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  1. Thanks to both of you. I will look into each of those ideas.
  2. This is exactly what they told us. We could not do the two B2B. :( We looked at getting off the ship and driving to Seattle to get on a different ship and doing Alaska, but what was appealing to us with the B2B was the same cabin, both cruises, and not having to pack up and move in the middle. Oh well, we will keep wishing for this. Thanks!
  3. Ok, let me explain. I recently booked my first B2B on the Carnival Legend for May 2016. The first leg of the B2B starts in Hawaii and does the islands, then travels and ends in Vancouver. The second leg starts in Vancouver and does Alaska ending in Seattle. I was really excited about this itinerary. Ok so here come the BUT! A few days after I had booked these two cruises I get a call from the Carnival Regulations desk saying that due to the Jones Act I could not book these two cruises B2B. So sad!!! I cancelled both and we are now cruising the Southern Caribbean. Still with Carnival because it was not their fault. So here is my question. Does anyone know of a cruise line that would have a cruise or B2B that would include both Hawaii and Alaska? This would be a great itinerary if I could find a cruise line that does it. Thanks for the help!
  4. Has anyone done the High Hopes High Ropes in the last year? I found some threads on it but they were all back in 2009 and 2010. What were your thoughts? Can you describe the tour? How long is the drive over? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Linda
  5. lellenm

    Shipping spices to usa

    Thanks! That makes it easier to get them home. I was looking at the cost to mail them. WOW!!! :0
  6. lellenm

    Zip Lining - anyone?

    Has anyone done the zip lining with Wacky Rollers recently? Going on Celebrity Summit in April 2013 and would like to do the zip lining, so need some reviews. Thanks Linda
  7. lellenm

    Shipping spices to usa

    Has anyone mailed the spices they purchased in Grenada to the usa? If so, how? Is there a post office near the port, or anything like UPS? I would rather mail them home so I don't have to worry about them through customs and airports. Linda
  8. lellenm

    sub excursion

    We went on the sub's from Stuart's Cove in November. It was one of the best excursions we have been on. Let's see if I can give you a good run down of the excursions. First yes it is 5 hours long, a lot of that was getting there and back. Stuart's Cove is on the other side of the island from the ship. We were picked up in an airconditioned bus from the fountain in front of the dock, we also stopped at a few hotels to pick up other guests. This made it fun because you got to meet the other people on the tour ahead of time. When we got to Stuart's cove we had a 15-20 minute discussion on how to use the subs. The instructor's were very fun and informative. The easiest way to describe the subs is think of it as a motorscooter underwater. You have a seat to sit on, some place to put your feet and you steer it and power it with your hands. VERY EASY!! We then went to the site, which took a good 30 minutes. They divided us into 2 groups of 6 each and down we went. Also for those of you who are not fond of getting your hair wet they will give you the "Executive entry"! This way you don't even have to put your head under the water if you don't want to. Getting on and off the sub is very easy so there should be no problems there. We then went around the reef we were at with the divers attracking the fish and pointing out sting rays and other interesting things we were motoring by. Each group got to stay down about 25 minutes, then they brought you up. Dismount was just as easy and getting on was. Also while you were waiting for the other group you could snorkle or sun bath. So you were not bored while waiting. We had fun watching the other group down there and trying to figure out where they would go next. The water is that clear! We both took an underwater camera each and took pictures of each other under water. I don't have them uploaded or I would share them with you. They also have a video camera diver and she took some great shots. Of course I HAD to have that! Let me know if there are any other questions. Linda