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  1. Thanks for your helpful advice Petoonya. I'll check out your links!
  2. Your post comes across as nasty; it's not helpful. Everyone has different reasons to book their excursions through a cruise line, DIY or mixture of both.
  3. Thanks sunlover. I think I will call. All the excursions are listed with the various prices, so I thought it was odd that when you tried to book any excursion they all said the excursion was closed. All the other port excursions are listed with prices and can be booked with no problem.
  4. Thank you so much for the advice to see the Hypoguem! Started reading about it and it looks very interesting.
  5. Thanks! I keep checking every day. LOL
  6. Going on a Med cruise in the Spring on the Riviera. I looked on the first day excursions were available to book. I can pick an excursion for all the ports, except for Malta. Every Malta excursion listed says: This excursion is closed. Thought this was odd that there are no excursions available. From past experiences, does anyone have an idea what this means? Could it be that we may not be stopping in Malta? Thanks!
  7. Also wondering how far before my cruise will I get the blue book. Yes, I know I don't need it, just wondering how far before a cruise do you typically get it. Thanks!
  8. Love the food porn! Yummy! Thanks for sharing.
  9. If the change in port times is due to Hurricane Dorian, I would think that other cruise lines port times would be shortened?
  10. Wondering, if you are paying double anyway, have you ever invited someone to join you?
  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! Everything looks wonderful and I'm sure you had a great time. I think I've gained 10 pounds just watching this.
  12. I am new to O, and although not going on the Sirena, I appreciate your thoughts. Sounds like they're making it harder to get a drink to save money. I sure hope not. DH and I were on a short RC cruise last year on one of their older ships. We took the drink package and the drinks were easy to order and quick to come. I hope that your experience was a one time event on O. Would hate to think that they're skimping on alcohol and servers.
  13. I appreciate that you were not being snarky. Unfortunately that's the way I felt it was given. I'm glad I was wrong. I was thanking you for something. I realize that a med cruise is port intensive. When I read questions here a lot of the answers aren't what the person asked. I appreciate that people are trying to be helpful, but sometimes it feels like Marie Barone is answering. LOL
  14. Geez. I was just thanking you for the photos and info. Not looking for a snarky reply. What's up with that? Were you a teacher of something. LOL
  15. Really appreciate the info and photos. My first O cruise is next Spring in the med and I'm very excitied!
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