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  1. My husband and I have received our first shot and will get the 2nd in 12 days. We one cruise booked for April 2022 and I would like everyone, passengers and crew all vaccinated before the ship leaves port. I want to cruise, but I want to be safe. I don't have a problem wearing a mask either, if that is the rule.
  2. We started out with Celebrity. Now we are with Princess. #1 - we sail out of Los Angeles (no air travel). We are stuck with doing cruises that we have already done, but it is a vacation and no longer a destination. Why do you cruise ? - too many factors go into which cruise company #2 - price - Princess offers a good product for the price, so we go.
  3. If we our cruising out of Los Angeles (our home port) to Mexico or Alaska, I get the Princess coverage. When we did the longer cruises (28 day to Tahiti, and 34 days to Europe) I get a supplement from GeoBlue only for the medical coverage (we are on medicare) I think the coverage with Princess is fine for the ports in Mexico if you need to be evacuated. in my humble opinion
  4. We had a casino cruise booked for April 2021 that Princess cancelled we used FCC (future cruise credit) for the deposit we paid extra to go from inside cabin (free) to balcony we paid for taxes and port fees we paid for the protection plan all total we paid $1,052, We were refunded everything. The FCC went back on our account and we received the monies paid back to our credit card
  5. i had posted on another topic similar to this one. We got our FCC posted back to our account first of last week and the monies we got Monday of this week. We have until March to rebook and keep all the perks from the cancelled cruise. We have until Oct to use the FCC. Very fast and we are planning to book for early 2022
  6. Monies hit my credit card this morning (showing a date of Jan 14). We had our April 2021 cruise cancelled in November. I asked a cash refund. We had made the deposit with our FCC purchased on board with another cruise. The FCC showed up 10 days ago. I had called princess to see when the money would be returned to the credit card, one person said "don't know and the other called me and said good news it has been sent. We now have until 10/2021 to rebook a cruise and use the FCC. We have until March 2021 to rebook a cruise and get all the perks we had with the cancelled
  7. We have gotten offers in two different ways. We get the offers mailed to us, with a brochure and they have either free cabins, or discounts and then a money amount for gambling. the second offer is given to us at the end of the cruise, usually the day before the end. We get a letter that gives us a free cabin and money amount for gambling - but you have 45 days to book your cruise with this letter code.
  8. The prices with Princess are much better than Celebrity. I have a cruise booked for September 2021 with Celebrity that has gone up in price by $600 for the cabin and that is with out the perks we received. This same cruise with Princess is way less and we get the perks. I think Princess has held the line,
  9. So after noticing the FCC back on our acct yesterday, calling Princess this morning, I received a call from Princess this afternoon. I told her that I had talked to someone this morning and they said that they could not give me a time frame for the monies going back to my credit card. This lady said that my account showed that the money was refunded today and to watch my credit card, it should it in the next few days. She did say that I had until March 31st, 2021 to rebook using the FCC and they would give me all the same perks that my original cruise was booked under but it had to be
  10. I called Princess casino department this morning to check on the return of monies. She said that they just started the refunds as of Jan 8th - and there is no time table for the refunds. But the FCC is there, so that is a start
  11. Check your upcoming cruises today. I had a April 2021 and a July 2021 both have had the FCC returned to our account. I have to call the credit card company to see where the monies are
  12. Italy52 we had a 7 day cruise in April 2021 we had a 14 day cruise to Alaska July 2021 we received the FCC back to our account on the April cruise, but no money yet We only had a $200 FCC deposit on the July cruise, once that is returned we will rebook another cruise
  13. We have done all categories of cabins. The inside is too small, the ocean view is small, the balcony on Princess is small, but you can go outside on a small balcony (we have done the majority of travels prior to covid on Celebrity and their balcony's are larger). We have done one suite (with Celebrity) and REALY liked it. Post Covid we are planning to travel in Oceanview minimum, but prefer Balcony when going with Princess. We will have to go out of LA or San Diego and have no plans to fly. Now our cruising will be limited to Mexico, California Coast, Hawaii, so we will be doi
  14. I checked my princess account on Saturday. Of the two cruises that were cancelled in Nov 2020 for 2021, one has the FCC back on my account and the other is still showing active. this was a cruise booked through the casino department and we paid for the cruise in full at the time of booking. the refund of monies is not back on my credit card as of this morning, but once we get that we will rebook another cruise.
  15. We had a 7 day cruise April 2020 cancelled, and a 14 day Alaska cruise for July 2020 cancelled, both were booked by the casino department. we have not had anything refunded yet. I have had three conversations with the casino department and they said it would be 60 days. Once I have been refunded, we will rebook for 2022.
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