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  1. We are sailing next week and many events that are planned will be put onto the noticeboard in Guest Services. I just wanted to be certain that there IS a noticeboard in Guest Services. It's best we know now so we can rethink our plan. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!!!
  2. MaisonDeBritts

    Explorer -some photos of new Deck 12 cabins

    I’ve done the Google search - that’s how I found this page. Ah well... I will be on her in 2 months and will take some for myself. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. MaisonDeBritts

    Explorer -some photos of new Deck 12 cabins

    I'm so disappointed to come to this page and find the links to the photos no longer exists. I guess I should keep looking. Was good reading the descriptions though. Thanks for what must have been a great post.
  4. I'm going to be on Explorer for 24 days in April 2018 and so I'm super excited to have seen all these photos. I was especially interested in the ones on deck 12 as we will be in one of the panoramic cabins. I have to ask... what kind of camera do you use? The photos were excellent!!
  5. MaisonDeBritts

    How gracefully is the Millennium aging?

    Millie was our first cruise... for our honeymoon in 2012. We met some wonderful people and we love her so much we did almost the same cruise in 2013! She was fine then... certainly no complaints from us.
  6. Thank you so much!!! This is exactly what I was hoping the bed situation was. My mind can rest easy now knowing that Mum is going to sleep as comfortably as us. Thanks again!!! [emoji16] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Hello Just a quick question. What was the sofa bed like? Does it pull out to a double or flip over to 1 or 2 singles. Obviously one is far more comfy to the other (according to my brother-in-law and mother)
  8. MaisonDeBritts

    Explorer of the Seas Panoramic Ocean View

    Hello there! Thanks for your great description of the cabin. I'm interested in the sofa bed as my 75 year old mother will be travelling with us. On a previous cruise she had a couch that flipped over into a single bed and she loved it. In the same cabin we had a pull out sofa bed that wasn't too comfy at all - even with the eggshell topper. From photos that I have seen and reviews that I have read... I'm thinking that these sofa beds are just big foam pillows that make a couch or 1/2 single beds. Can anyone confirm? Also, what is on the deck above these rooms? In this photo it looks like just a sunbaking area. Has anyone that has stayed in these rooms noticed any noise from above? http://www.royalcaribbeanincentives.com/content/uploads/RCI_NV_Aerial_002-1-1240x660.jpg
  9. MaisonDeBritts

    RCI no longer going to Lifou?

    Well we aren't going until April 2018. Thanks for clarifying this for me Big M. [emoji846] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. MaisonDeBritts

    RCI no longer going to Lifou?

    So we are on Explorer... is it right that for us it's OK unless there are other ships there on the same day? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. MaisonDeBritts

    RCI no longer going to Lifou?

    So am I right in saying the port of Lifou is not being visited because the pier that the tender boats pull up to is damaged and/or to be rebuilt? My cruise is April 2018 so I'm hoping it will be fixed by then because I'd love to see Jinek Bay for snorkelling.
  12. Thanks Dave It's good to know that they police these things. Imagine how quickly all the accessible cabins would disappear if they didn't!
  13. I'm just wondering about the accessible cabins... I assume you are in a wheelchair... so what proof do you have to give to be able to book one of these rooms? I'm curious... as my sister is in a wheelchair 70% of the time when she's on holidays... and I know she will be interested in one of these rooms when she hears we are staying in one. Thanks :)
  14. MaisonDeBritts

    Can you sleep 3 in an Explorer Promenade cabin???

    Thank you both... that's a disappointment. I guess I will keep looking... I am also interested in the Panoramic cabins on 12 but my husband thinks there will be too much movement. My search continues... Thanks again!!!!
  15. My husband, my Mother and I are ready to book 22 nights from Sydney to Seattle in April 2018. It's my husband's idea to spend 22 nights in close confines with his mother-in-law (he says she's the coolest MIL ever). Anyway... I really like the Promenade cabins and wonder if they sleep more than just 2 people? Does the couch flip to a single bed? I'm sure I've seen a photo of just that... but do you think I can find it now?? :mad: So I thought I would throw the question out there... just in case someone else might be wondering the same thing. Thanks in advance!!! :)