hoping it is not major, and the TP cancelled too. Would be sad for us, but far worse for those already here or in transit atm.
  4. DOH!!! Seriously. We leave in 5 weeks, and I was wondering where all our purchases had disappeared to. Luckily we had already printed them out, but got a bit worried when new site shows virtually nothing. Teething probs?? Funny you would mention the mobile platform though, as our Jetstar intl flight is not showing details incl meals on the desktop...but it shows everything on my tablet(android). Thanks so much for your info:)
  5. We had this decision to make recently, and chose the Syd to Hawaii route. I admit that most, if not all our friends said go for the Sept, but this was solely based on shopping. Our decision to go for the April/May crossing was based on weather, with Hawaii hurricane season going from July through to Dec. One of their most devastating ones was in Sept some years ago. We figured April/May we missed some of our aussie autumn weather. It allowed us the convenience of packing more for the cruise to make the 17 days more comfortable. Easier for us to do from home. Things like larger shampoo bottles, an egg crate topper etc. When we booked the air, we added extra luggage for the leg home. This cost is very reasonable IF you do it at time of initial booking. So, yes, we go for April/May.....a weather based decision.
  6. Thanks for all your answers. Very helpful. I expect the dropouts. Also thanks to cruise critic, I now have most of the apps needed installed on my tablet. We don't sail until April, but I will def post my findings. I know Netflix is available to us worldwide, or at least in 190 countries, and that if we were on land I can access it. As said it may be a different story out in the middle of the Pacific..... maybe cos of the dropout issues? Netflix just won't show our favourites list, or the parental control feature (which I don't need!) when outside Oz. If it doesn't work well, DH will have to cope! Re the Skype and FaceTime, I have my fingers crossed it won't drop out for quick 30 sec calls. Shame RCI don't give higher discounts for the longer cruises.
  7. Thankyou! Another voom related query.......You don't happen to know if you can make voice calls to landlines via skype (with skype credit). I am trying to work out the best way to keep in contact with my 90yr old mum....who doesn't have a computer or even a mobile phone. I know I can do this on land worldwide.
  8. Does the Netflix via the Surf and Stream require a Netflix account to be viewed? We are sailing on Radiance of the Seas, Sydney to Honolulu. I have read that the Netflix will be the USA Netflix, which we are really excited about. (Australia doesn't give access to a lot of the US content) We do have an aussie Netflix account, but hoping RCL streams it for free.
  9. This will be our first choice. Looks perfect! :)
  10. Correct (unless you know the back roads well). This time we are in Wellington on a Saturday, so plan on being back in the vicinity of the city just after lunch.
  11. Interesting reading, thanks. For the record, we opted for Omega. Their quote was only slightly dearer, but main reason was for the Nil excess, which we believe everyone has to have. I hope the op reads your comments. Thanks again......feeling good re our rental choice!
  12. We have just organised rental at Wellington port. Try Omega or Buzzy. You will have to email them re Aotea Quay. Buzzy has the cruise port listed on their site, but Omega doesn't (but will pickup/dropoff at port). Both gave us good quotes. Even though the ferry terminal is close by, you have to attempt to cross a busy/fast road leading onto the motorway, as by memory there is not a footpath on the terminal side leading up to the ferry terminal.
  13. What is the coverage like for voom internet on transpacific cruises, Sydney to Honolulu or vice versa? Specifically Radiance of the Seas, which sails via Tahiti.
  14. We will be there a few days before ANZAC day next year. I wonder if it will still be there? Guess I will see the signs up showing what's on. We are heading out for the day, and returning back in after lunch. Great place to wander around though , esp if it's wet! Thanks!:)
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