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  1. Not using SDP, paying a la carte to dine with a friend who has a SDP... Question, the 'From the Land' part of the menu says ‘served with two side dishes’. ...meaning the price of the entrée includes 2 sides of your choice? The $5 noted for sides is charged when not included with what you order like the fish options or if you order more than 2? The menu prices have gone up substantially in the last few months! (And the cost of the 3 SDP). Thanks for the help. Kathy
  2. Not using SDP, paying a la carte... Question, the Surf and Turf part of the menu says ‘served with two side dishes’. ...meaning the price of the entree includes them? And the $5 is charged when not included with what you order like the fish options?
  3. Thank you! I looked under NCL's FAQ and not the Latitudes Reward Chart. I appreciate the information. Kathy
  4. We are cruising on the Getaway February 23rd and will have 2 Platinum certificates to use - 1 for Cagneys or LeBistro, and 1 for Moderno or La Cucina's. On the NCL website, the certificate usage info says entrees up to $20 are included and an up charge for difference in price of entrees more than $20..... Ok, I'm ok with that. I just looked at recent menus of Cagneys and LeBistro scanned in from a Dec 2019 cruise on the Getaway, and there are no entrees at $20 or less. The filet at LeBistro in March 2019 was $19.95. It's $26 on the menu. Anyone with recent experience? Has the entree dollar amount allowed increased? Or any meal now ordered with an entree will come with an upcharge? Thanks in advance for the help. Kathy
  5. Loved The District! Escape cruise September 2016 - I won the Growler and glass for being at the top of the Leaderboard 😁 Gene Bee was the best ever! Kathy
  6. Thank you for this spreadsheet. My husband vapes and we were on Breakaway last week. As said earlier, waterfront was non smoking. Spice H20, Box on Deck 15 by pool and casino while gambling- which we didn’t do. Humidor cig and vape users were told to leave. If if this keeps up, he’ll refuse to get on a ship.
  7. Just got back from Harvest Caye. NCL ship cards for activities and cash or credit card for food and drink and shopping.
  8. Just off Epic - $3.95 connection fee to use the ‘free’ 30 min of internet. I decided to use it, clicked ‘agreed’ and then it wouldn’t connect. Lol. So I saved $3.95. 😀
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