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  1. We upgraded to a boardwalk balcony for our Oasis July cruise 2 weeks ago, only spent $100 more than an inside room. Called this morning and save $120, and now the price has gone down another $100 in just 6 hours.
  2. Currently on hold to re-price my reservation through a big box agent. Not only is the price lower, but there's also a promo now for "Free Speciality Dining for 2." Thing is, I already purchased and planned on using the unlimited dining plan. Has anyone ever gotten this offer and know how it works? Can I cancel it onboard and get the OBC? Or am I just going to lose it since i have the unlimited plan?
  3. Does anyone know what is made during the Cupcake class on Oasis recently, or does it rotate? We did the class on Anthem in Dec and made the hamburgers. We had fun but wouldn't want to do the same thing again. Curious if we should book for Oasis in July.
  4. The pool is very warm. We went in Dec and I got in no problem. The whole area was warm enough to be in swim wear/shorts, just stay away from the doors. The last night my daughter went swimming I was cool sitting on the side, was actually wishing I had put on my suit because the pool felt like a hot tub.
  5. I cruised with my daughter alone at the holidays and no one ever questioned us. Granted almost every time I fly, she is asked her full name, who I am, my name, etc. So if you're flying to port, just keep that in mind. I keep the paperwork on hand, rather be safe than sorry. Never showed it, but think of it like making sure you have a passport in case of emergency.
  6. I booked onboard and only paid for my daughter. I still was given everything and made my own due to them having extras. Think it will all depend on the day, but you can certainly pay for just one person. You may just only ge to assist, not make your own.
  7. I had no problem with Verizon service beginning of the month. Worked perfectly fine sitting at the pool and then even when we went over to treasure island(pig excursion). i used the travel pass as well. Started day before in Nassau and carried over to CocoCay so only 1 24 hour charge
  8. Ugh I'll have to check. Sort of caught in the middle then, have to apply within 30 days of booking but it can't be more than a year out?
  9. We were there 1/1/20 and the pools were perfectly fine to get in. Was a bit cold at first when it was cloudy out, but was still enjoyable.
  10. We were there on 1/1/20. It was cooler out, I think low 70's, but i was able to get in the water just fine. Bit chilly at first, but no more than any normal pool I'm use to in the summer. For what it's worth, I coudn't get in the pool at CocoCay the next day, where pools are unheated but it was about 5 degrees warmer out.
  11. I used the MyVegas OBC on our last cruise and it was so easy to apply. I just booked 2 new cruises (2021 and 2022). I want to apply the MyVegas OBC within the 30 days of booking. However, is this OBC similar to others in that if I re-price I will lose it? Just wondering since it's so far out, there's higher chance of re-pricing.
  12. This is what I'm struggling with. It's so far out flights aren't available, but I want to lock in the cheaper price now. Looking at this year same time they are all similar priced
  13. Sorry this is April 2021, so refurbs should be done. All have same itinerary, we are mainly going for Roatan
  14. Looking at options for Western Caribbean itineraries for spring break. Looks like there is Oasis out of Ft Lauderdale, Symphony out of Miami, or Allure out of Galveston. Allure is cheaper by about 200 pp. We are flying in so I imagine airfare will be similar for all (too far out to predict). We will have already been on Oasis. Can someone compare the 3 ships, from what I see there aren't major differences. Or does departure port impact these at all, one easier than the other?
  15. We didn't do this exactly but I' Sounds right to me. I've used the 24 hour visa when traveling before. We had an overnight layover in Shaghai on both ends of our trip, just got the visa at the airport and all was fine.
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