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  1. I called and left a voice mail in addition to a email to my TA and canceled our 10/29/20 Summit cruise end of June and had a refund with in 14 days. This is not a cruise Celebrity cancelled. My Ta initials are CC and they provided excellent prompt service. I can only guess it happened this fast due to me cancelling the cruise. I'm not posting to aggravate the people waiting for there refunds but to share a positive exprience.
  2. We have deposits on 7 cruises starting 10/20202 ending 2/2022. We are hopeful🥺 but also realistic😧 so are taking a wait and see attitude.
  3. A DEAL IS A DEAL. What if they called you and wanted to charge you $500 more for a cruise you already paid for. Might you reply A DEAL IS A DEAL that we agreed to?
  4. Was Scott's family in the restaurant business? I met someone on deck 5 aft smoking that I think might have been Scott. H e mentioned his family was in the business.
  5. Which ship left in January for the around the world cruise?
  6. Good advice we plan to follow and call our Dr. to see if he wants us tested. We will notify as many people we can of our situation. Thank You
  7. I see date on yours is 12/01/19 and mine is 08/26/18. They never mailed me a new one so the one I have does show it as being covered. I wonder if they would honor the benefits that included when I made my deposits.
  8. It is not listed under not covered reasons in my Guide to Benefits on page 38. It is listed under covered reasons. Date on front of Guide effective 08/36/18.
  9. My card has me covered if the Financial insolvency of the Travel Agency.Tour Operator or Travel Supplier whose services you booked. Just looked it up in the Guide to Benefits booklet that came with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.
  10. What happens to a deposit put on credit card if a cruise goes into bankruptcy? I know you must first open a dispute with cc company. If the cruise line fails to return the deposit will cc company refund the charges?
  11. If you up grade to the premium pkg. it includes real pats of butter in the MDR.
  12. A year since the start of this virus isn't up yet. Lets compare numbers then between the flu and this number then.
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