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  1. Canceling the land portion by Princess is always an option which would result in a cruise only cost. As to why I think they might cancel the land portion: o. Italy has always been a hot spot of COVID. Right now, Italy has imposed new restrictions on restaurants, bars, etc. We want to go out and explore. If Princess tours were to eliminate this option not only would they have a tough time enforcing this restriction, who wants to spend their free time in a hotel room o. Italy has been one of the hot spots of COVID since it began. You always would run this risk. This
  2. We're doing the land tour in late October before sailing for 14 days. Doubt that the land tour will occur. We were scheduled to do it this year and we saw how that turned out. Without the land tour, we'll probably cancel the trip. Additionally, I notice that some of the ports we were scheduled to visit apparently have been dropped from Enchanted Princess sailings in 2021.
  3. Same here. With COVID outbreaks rising in Europe, I doubt that the ship will be ready as original scheduled.
  4. I'll be the most surprise person if that ship sails in 2021. I doubt it will make a transatlantic cruise. Instead it will be ready for 2022 cruises.
  5. If you know you'e not going to sail, just cancel and get your money back. IMHO, the FCC is just a gimmick to keep your money. I'm not going to give interest free loans to Princess. That's what bank are for. I'm still on the fence as to whether some of these cruise ones will survive this thing.
  6. Cancelled a February 2021 cruise on the Enchanted Princess August 10. The credit showed up on August 13. One credit card, deposit only.
  7. I totally agree. We have 2 cruises next year, a February cruise on the Enchanted Princess that, if not cancelled by Princess, will be cancelled by us. Too risky. We also have a Med cruise on the Discovery Princess in November. I saw this morning that the placement of the bow of the Discovery is roughly 4 months behind schedule. I doubt that one will go forward. Like many, we have booked a cruise for February 2022, what I call a "spec cruise". Those cruises are pretty well booked right now as people are hedging their bets on 2021 Caribbean cruises that my be cancelled. If we
  8. Having done the rail, it's a no brainer. Who wants to sit on another bus?
  9. I'm inclined to agree. Too much uncertainty at this point in time. Not only is the CDC "do not sail order" likely to be extended, getting to the port by air is a potential non starter for many.
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