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  1. Good morning to all, I just got my 3rd deposit refunded today. Hang in there and good luck to all!!!
  2. Oh, wow, this is unbelievable. I called yesterday to follow up on my escalation and was asked to give them another week. Let see what they say next Wednesday.
  3. I cancelled 3 refundable deposits on 3/13/20 for 3 cabins sailing on 6/13/20. 3 weeks ago I received a credit for 2 of them. Been calling them every week since then for the missing refund. Different excuse all the time, they even told me it depends on the credit card company, that their processing times are different. The deposits were paid with the same card. How can they refund 2 and 1 for them still been processing. Yesterday I called again and the nice lady did an escalation, will keep you posted.
  4. Good morning, 2 of my 3 cabins deposits are showing pending today on my Credit Card. I cancelled without penalties on 3/13/20. Sail date was June 13, 2020.
  5. @cruisingator2 are you OK, with the vouchers? Can you dispute with the credit card company and get a refund?
  6. And the Airlines? Were you able to get a refund for your flight tickets or just vouchers for future travels?
  7. I am on day 53, but I guess this does not matter anymore. My sailing date was June 11.
  8. @BermudaBound2014 well, I am in group # 1. I cancelled before my final payment was due and my deposit was still refundable at that time.
  9. Do I still have time to dispute this with my credit card? I purchased the cruise back on February 2019. and cancelled it in March 2020, 13 months after. Thanks in advance,
  10. I cancelled our on March 13 and when I called them back on April 1st because I had not received the refund, I was told the same story they told you, that it was a 2 step process and was missing the 2nd step. Guess what? I am still waiting on the refund. My friend who was sailing on a different cabin and canceled 2 days later was told that sorry, but the refund might take upto 60 days. I am patiently waiting for 5/13 to give them another call if I still have not received my refund. Anyone who cancelled after March 13 and received the refund yet?
  11. I cancelled on March 13th and I am still waiting, patiently .
  12. I cancelled on 3/13/20. Still waiting for the refund to post.
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