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  1. i buy from the dollar store the small plastic trays - you get 3 in a pack size is 5 x 5 inches - I put my makeup in one, toothpaste and brushes in the other and hubby uses one for his pill bottles and trays are put on shelf - easy to pull in and out if in one container magnets are great for hanging the notes for what we are doing for the day I bring one trash bag and all dirty clothes are put in trash bag and then stuffed in the suitcase when cruise is done I find that there is plenty of shelves, drawers and hanging for everything.
  2. We did a B2B2B on Celebrity, but procedures will vary depending on the location of the switch. We had three different cabins, Balcony, Suite, Balcony. Our first switch was in Southampton. We packed up suitcases (except hanging) and they brought a rolling hanging cart to room and took everything to new room. We took our laptop, personal items and did a ships excursion. We had received a new cabin keys before we left. On the second switch we were in Amsterdam. We did not leave the ship, but again packed up suitcases, left the closet hanging stuff and everything was moved for us. We waited in the lounge area until they said we could go to our rooms and everything was there. They make it very easy to move and get the new keys/cards.
  3. I called to see if they would extend it out, but they said no. If we had more cruises with them under our belt and had a better casino history with them, they may have done it, but since this was our first cruise, they didn't. It is fine, we have four more cruises on Princess in the next 9 months, so we will have more offers.
  4. we gamble on the ship, so that is how we get the casino rate. Our first Princess cruise was 28 night cruise LA to LA Hawaii/Tahiti - had a lot of cruise days. At the end of the cruise we got a letter - before we got off the ship giving my husband $850 casino free play and me $400 casino free play, plus a discount on the cabin choice: 35% off inside, 25% off Balcony, and i think 10% off suite. But we had to book and take the cruise within 6 months - we could not take advantage of that offer, but we have used the casino rate for our up coming cruise in two weeks
  5. We started off using only Celebrity, then did a Hawaii/Tahiti roundtrip out of LA with Princess - our first on Princess. We prefer Celebrity, but we too do not want to fly to start or end our cruise, so we will be using Princess for our next 3 cruises and one on Carnival. We like the smaller passenger ships. We did a family cruise on Royal Princess in April which has 3600 passengers and that was a lot, but don't have much choice when it comes to going out of LA port, We are elite on Celebrity, so we get the free drinks in the early evening - one drink a day is enough for us. We like their food and cabin size (normally get a balcony) On Princess we like the coffee international area we fill the food is not as good as Celebrity, but it is still good. Cabins feels smaller, even though we like the closet situation better than Celebrity.
  6. We did our first cruise on Celebrity for 10 or 11 nights roundtrip out of Rome. I did not know what I was doing, but got a great rate for the cruise $899 pp for balcony, and $900 for roundtrip air fare. We flew into Rome two days early - had booked Rome Cabs with a private car $400 total to pick us up at the airport and take us to the hotel, hotel to the port and at the end of the cruise take us from port to airport. We had a mercedes car, good looking driver that was early for every leg of our trip. We booked the premium Best Western hotel located on the backside of the Vatican. You walk out of the hotel, follow the wall and you end up in the plaza area. We walked everywhere. Hotel was small room, and I am guessing, but $125 per night, but this was in 2011. totally recommend that you go into Rome a few days early Rome airport was a breeze coming in, but a nightmare leaving.
  7. we receive flyers in the mail from Princess offering casino rate and casino monies. When I tried to book an Alaska cruise, they told me that it wasn't available. Later a flyer came with an Alaska cruise - but the casino rate (discount off) was much lower than doing one of the others (20% off inside, not the 35% off). I booked a round trip out of LA to Alaska for next May. I would love to book a British Isles, but I will be on board Royal next month and will check it out then.
  8. We had a B2B2B. We left on a trans Atlantic, arrived in Southampton and felt fine. Next leg of the cruise was a 9 night to Norway. We both got sick with coughing, blowing our nose constantly and I had a bad sore throat. Trying to buy medicine in Norway was not easy. My brother was joining us for the 3rd leg of the cruise (Baltic) and I emailed him and asked him to get me some Niquil and sore throat lozenges. That was my life saver. Now i pack throat lozenges, cold medicine and cough drops for every cruise.
  9. If you win over $1200 as a U.S. Citizen you have to fill out a form and you receive a 1099-Misc at the end of the year and you declare winning (and losses) on your income taxes. I won $1800+ paid no taxes while on the ship, but received the 1099 and included that income on income taxes. that same cruise I won $400 - another cruise won $800+ We were on a transatlantic cruise with a man you told us he had played $30,000+ - don't know how much he won/loss. Another cruise there was a lady that played in the casino all day long - she got free cabins all the time. She was actually paying for the "free" cabins with her losses in the casino, but she loved her free cabins.
  10. check out Westjet - they fly california to canada
  11. I would get a balcony unless you enjoy standing on the upper deck coming into the ports. The arrival into Sweden is over 2 hours - cruising by tiny islands and lush views. We loved having the balcony.
  12. we did 12 night out of Amsterdam in 2016. We got Veranda on Deck 6 at the back half of ship. Cost was $2100 pp, received drink package and little OBC. We had booked this about 1 year ahead with higher price, but got price drops during the course of the year. it is a great cruise, loved all the stops, but we got a great price.
  13. We took our family on the Royal Princess. I was able to enroll our two grandchildren online before the cruise in the kids cap. (ages 3 and 5) at the time. Both were in the same camp and they went 3 X a day and loved it.
  14. we purchase insurance through whichever cruise line we are going on. I did purchase a 3rd party for a B2B2B 34 nights to Europe a few years ago, it was half the price of getting it through the cruise line. You can get a policy for the whole year for around $425 (GeoBlue Voyager Choice) and it covers all trips during that year. Since we only do 2 cruises a year, I will purchase individually. If I do a longer cruise , then will consider the yearly coverage.
  15. We did the April cruise. It was hot and muggy in Hawaii and most of the stops in the pacific. So problems with storms or rain.
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