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  1. No I believe it was Thursday. Is it possible that different things go on sale at different times depending on when your sailing date is? I sell pretty quick, on October 27.
  2. I just got the drink package for $49 and the drink + voom package for my hubby for $58. I had to call to order two slightly different packages rather than using the internet. I thought that was a pretty good deal. My sailing is Oct 27.
  3. I have not been on the Allure, but I just got off the Harmony and it was an amazing ship. Can’t wait to go back. As far as ports of call, Saint kits is really nice, I liked it better than San Juan, and I like St. Thomas better than Saint Martin. Of course, we had a really amazing experience with a tour operator in Saint Thomas, so it could just be my fond memories talking, but I really thought it was a neat port. I’m not quite sure why anyone would say that Port Canaveral is more difficult to get to. Of course I’m a local, but it seems ridiculously easy. Our traffic is practically nonexistent. Maybe they’re talking about by air?
  4. I’m seeing that on the cruise planner, the thrill waterpark plus cabana is $499. It states that the price is per cabana. So does that mean that the $499 includes four tickets to the waterpark as well? If so, that seems like an awesome deal. Does anyone know?
  5. Hurrah! I didn't bother to completely unpack for the 3-day cruise, so my case took up most of the couch, but I am looking forward to the couch by the balcony for the 7-day cruise.
  6. Okay I'm jumping in, room 7714 and 7718 on the Harmony, where's the bed? I prefer the couch by the balcony but I think I am going to be disappointed. Related, if anyone has 7716, 7712, or 7720 for 10/27 and wants to make a switch, let me know, LOL. I booked last minute (while on my Dorian-shortened 9/1 Harmony cruise) and having the cabins two apart was the best they could do.
  7. Just finished blasting through your review. We were booked for the Harmony 9/1 and ended up taking the 3-day since we are locals anyway, and by the time we finished the emotional roller coaster that was Dorian, we were ready for a getaway, however short. It ended up being the best decision, we got 4 days refunded plus a 5 day FCC (they threw in an extra day.) We booked onboard for the 10/27 sailing since my daughter is planning to join the Air Force in the next six months or so and we want a big family vacay before she leaves. So we basically got that three day cruise for nothing, and I feel like I got a nice intro to Oasis class, we know our way around, plus we have now seen all the shows, so hopefully the 10/27 sailing will be nice and relaxed! It really all worked out for the best. Never having sailed Oasis class before, I do feel that we are now spoiled by the apparently half-empty ship. Hopefully we are not disappointed by the crowds in October, LOL. Thanks so much for your review!
  8. Nassau is fine. Our cruise was rescheduled there due to Dorian and we will be there on Friday.
  9. Thanks for the pics. Hopefully this storm does not ruin my Perfect Day at Cococay.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! Not long now!
  11. My idea of a perfect day at Cococay is relaxing on a lounger with occasional dips in the water to cool off. I used to use the "get off the tender, turn right and keep going down to the end" method to find a nice relaxing beach there, now with all the new construction I don't know what to do. I want a lounger, under a tree would be even better, with low stress, low activity, but easy access to the bar with my drink package. Where to go? Help!
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