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  1. We are looking to book a cruise to Canada and NE summer 2019 and would like some feedback on rooms. We've only sailed Royal Caribbean and Viking River.


    About us: we will (hopefully) be sailing with friends and do not typically spend a lot of time in our rooms. This is assuming there are nice places to "hang out" on the ship and visit or play cards, etc. Although I love a balcony, I find we don't usually spend much time on them. We've never booked an interior cabin - they tend to be small for our liking. That said, our room on our Viking cruise was very small but it didn't bother us because we were only in there to shower, change and sleep.


    Ocean View is only a couple hundred more than Interior, which seems like it may be worth it, but Vista Suites are double the price of an OV. Is that price "worth it" in your opinion (I get this is totally subjective)?



  2. We are going in 3 weeks. While I don't plan on basking in the sun with the lido roof open, the weather will be fine. I will report more when I return.

    We are on Hal's veendam. We wanted heavy Canadian ports and no others are that way.


    Will be interested to hear how you like it. I also prefer heavy Canadian ports. I'll probably choose to do a road trip for NE some other time.

  3. I would like to book a Canada/NE cruise for 2019. Looking for suggestions about best time to go. I don't intend to try to catch the changing of the colors since I understand that is unpredictable, and I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. I'd rather go when it's less expensive, but not if that means we have a greater chance of bad weather.


    Also, is there a cruise line that does this itinerary best? We've been loyal to Royal, but I'm open to change if someone else excels on this itinerary.



  4. Notamermaid - nice to see you on here! You were very helpful on our Rhine cruise in 2016.


    We are sailing from Nuremberg to Budapest October 7. So looking forward to it! In the process of deciding how much time we want to spend pre and post cruise. Since some of us are still working stiffs, we have to budget our time wisely.


    Hoping people will post about their cruise experiences, particularly pre and post cruise recommendations.



  5. I really want to book a Canada and New England cruise. We can only do 9 nights max. Looking for recommendations for itineraries, ships, and best time to go. Fall colors is one option - is there another time that is fantastic?








    We went on Anthem in October 2016 9 nts from Cape Liberty




    Did you enjoy it? Anything you particularly enjoyed or wished you could have changed?

  6. Generally, there must be at least 4 days left and it must last until the end of the cruise. However, you may find a ship and/or sailing that deviates from this guideline.


    Thanks, Bob. I knew you had to buy it for the remainder of the cruise, but wasn't sure how late you can purchase it.

  7. We always figure that noonish is a good time to book flights. Especially when the airport is some distance away. Our flight from HOU was at 3:20, so we took our time getting off and catching a shuttle. We were there at noon.


    If we had left earlier, we could have been at the airport earlier.


    Perfect - thanks.

  8. I put in our details and it came back and told me there are no results to display. Ugh.


    Google maps shows a little under an hour for HOU, a little over an hour for IAH. Any idea how much time we should allow to get our car? We've always flown to cruise ports in the past.


    And if we dock at 6:30, is it reasonable to expect we can be off the ship and have our luggage by, say 8:30?

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