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  1. I've never been to the veteran's get together, I wasn't sure if many people show up. I think I might check it out next time. USAF Security Police 1991-1996, Yokota Japan, Norvenich Germany, and Dyess TX.
  2. This is what I got: ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, It’s no secret that the world is going through a difficult time. And while there are many changes going on around us, one that will never change is our commitment to remain transparent and as communicative, as possible. As we went into our global suspension of sailings, we initially estimated that refunds would take 30 days. Unfortunately, with an unprecedented volume of refunds and credits, we are delayed. We’ve worked diligently to resolve most of the volume issues and are working around the clock to address the backlog to get you your refund, as quickly possible. Currently, some refunds are taking up to 45 days. Please know that each and every request is receiving the same level of care and dedication. And rest assured, your refund will be honored and it is coming – it’s just taking a little longer than expected and we’re very sorry about that. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We’ll have an update for you by May 6th, unless we see that your refund has already been disbursed between now and then. Please be sure to check with your banking institution for an update if you don’t hear from us. Please stay safe! Sincerely,
  3. I got the same email today. I agree it was nice to have acknowledgement and for them to just touch base. (for reference I did the online request on 3/26, my cruise was supposed to be May 3-7) Trix 🙂
  4. Thank you for the information and I appreciate your reminder for people to speak nicely. I understand that this can be stressful for people trying to change vacations, esp when money is involved and the logistics of all travel. But the call takers I'm sure are doing the best they can with the situation. I'm fairly certain I will be canceling, I just have to make sure my friend didn't already get her airfare, I don't want her to lose any money on that. I'm going to write down your pointers so I don't forget that cancel number (I'm sure I would otherwise). 😊
  5. Thank you so much for the quick reply and info. I really appreciate it! 😊
  6. I think I might be understanding this but sometimes it helps to "talk" it out. I booked a cruise for me and a friend, Oasis May 3-7. I think I am in the time frame where it would normally be 75% penalty for cancelation. So if my experience is the same as the OP then I would get 25% back on my credit card, and then she and I would share the remainder in FCC. Is that right? I ask because normally I would travel solo and I'm not sure she would cruise prior to the end of next year. If I'm understanding right, that would mean I would lose the money from her FCC because it would never be used by her and I can't use it for myself. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do, but with the above scenario I think it would be difference between losing about $700 compared to $350 and the 25% that would be put back on my card could go to a land trip I might do instead of the cruise. Thanks for any help!
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