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  1. To rebook another 5 day cruise is triple the price for a lower cabin category from when I initially booked. I’m also not getting the drinks in the casino or any additional obc with a new booking. They’ll make more money off of me if I receive the $600 because they’ll receive the huge increase in fare. Plus, we’ll still go to the casino and gamble more than we had originally planned to spend. If they’re only willing to give me the $300 obc, I have no problem putting it towards a cruise with a different line or land vacation. Heck, I can book a 7 day cruise with some obc with another line for on
  2. My November 7th Paradise cruise was cancelled. You better believe I’m going to insist on the $600 obc. Not my fault they screwed up when they sent the email. Just discovered that my PVP is no longer with the company so I’m on hold waiting to talk to someone before they send out a corrected email. Just checked my mom’s email and it says $300obc but yet mine says $600 🧐 Sent from my iPhone
  3. I’m on the Paradise on November 7th and all sailings until March have been removed. Someone on the thread I started about the Paradise mentioned that it’s possible that the missing Paradise sailings could be used to accommodate those who have had their cruises cancelled. It’s possible that since the Valor also does the 4 and 5 day sailings that could be the case. Sent from my iPhone
  4. I was unaware of the Valor not showing anything until early 2021. If cruising resumes in November, I do hope they’ve removed the sailings so that they can accommodate those whose sailings got cancelled. Sent from my iPhone
  5. Currently booked on the Paradise for November 7th and noticed there’s no sailings listed until March 27, 2021. Anyone know what’s going on or is it just a glitch? I highly doubt all of her sailings between November and the end of March have reached max capacity. Sent from my iPhone
  6. When I saw Kathy Lee Gifford unbox the letter E, I had a feeling it would be Celebration. After all, she was the godmother for the original Celebration, so it made sense for her to unbox a letter. I wonder if she’ll be the godmother for the new Celebration? Sent from my iPhone
  7. Just rebooked my cancelled September 7th cruise on the Paradise today. When I called and spoke to my PVP, he transferred what I had paid in taxes and port fees to the new cruise instead of being “refunded” them. Those fees covered the deposit and the FCC will be credited to the new cruise supposedly within a week. Definitely call and speak to someone if you’re wanting to rebook. Sent from my iPhone
  8. Thank you! That’s what I suspected. Definitely better off just taking the refund. Sent from my iPhone
  9. How much will I get back if I select an FCC? I paid $249 for a 5 day on the Paradise. Casino rate was $25pp and taxes came out to $199. Based on what I circled, would I only get an FCC for $50 and get the $199 refunded back to my credit card? Sent from my iPhone
  10. Just got the same email for my September 7th sailing on the Paradise. Still trying to figure out what we’re going to do. Got an amazing casino rate and highly doubt I’ll find another one for $250 all in. Sent from my iPhone
  11. I actually found a great deal for 5 days on the Paradise in September. Received a casino offer for $25pp plus drinks on us and $100obc. Taxes were $199, but couldn’t pass up only paying $249. I don’t think I’ve ever paid less than $249pp, so to find a cruise all in for 2ppl was a no brainer. We’ll being buying the gift cards to use as additional obc, but we’re going to wait until the day before we leave home. No sense in buying them now when there’s still a lot of uncertainty with the cruising. Sent from my iPhone
  12. 3 weeks ago booked a 5 day on the Carnival Paradise for an amazing price. It leaves early September and we knew the risks before booking. We’re well aware of the possibility of having to wear masks when in public spaces or that it may get cancelled. If anything, Covid has caused us to book more cruises because of pricing. We’ve also booked a 2022 Alaska cruise because we felt the price was good. Sent from my iPhone
  13. Another option you have depends on if your local grocery store has an attached gas station and offers fuel perks. Where I live, I have Giant Eagle and for every $50 you spend on gift cards or groceries, you receive $.10 back towards fuel. Sometimes they double the $.10 to $.20. Doesn’t sound like much, but if you buy $500 worth, that’s $5 in fuel perks. That $5 would be the equivalent of 2 tanks of free gas! If gas is $1.89, they’ll deduct $1.89 of fuel perks from your account making a gallon of gas $0. These same fuel perks can also be converted into a percentage off your grocery bill and u
  14. I had a casino offer in my account for $25pp. Check to see if you have any casino offers. I maybe spend $200 a cruise in the casino and I haven’t sailed Carnival since 2012. Sent from my iPhone
  15. I booked the Paradise as well for September just 2 days ago. Got an offer I just couldn’t pass up. $250 for 2 people...$125pp plus $50obc per person for 5 days. Sent from my iPhone
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