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  1. Cannavaro I agree that most do not put in pricing when talking about a cruise or giving a review. We have been on four Princess cruises. Our first was a retirement cruise for my husband, out of LA 28 nights Hawaii/South Pacific. I booked as an inside, and towards the end paid to move to a balcony, it was expensive - $4200+ per person, along with all the extras, port taxes, gratuities, insurance. then our next cruise was a casino free cabin cruise and then next was a discount cruise with the casino, then a free cabin cruise. Since we gamble in the casino, we get offers for 35% off inside cabin, 25% off oceanview and I believe 20% off balcony. We are limited with going out of LA, but in May we are doing a 14-day Alaska round trip. We booked this with a casino offer and we booked an inside, but got a free upgrade to oceanview. - we also have free gratuities, $400 OBC and $425 casino credit. No beverage package - but we are not alcohol drinkers. cabin $1361, insurance $108, port tax $255 - total $1724 per person - OW For anyone else not receiving casino pricing, pricing would be higher. I have tried twice to reprice at a lower price, but my price is would go up. The problem with someone giving you the price of their cabin, there are too many categories in each type of cabin (location) and what perks they receive with their price. Before using Princess, we had only gone on Celebrity, but they have only one cruise out of LA - Sept 2021 (which we are booked on), Princess is cheaper, but we like Celebrity
  2. We did a B2B2B for a total of 34 nights, going transatlantic, Norway, then Baltic. I purchased through my local bank a small amount for each currency needed. Got more Euro's since that was the majority used. Even got Ruble's. We used the local currency for tips for our guides on our excursions, purchasing coffee off ship, souvenirs. At the end of the cruise, we used the left over for extra gratuities.
  3. I would prefer that the cost of the cruise would already include the "gratuities". We always prepay the gratuities. In the beginning of our cruise time, we tipped extra to everyone - now we only eat in the dining room 1/2 the time, rest is in other areas. So we do not tip extra to MDR staff. We always leave extra in the cabin for our room steward and the end of the cruise. This topic is really hard, but it is totally a personal decision and no one should beat anyone up over what they do or do not do..
  4. We are also considering a British Isle cruise in 2021 and I have tried many combinations of B2B. I don't want to fly all that way for a 12 days cruise, so considering the FLL to Southampton transatlantic in April and then stay on board for the first cruise of the season, so expect it to be cold. Then considered flying over and doing two cruises one with Princess and one with Celebrity four or five of the stops will be repeats, but from what I read, stopping at all ports can be hit or miss with the weather. We would then have to fly round trip. This would be our final cruise over seas, so want to get it right and hit all the stops. Doing the two cruises, one gives us Iceland
  5. If you look on the Carnival website it states to park else where - Long Beach Convention Center. Is that necessary. Looking at map I see four parking areas within walking distance of the pier. Can you use those - they cost more, but LBCC does not provide shuttle to ship.
  6. We had our grandchildren on board - parents and kids in balcony cabin, hubby and me inside. The girls loved the cruise. The 6 year old is very shy, but she and her sister (4) went to the kids camp everyday. Make sure that you sign them up online before you go. You sign in who is allowed to drop them off and pick them. Most of the time, mommy dropped them off, but hubby and I did get them and we were on the list. MDR is great with the kids for dinner, 6 year old loved their alphabet soup and the french fries. and the staff is very attentive to the kids. The bunk beds in the balcony were very tight when both came down at night. The steward suggested that the adults sleep in the bunks and the girls sleep in the twin, but mommy/daddy did not and the girls were fine sleeping up in the bunks. On our next cruise with Carnival we are putting one girl in one room and one girl with us. This past cruise was on Royal
  7. i have been trying to call for two days also. I can wait, but if you need to make final payment, you may want to do it online.
  8. Vexorg you are correct on the formal nights
  9. we were also on this cruise. We wanted to do the early walk off, so we kept our luggage - two 21" suitcases. We left our room at 7:15, carried suitcases down two flight of stairs and entered the Concerto dining room, which had a long line and lots of guest seating at the tables. Ship was delayed in letting people off due to customs not being ready. Around 7:45 the line started moving and the masses started to merge (i would guess 500 people). Since we had our luggage, we were in the line that went directly to customs and then out to the parking lot - we were in our car by 8:15
  10. I knew this topic would go off base with the gambling issue. The topic was the cost of the cruise, not the gambling. If you go to your local 7-ll and buy a scratcher for $1.00 and win $2.00 - you should report $1.00 winning to IRS - how many people do - no one does. I am not a tax expert, but on a previous cruise I won a $1,800 jackpot and I filled out the paper work with the ship casino. I received my money and the following January I received a 1099-G (i think that was the form) that had my winnings on it. I reported it on my taxes and I also report my losses which if you have a casino "membership" they keep track of your win/loss and will give you a report which will offset your winnings. Again the point of the topic is how cheap you can go if you are not paying for the cabin - not the gambling.
  11. this is not a prize or princess promotion. This is an offer that casinos in Las Vegas and other locations with give in conjuntion with the cruise line. The offer is given based on your casino play during a specific time. Some hotels offer with other cruise lines. We have done it twice with Harrah's casino both times on Princess. You have to choose a cruise and the max nights is usually 10 nights, and they only offer so many cabins on each cruise.
