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  1. I think that may have been what happened. They said it happened to several people, you're the first I've seen mention it though. I guess I'm just use to local customer service where you honor writing. Cruise lines run on their own terms it seems.
  2. I opted for the 125% FCC for our cancelled sailing on 7/4. Received my FCC the other day and it was more like 200% of my cruise fare vs 125%. I confirmed with my TA that the email was saying it correct and each passenger got the amount listed. I figured it was because I had done an upgrade after final payment and maybe it was calculated off the value of the new room type. Well she went to apply it to my other bookings, and they came back saying they miscalculated a bunch of FCC, I can't use it now and must wait for the new one. So part of me gets it was a mistake. But also, they sent me the amount in writing. Not only have I been waiting for this FCC, but now must wait again for it be usable. Should I just suck it up and wait for the new amount, or do I have some ground to stand on here and fight for the amount they emailed me?
  3. Only thing in writing is that it must be done prior to Aug 1, 2020
  4. How long is it taking to get FCC? I'm thinking of cancelling our July cruise to get FCC, and then rebook for August (as a temporary hold, and then most likely lift and shift to next year). I'm just curious how long it would take to get the FCC and if I'll have time to do this.
  5. We're booked on Oasis in July, which I've come to admit will not happen. I'm looking at the new Lift & Shift program to move it to next July. With all the price adjustments from COVID, we've paid about $2200 for 2 for a large balcony. Next year this same cruise is $3500. So Lift & Shift is a no brainer compared to waiting on the 125% FCC when they cancel. My question is, if we do this, do we lose the 48 hour cancellation option? I want to take advantage but I an unsure what next year holds and don't want to get locked in.
  6. I have a trip book for July on Oasis. Thinking about cancelling under Cruise for Confidence and then rebooking for August if things clear up. I made final payment so I'd get full FCC. Is this the same as the cancelled cruises where the FCC is only the cruise fare, and taxes/fees come back as refund? And that FCC, I know it won't go towards a deposit, but will it cover taxes/fees on my next cruise, or just base cruise fare? Can you prepay gratuities or get OBC to use up the rest of the FCC?
  7. I wasn't looking to start a debate on when cruises will resume, we're all just guessing at this point. In my mind it's 50/50. I was just curious if things take a positive spin and this happens, what my options were. Looks like I hope it gets cancelled and rebook for the fall or next summer.
  8. We are booked on Oasis 7/4/20. I feel it's a 50/50 toss right now if this cruise will happen. Our final payment was due last week, and of course I look today and for the same cabin, it's gone down $700. I feel prices will only continue to drop as well. What can I do? Do I cancel and take the FCC, and if things turn for the better, book last minute again? Or just wait it out, stuck at the price I paid?
  9. The idea crossed my mind of booking a May cruise (that I would be more than happy to go on), but also halfway counting on it being cancelled to get the extra 25% FCC to apply to sailings we have already booked. Has anyone done this or had the same thought? We have cruises booked for 2021 and 2022 so I have no worries about using the FCC and it seems like a way to get a great deal on a cruise, or save a few hundred off future cruises.
  10. We upgraded to a boardwalk balcony for our Oasis July cruise 2 weeks ago, only spent $100 more than an inside room. Called this morning and save $120, and now the price has gone down another $100 in just 6 hours.
  11. Currently on hold to re-price my reservation through a big box agent. Not only is the price lower, but there's also a promo now for "Free Speciality Dining for 2." Thing is, I already purchased and planned on using the unlimited dining plan. Has anyone ever gotten this offer and know how it works? Can I cancel it onboard and get the OBC? Or am I just going to lose it since i have the unlimited plan?
  12. Does anyone know what is made during the Cupcake class on Oasis recently, or does it rotate? We did the class on Anthem in Dec and made the hamburgers. We had fun but wouldn't want to do the same thing again. Curious if we should book for Oasis in July.
  13. The pool is very warm. We went in Dec and I got in no problem. The whole area was warm enough to be in swim wear/shorts, just stay away from the doors. The last night my daughter went swimming I was cool sitting on the side, was actually wishing I had put on my suit because the pool felt like a hot tub.
  14. I cruised with my daughter alone at the holidays and no one ever questioned us. Granted almost every time I fly, she is asked her full name, who I am, my name, etc. So if you're flying to port, just keep that in mind. I keep the paperwork on hand, rather be safe than sorry. Never showed it, but think of it like making sure you have a passport in case of emergency.
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