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  1. We are currently booked on Royal Princess, in April 2021. If the ship sails, we will be on it. We are in our late 60's. We have no problem wearing masks on board. We have done this cruise before and if we need to stay on board the whole time, we would. I booked a balcony so if we spend a lot of time in the cabin, we won't feel trapped. We did a 34 night B2B2B cruise in 2016. The first leg was a 15 night transatlantic. The second leg was 9 night Norway - we both caught a horrible cold with a hacking cough. We were miserable and spent most of the time in our cabin, which fortunately was a suite for that portion. By the time we were on the third leg of our cruise (Baltic) we were over the cough and felt great and we had a wonderful time. You can catch something anytime, any place. Everyone has to make decisions on what is best for them, and everyone around them. I don't want to get sick and certainly don't want to get anyone else sick. But like everyone, I am ready to travel, get out of the house, and start living again.
  2. At this day and time, I would be willing to duck tape it to my forehead. Ready to get on a ship and go
  3. I think you should consider where you are going on the cruise. We live in the LA area. If we are taking a cruise that goes to Mexico or up the coast, I take the premium insurance through Princess. When we booked our cruise to Europe I booked a separate plan through GEOBlue (?). It provides evac, $1,000,000 coverage. We are on Medicare, so you have to watch where you are going and know what is covered with your health insurance company. We are concerned more about health than anything else.
  4. We used a 'big box store" travel agency to book our cruise that was cancelled. I heard nothing from them and it was impossible to get through to them. I went directly to the cruise line website to put in a refund request. A week later I received an email from the travel agency saying that I needed to put in for a refund. So I went to their website and again requested a refund. I heard nothing for 90 days from either company. I disputed the charges with credit card and have my full refund. I could careless about the travel agency and I don't plan to use them again. There may be agency's out there that were working with their clients to get their money back, but that wasn't mine.
  5. Our Baltic cruise. My brother and his girlfriend came on the trip with us. We enjoyed all the stops and everyday was great. Our second favorite was a cruise with son, dil, two granddaughters on Royal Princess roundtrip out of LA to Mexico. Didn't care for the stops, but the grandkids had the greatest time and want to go with us again. Enjoyed being with the family.
  6. I am just as frustrated with the credit card company as well as Princess. Yesterday was the final day for Princess to dispute my dispute and as of this morning my credit card shows nothing. They gave me a provisional credit for the full amount that we had paid to Princess, but that should no longer be temporary, it should be "settled". We did get the same casino offer as above, ours was for free Oceanview, and $500, plus all the perks. I we decided to jump on it. We picked a cruise for April 2021. Hopefully things will be sailing by then To all: Be safe
  7. I also disputed my charges for two cruises. One was with Carnival on my costco credit card. It took about 60 days from dispute, but I was notified that it was resolved in my favor.. My Princess cruise was with BA visa card - I disputed on May 8th and today is the last day that Princess has to challenge the dispute. I called Princess earlier in the week - they said that they contacted BA at the end of May and was told that I had disputed it. I called BA yesterday and they said that they had no heard from Princess??? Either way, when I log into my account with BA tomorrow - it should show that it is final. I received a full credit on my account back in May, but they give you the song and dance that it could be reversed. I do not like the way BA credit card handles their disputes.
  8. Had two cruises cancelled Carnival - sail date was April 6th - they cancelled the cruise on March 18th - we asked for a full refund. We had two cabins fully paid for. Got one cabin refunded on June 1 (day 73) and the other was split refund June 11, & 12th (day 84 & 85) Princess - due to sail on May 16th - they cancelled April 14th - asked for full refund. NOTHING YET (today is day 59) I disputed both on my credit card.
  9. Final update last of money refunded this morning. Cruise was scheduled for April 6th a four night cruise out of LA Carnival cancelled March 18th I put in notice that day that I wanted a full refund Put a dispute on my credit card on April 20th Took 73 days from cancelled cruise date to get 1/2 my money Took day 84 & 85 to get the other half.
  10. update checked my credit card this morning and the other disputed charge of $1093.00 has been settled in my favor. I am now waiting for the deposit amount of $450.00 to be cleared. Strange they didn't approve both at the same time, but one day at a time. still nothing for our Princess cruise.
  11. We had two cruises cancelled. First cruise was on Carnival - I booked two cabins, (us, 2 grandkids and son/daughter in law) I booked the cabins for 3 people each, so the cost was the same for both cabins. In Sept 2019 paid $450.00 deposit for each cabin. In January 2020 paid the balance due on each cabin for $1093.00. Carnival cancelled the cruise on 03-14 and we went through our travel agency to ask for full refund $3,086. April 20, 2020 I put in a dispute with the credit card company, they immediately gave us a conditional credit. Today my credit card says that one of the $450.00 charges and one of the $1093.00 charges has been settled in our favor. I am confident that the other charges will be resolved by tomorrow or first of next week. the other cruise cancelled on Princess. nothing yet back on that, but disputed the charges on the credit card also.
  12. We had two cruises scheduled during April and May April 6th was with Carnival May 16th was with Princess Carnival cancelled the cruise on March 13th - I asked for a full refund on March 14th directly with cruise line, then filed with my travel agent. I called on May 5th to confirm that they had my case in the works - very unhelpful person said yes. I filed a dispute with credit card company - and was given a provisional credit on my credit card account this was on April 20th Princess cancelled the cruise on April 14th. I had booked directly with Princess and sent in my choice of full refund on same day. Then received email asking what I wanted. Again request full refund on April 26th. I filed dispute with credit card on May 7th and was given a provisional credit on a different card from the one used for Carnival I have had no correspondence from Carnival, travel agency, or Princess. No happy with either.
  13. happy for those of you that have received your refunds our cruise was for April 6th - no refunds, no communication from either TA or Carnival yet people with cruises after ours have been refunded ??
  14. I have two cruises (Carnival & Princess) that we are waiting for refunds on. Neither has refunded anything and it has been over 60 days for the Carnival cruise. Good news: due to something read on here on cruise critic, I called the independent insurance company that I purchased the trip insurance through and they gave me a full refund - hit my credit card this morning. Not much - $154.07, but I didn't think that I would get a refund from them. So if you purchased your trip insurance from an outside company - call them.
  15. We received a casino offer that was a free inside cabin (we pay port fees/ taxes and insurance), free gratuities, free OBc, free drink package and wifi - so we jumped on it, paid extra to upgrade to Balcony cabin. This is for April 2021. Had to pay everything up front even though we are still waiting for our refund. Total was around $1,050. I will watch in the future for anything that is within a window of 60 days of cruise leaving.
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