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  1. Not sure whether there will be real saving for the 4-device plan on board for platinum member. I pre-purchased the 4-device plan on our upcoming cruise, can anyone tell if one is still able to swap device like the one-device plan. Like using the ship's computer for printer usage or an iphone for portability which is not planed for use in regular basis. Also does that mean my DH will still have his 500 minutes free internet time for our 34-day cruise? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the tip. This is what ship's IT told me that MedallionNet will automatically bump the other device when another device tries to sign on when we had only one one-device package. I just wasn't sure if it works for different cabins, then again, how would they track you, we practically surf all over the ship even with one device.
  3. Thanks for your answer and clarification. I will wait until we are on board next month. One more question, my sister is cruising with me on a different nearby cabin, can she use one device if I purchase two 1-device plans? Thanks.
  4. My personalizer is offering $9.99/day for 4 devices for our upcoming cruise. It sounds very attractive compared to the unlimited package $180 for 34 days for one device. My question is do I have to buy the entire 34 days to get the per day offer for the MedallionNet? I am a platinum member so I am looking at $150 for one-device package on day 1. Do I have numbers correct? My other question is the availability of Internet in certain regions due to satellite locations. On our last trans-Atlantic cruise with Regal Princess, there is a day or two when internet is pretty much inacc
  5. Thanks for the information. The Delta agent probably meant that it is like "basic economy" as far as upgrade eligibility goes. I should have know that the ticket is "restricted". Does that mean that any itinerary change, including rebooking due to flight cancellation, needs to go through EZAir? What about missed connection? Do I have to go through EZair to book the next available flight?
  6. Is it a general "rule" that EZAir tickets are not up-gradable on international flight? Or this is just with Delta Airline flights? We just found that our our SA flight from Santiago, Chile are not eligible for upgrade. Airline rep claimed that it is a "basic economy" ticket, but we are able to a get a decent seat assignment.
  7. We requested Princess to issue our tickets before the 45 days rule so that we can upgrade our flights. Two days later (unusual is it for a receipt? would it be issued on the same day usually?) we received a receipt from AA for fares and fees for one flight and fees only for our return flight. The flights are not round trip, it is multi-cities. My question is "Are these receipts reflect internal accounting between Princess and AA or are these actual charges to be paid by us?" It appears that Princess may have contracted or purchased bulk certificates from airline for EZAir use, because we
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