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  1. Yes please let me know your contact info and anything else you can recommend/suggest Thanks
  2. Has anyone used/heard of this Limo Service? I know of Limo in Rome but someone highly recommended Sam's.....
  3. Our hotel is located in the centre of Rome and we are there a few days before the cruise. I am curious the best way to get to the ship.....I know it's approx. 1-1 1/2hour drive. Any suggestions and price?
  4. Hey Steve, thanks sooooo much for all your info.... I am doing my homework and e:mailing but it just takes time for people to get back to me..... In Greece we will be stopping in Nykonos from 7:00 to 5:00
  5. Need info on Rome in Limo....can anyone advise????
  6. I am a new comer to this site....how and where do I find Port of Call Board Thanks:rolleyes:
  7. Any hints, comments etc on excursions to Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy???:o
  8. Going to the Holy Land in September. Any suggestions for good and not REAL expensive excursions to Haifa & Jerusalem Israel, Kusadasi Turkey, Mykonos Greece, Naples/Capri, Italy from the ship?
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