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  1. Song of Norway was my first cruise back in the 80's. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again through your eyes! Thank you for your report! 😉
  2. Amen! Glad you are feeling better. I always buy insurance. I used it for the first time last November when I broke my ankle 2 weeks before the cruise. Reimbursed me 100%
  3. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this company? It's exactly what we are needing for our Nov 8th Getaway Cruise. https://carryonluggageservice.com/
  4. Hi Bill & Marie! So happy to be following along with you! Looking forward to your excellent photos and commentary.
  5. I'm "in the same boat" as you. Diamond on Royal and sailing on Nov 8th on the Getaway. Anxious to see all of the comments.
  6. Yes a few. I didn't book this (first time I'm not in control of my own booking 😱) as I'm an add-on to my daughter's friend's cruise. I need to stay in touch with work so I'll need wifi 24/7. I'm used to Voom on Royal. The speed is not too bad and the price is less than half of what NCL charges. However, I figure with everything else being free (drinks, airfare, grats + OBC and excursion credits, I'm certainly NOT going to complain about the wifi cost. I just like to take advantage of a sale, if there are any. Is the price on board the same as in the cruise planner? Looking forward to my first cruise on NCL!
  7. Do the internet packages ever go on sale? For my 11/8/19 Getaway sailing, the Unlimited Premium Wi-fi package is $29.50 per day. 😱 First time on NCL and I'm shocked by this pricing.
  8. I don't have anything to add to this thread but I just wanted to say I like your cute cat! 🙂
  9. That's the answer I was hoping for! Thank you!
  10. I tried searching for this answer but apparently I can't pose a question correctly 😞 I have a Royal cruise booked for 2. The person probably won't be able to make the cruise. If they become a no-show at the port, will I get double points or should I cancel them? It doesn't matter if it's after final payment because I still have to pay single supplement, correct? Which will guarantee me double points?
  11. I had the same thing happen to me. I booked the Jr Aft Suite on Jewel for this past February. I was called a few days before the sailing and was offered an OV. I had recently been bumped from ships twice by Royal so when I had the opportunity to book this cruise and cabin, I was thrilled. They offered me a complete refund of my cruise fare and I'd get to keep my double points. Sorry, not for an OV. The cabin they offered was smaller and with 3 of us, all women, it would have been too tight. It was tempting but I said no. I said I'd do it for a balcony, but none were available. Yes, I know, I'm crazy....but for me, it was worth it!
  12. I agree wit the other posters on Woodwind. We were with them this past February and they are first rate. If you are concerned about shade, just be one of the first to get on the boat. The shaded galley area fills up first and if you're not on first you will be directed to the front of the boat with no shade.
  13. Ah no. If you read the whole sentence, it says " By the way, and not related to this post, Super Mario was on this cruise"... 🙂 He DOES reserve months ahead.
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