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  1. I totally missed the part about the Coast Guard...so thank you for pointing that out. Thinking it was just the standard email they send out about embarkation that has the staggered times Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. They have been sending this email to people for quite some time. We ignore it and board early, as do most people, I believe. They do not check to see if you came early, so just show up when you want to board, no problem Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. When I send in my info to HAL, I request an email telling me that it has been posted to my cruise. I then print it out and bring it with me, just in case. I transferred my booking to a TA, so did it myself. Cruising January 2020 and got a response back from HAL that it is posted to my cruise Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Yes, I believe they will take it from you. No clothes steamer either Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Where is the Lincoln Center Stage located? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. You will have the option of disembarking and going on a tour or otherwise get of the ship to do something during the day. If you choose to stay on the ship, you will meet with your fellow B2B cruisers and be taken to the terminal to show our passports and cruising information and then let back on the ship. Took about an hour to do the whole process. We stayed on the ship and it was nice to be there with not many people and then people watch as the new people came aboard and got familiar with the ship. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. We also are sailing from Ft Lauderdale the end of January 2020. We are staying t the Best Western Cruise Port. Shuttles from airport and to cruise port. Free breakfast. Coming in two days early. Made reservations months ago Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Sorry your cruise was not what you expected. We haven’t done the drink packages, but there have been lists of what each kind of wine costs per glass posted here so people can check ahead of time. We avoid the Lido like the plague, especially for dinner. There are people who have gone through the line for appetizers, salad, etc., and are returning just for the main course. That is why there are stations. There is no requirement to start out at the appetizer station and wait your turn for the whole course to be served to the end of the food lines. I don’t see going to just the station where you need the food as butting in line or being rude. Just me, I guess. Addressing the scooters and the ages of the other passengers....isn’t it wonderful that HAL caters to the people who have mobility problems, along with those of us who might be of advanced age. Just because we have some difficulty moving or have become a certain age does not mean we have to give up cruising. Someday you will be them and won’t you be glad if there is a way for you to continue to travel????? Maybe not. At any rate, I am sorry you did not enjoy your cruise. There are always things not perfect when traveling with 1000+ people in an enclosed place
  9. We had an aft corner NS for a Panama Canal cruise and absolutely loved it. Deck 6. No smokestack fumes. Some vibration, but not enough to bother us while sleeping. Husband has motion sickness issues and the motion did not bother him. One nice thing about aft cabins is that you can sit out on the veranda while the ship is sailing with little to no wind. And you have incredible views. We try and get one when we can. Will be sailing in our 4th aft cabin in January
  10. My question exactly! We are doing a 16 day cruise. We would pay corkage fee for the “free” ones we bring to drink in the room, but would bring at least 6 other bottles to enjoy in the dining room. But we would need to My question was how do we bring in the extra bottles? Do we have to have them at check in.or can we keep them in our luggage we give to the porter? I would assume if we did that, they would keep our luggage and have us come to the “naughty room”. Can we let them know ahead of time at the check in desk that we have extra wine in our luggage we gave to the porter and avoid the “naughty room” and late arrival of our luggage?
  11. We have found their “better” wines can be upwards of $100/bottle. They charge around $40/bottle for mediocre wines we could get at home for around $9.99. Would rather bring our really good wines from home and add on the $18 corkage and know we are getting good wine
  12. We find HAL to be pretty sedate on the smaller ships. The Zuiderdam should have the BB King show and that is pretty lively. Nothing much going on after 10 PM
  13. We are sailing in January. We always bring the one bottle of wine apiece to drink in the room. We are more than disappointed with the selections of wines in the packages and are thinking for bringing more wine and paying corkage. We would like to bring them from our wine cellar from home. If we pack them in our checked luggage do we need to bring that through security or can we give it to the porter and then wait to be called to the “naughty room” to pay the corkage fee and have them tagged? I have seen people bring a case of wine through security, but they have it on wheels, which we wouldn’t have
  14. We had them take our portraits in 2013 on our 25th anniversary. They were the best pictures of us EVER taken. Worth every penny, and they were not cheap. I have heard bad things about this photography service on HAL cruises, but we had nothing but a great experience
  15. Don’t know if you are into essential oils, but since we started using them, we never get sick when we travel. Like you, we travel with Clorox wipes and wipe down our surroundings on the plane and ask our seat mates if they would like to do the same...they always do. We also put a tiny bit of bacitracin under our nose when flying...we think it traps germs...maybe does, maybe doesn’t. We start putting Purify essential oil from Ananda Apothecary on the bottoms of our feet one week before we leave and continue the practice until we get home(also do it all winter long..haven’t gotten sick since we started doing this, maybe 5 years). Also never, and I mean never, get use the elevator with other people. I usually walk the stairs, but husband will occasionally use the elevator, but not if someone else is in there...elbows for buttons are a must. I also do not use handrails...use my elbow to steady myself. Travel with hand sanitizer in my purse/pocket. We are in our 70’s, so we have tried our best to keep flu and cold germs at bay and I think we do pretty good. I wouldn’t classify us as germaphobes. I am a retired OR nurse, so infection control is always in the back of my mind
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