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  1. That's the answer I was hoping for! Thank you!
  2. I tried searching for this answer but apparently I can't pose a question correctly 😞 I have a Royal cruise booked for 2. The person probably won't be able to make the cruise. If they become a no-show at the port, will I get double points or should I cancel them? It doesn't matter if it's after final payment because I still have to pay single supplement, correct? Which will guarantee me double points?
  3. I had the same thing happen to me. I booked the Jr Aft Suite on Jewel for this past February. I was called a few days before the sailing and was offered an OV. I had recently been bumped from ships twice by Royal so when I had the opportunity to book this cruise and cabin, I was thrilled. They offered me a complete refund of my cruise fare and I'd get to keep my double points. Sorry, not for an OV. The cabin they offered was smaller and with 3 of us, all women, it would have been too tight. It was tempting but I said no. I said I'd do it for a balcony, but none were available. Yes, I know, I'm crazy....but for me, it was worth it!
  4. I agree wit the other posters on Woodwind. We were with them this past February and they are first rate. If you are concerned about shade, just be one of the first to get on the boat. The shaded galley area fills up first and if you're not on first you will be directed to the front of the boat with no shade.
  5. Ah no. If you read the whole sentence, it says " By the way, and not related to this post, Super Mario was on this cruise"... 🙂 He DOES reserve months ahead.
  6. I tried to counter offer but there were no balcony or suite cabins available. The cruise was completely booked except for a few insides and even fewer OV's. I certainly would have taken the deal if it would have been a balcony. I don't get the opportunity to cruise a lot as I have to fly to get to the ship. I HATE the SoCal itineraries so no cruises from here. 😞 I had to make the decision immediately while I was on the phone and I had no time to think it over. So, I said no. The cruise was amazing and the AFT cabin was wonderful. We sailed to the ABC islands. I'm glad I kept it!
  7. I got an interesting call 3 days before we sailed on the Jewel Feb 15, 2019 from the RC Revenue department. They wanted to know if I was willing to DOWNGRADE my cabin to an ocean view from the corner AFT Jr. Suite. They would refund the entire price of my cruise and I could keep my double points. In short; I can cruse for free. Apparently, the cruise is way overbooked. I didn't even give it a thought and said no. Am I crazy? I would have probably done it for a balcony room but not an OV. She then asked if I was willing to cancel this cruise, get a full refund and have the same amount I spent on this cruise applied to any cruise in the future. I said no. I figured SOMEONE high up in points wanted this very desirable cabin. By the way, and not related to this post, Super Mario was on this cruise... 🙂
  8. Thank you for your review and comparison. One thing to note though, in all of my Royal cruises the beds have never been separated upon entering the cabin for the first time; even though I request it when I first book. I'm not sure if this is just the default set up or what. They are always separated at turn-down though....
  9. I've never seen it listed in the Compass. I usually post a card on the announcement board near guest services or cafe latitudes where the M&M will be held. I let everyone on the roll call know this in case they don't get their invitation. Otherwise, check with guest services on day 1.
  10. I agree with everyone except Mattj2000. Bernard's is the best!
  11. If the weather is nice, the aft area outside of the Windjammer is a good place to play games. We were just there last week and saw lots of people playing board/card games.
  12. Wow, I didn't know they offered Royal Caribbean credit. Good to know. I'm glad it worked out for you.
  13. I grumble when I buy it, but I DO buy it. Hope I never have to use it and stop grumbling. 🙊 Hope your husband makes a full recovery and you're back to cruising soon.
  14. Wow Bill, that is not at all acceptable. On our Harmony cruise we got sent to another dining room down 1 deck (after a 45 min wait) because they couldn't accommodate us in our assigned dining room with a reservation. I was mad then. I can't imagine how mad I would have been had this happened to us.....
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