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  1. We have cruised both lines, granted only once on Oceania- but that was enough for us. The difference was in the service. Oceania can not compare to the service quality of Windstar.
  2. This topic is so fluid right now, no one can say what the limitations will be by 2022. Our next cruise is in February 2022- hopefully it's just having the vaccine will be all that's needed. But who knows.
  3. Who is booked for the Star Trek Cruise V? https://www.startrekthecruise.com/
  4. Just got my cruise voucher- asked for a refund. It says 4-6 weeks to get that.
  5. November cruise cancelled in May. Notice included a link to sy you received the notice. I called on Friday and was told, they still need to issues to 125% cruise voucher in the next month or so.....and if we want a refund it will take another few weeks after that. The way it stands now we will not be cruising until at least mid 2021....
  6. There goes our November cruise on the Wind Star 😞
  7. We did a ZOOM meeting with past passengers and a few of the crew showed up as well. So much fun!
  8. Our fingers are crossed for our November 2020 sailing....
  9. Oh we were a witness to that experiment.... very impressive too .
  10. Got 126 booked on the Wind Star for November cruise- can't wait!
  11. The Wind Surf, Wind Spirit and Wind Star all have great itinerary's too! We have booked our next two cruises on those until they get it figured out.
  12. I have never had a problem with Windstar bringing wines on board.
  13. Oceania is the worst. 2 a week.
  14. Thanks for the review, we head out on the Imagination in 17 days on the same itinerary!
  15. My wife and I bought the CD while on board our first Windstar cruise 15 years ago. And in the weeks leading up to cruises since then, we will enjoy dinner our our patio, with Conquest of Paradise playing in the background.
  16. We had ours returned as well. Just changed the zip code and sent it back.
  17. $1 more per day? I am okay with that. On our recent cruise we had two room stewards- that was a first for us. Always come back to a very clean room.
  18. I got the letter on Saturday. They had me down for 3 cruises, (I've done 13) they had me down for 20 days, (I have 104). I sent a spreadsheet listing the cruises and corrected their form.
  19. I stop checking the price of my cruise once it gets under 90 days..... not worth the frustration.
  20. We sail on the Imagination February 9-13. Probably Uber. Thanks
  21. Didn't you drink everything on the menu?
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