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  1. Don’t have the promo. This is a free casino cruise, so the rules may be different
  2. All I can tell you is for my October Caribbean cruise, I am unable to book a specialty dining online. This is what I was told when I called to try and book it through HAL
  3. I called because I could not book a specialty restaurant and was told that it has to be done once you are boarded
  4. We were booked on the November 6 cruise and switched to the October 23 offering. It appears that two of the cruises were chartered, including the November 6. Can’t speak to the 13th and 27th. Seems HAL is moving stuff around. I will be surprised if we actually sail on October 23
  5. We did that cruise. I was fine with the consecutive sea days, my husband was not. They had hula lessons and Hawaiian musicians during the day, but not much else. You have to love just doing nothing on sea days to fully enjoy this itinerary
  6. My free cruise casino offer did not include any of these things except casino cash and free drinks while playing. There must be a certain amount you had to gamble to get the additional perks. We always get the casino rate on our cruises that we book and pay for
  7. Thanks for reminding me...yes...$200/pp of that fare will be returned as OBC. So the $900/pp for the total package, is really $700/pp. The base fare for the balcony was $600, minus the $200, makes the fare $400/pp for the 7 day cruise. Not free, but darn close
  8. Hot weather, lightweight clothing, I would imagine. You can stuff a lot of clothes in the blue laundry bag. Unless you think you would fill that every day, I personally do not think paying for laundry would be cost efficient.
  9. We booked a “free” casino offer to sail last June...HA! Got another one last month. My husband isn’t interested in going in November.s So my sister(who is a 3 star, I am a 4 star) is going with me. Quite the task for my PCC to get the offer in my name instead of my husband’s name. Otherwise, he was the one that had to sail. Anyway, the free was for an inside cabin. My sister said she would only go if we upgraded to a balcony, since it is a caribbean cruise. Apparently, there are only 4 balcony upgrades for the casino upgrade, so we may get the lowest category balcony, or an upgrade from that
  10. Our PCC that we had used previous to the pandemic was also “cut”. We were so sorry to see him go. He had been with HAL for a long time. Next time I called, I was transferred to a new PCC and he has been absolutely wonderful. I think they all work from home now. I have noticed that, since things are loosening up and cruising is going to resume, there is a longer response time. I found if I call and leave a voicemail and the follow up with an email stating my needs, I get a response...sometimes within the hour. Sometimes I just get an email showing my request fulfilled, depending on what I neede
  11. Last I heard, hurricane Irma took all the shade trees off the island. Enough so that there were no shade trees for the cruise ship passengers. Does that still hold true? Plan on stopping there on a November cruise. Would rather not rent something as I won’t be spending all day there due to recent extensive cancer surgery and reconstruction on my nose. But I would like to sit and watch the ocean for a bit. Anyone there before the pandemic hit?
  12. We are booked on that cruise. Did they cancel you? Pretty sure it won’t sail, but waiting for them to cancel
  13. We got the platinum insurance from HAL that is a cancel for any reason. I of the cruise line cancels, I would think it is all refundable
  14. We received the casino offer. The free cruises were all to the Caribbean in march and April. Knew those most likely would not sail. The other offered were very reduced fares, or so I thought. We booked a 15 day Panama Canal for mid April and a great rate for a veranda. Two days ago I checked the sailing and found an offer for EXACTLY the same price, including the OBC. Called my PCC and he said it was because that was an offer for a 4 star mariner, which we are. So, you apparently don’t have to get a casino offer to get the same deal. I sort of feel duped. It was a pay in full at the time of bo
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