  12. My husband and I had an inside cabin and a balcony cabin for son/daughter-in-law/2 grandkids. when i booked the cabins I had to book one in my name and one in my husband's name. (free cruises) I booked me, DIL and 2 grandkids in one room I booked husband and son in other once on board I went to guest services and I had my medallion keyed for both rooms and had my son"s keyed for both rooms. That way we could go to each others rooms with the grandkids and sleep where we wanted. They had no problem with allowing one medallion to get into two rooms.
  13. when we were on the Royal, my husband would get an "americana" which cost $2.75 in the international cafe. I would get the brewed for $1.75 - both prices is the large size we would get a cup of coffee with dessert in the dining room and my husband said that it was just as strong as the americana in the international cafe. He also liked the buffet coffee, but felt it was weaker than the DR.
  14. forgot - $133.00 for 7 day parking now total is $1,043.50 minus $200 obc (won't try to figure out gasoline)
  15. My husband and I go to a local Indian Casino in southern California. He received an offer for a free cruise - we both received an offer last year and took family members in April 2019. This cruise was the same itinerary as the April trip - 7 night Mexican Riviera on the Royal Princess. We decided not to upgrade to a Balcony (no oceanview cabins on Royal). So we were going to go as cheap as we could. (upgrade cost to a balcony would have been additional $630) To start - the free cabin is an inside - you pay the port taxes which is $125.46 pp and then you pay $100 per person deposit which is returned to you with OBC on your account. So your total is $450.92 to book the trip. We were on deck 8 - Emerald in Mid-ship location. We have been inside and balcony and have not had a problem with any of the cabins or locations. now you get to do your add ons: $44.00 pp for vacation protection plan (we are on medicare, need medical coverage for out of the U.S.) $203.00 - pre paid the gratuities total for the cabin $59.99 - wi fi for one week - you don't have to pay in advance, wait until you are on board - price is the same for boarding day $59.99 and use your OBC $7.08 - one case of water - I brought on single packets of lemonade powder that you add to one 16 oz bottle to add flavor. Spent on board $35.40 - one dinner at the Ocean Terrace $34.81 - 3 alcohol drinks during the 7 days $31.30 - coffee every morning at the international cafe - I get a large brew at $1.75 and husband gets "americana" large for $2.75 -with tax $5.02 every morning total bill for cruise $910.50 minus the $200 OBC which paid for the 101.51 charged to the room, rest spent in the casino Not going to cause a debate with how much gambling costs were, but will let you know that I hit a $569 jackpot and a $500 jackpot, so it does happen, but gave it all back. We did not get off the ship in Cabo. We do not like Tender ports and have been to Cabo many times. We got off in Mazatlan for one hour - spent $75.00 and went back on ship. Did not get off in Puerto Vallarta. The weather was nice - in the 70's - not warm enough to use the pool, but nice enough to sit out around the pool and read. We did "Movies under the Stars", saw a show, ate in the main dining room 4 times, ate in Alfredo Pizza twice, buffet for lunch. All the staff and services were excellent and we had no problem with the food. Only complaint: Getting off the Ship. We live an hour from the San Pedro port, so we parked our car in the port parking and did not want to leave our luggage outside the night before, so we did the walk off with our own luggage. Departure morning is a cluster - getting an elevator with your luggage and everyone else is hard - so we walked down to deck 6 with our luggage, waited with a couple of hundred other "walk off"'s . We started our follow the leader off the ship around 7:30 and we were through customs and in the parking lot by 8:15, we were home one hour later. We have another cruise with Princess on the Royal in May - 14 night round trip Alaska.
  16. Our only transatlantic was on Celebrity. We are planning on a transatlantic in 2021, we will do whatever cruise line gets us to London so we can do the princess British isles We like Celebrity because the passenger populations is smaller. We also like the cabins (balcony's have couch in rooms). We have enough cruise days to give us two free drinks daily (which is enough for us). We find the food, entertainment, things to do etc, equal on both cruise lines.' Because we are on the west coast - Celebrity is very limited on trips going out of LA. We are doing princess out of LA so we don't have to fly. Only special trips will we consider flying. Going to Europe we will cruise over, do another cruise and fly home or cruise back to U.S if we can figure out the dates.
  17. we did a B2B2B in 2016. left Florida for transatlantic. We had a balcony - I would not do a balcony again. Did not use the balcony. I would save money and do inside or oceanview (for the light). You might get lucky and get an upgrade or do an upsell closer to the cruise time. We just got notice today that we were upgraded to oceanview for our May 2020 Alaska cruise. We took paperback books (left them in the library when we were done with them), had our laptop computer (to play games) and we checked the patter everyday for things to do. I would do a transatlantic in a heartbeat.
  18. holy smokes it happened to us. my son told me to check our email for a picture of my granddaughter and i saw an email from princess and the subject said "upgrade" I had booked a ID (inside) for a 14 day round trip out of LA to Alaska cruise for May 2020 - upgraded to Emerald deck OW. Not a mini suite, but nice not to have an inside. we leave in 3 weeks for a 7 day cruise and I was hoping for an upgrade on that cruise - but it is a "free" casino offer, so I not sure if an upgrade is offered on that. January;s cruise will be our 5th cruise with Princess for a total of 54 days. So the upgrade was for our 6th cruise with Princess.
  19. Kittyk77 You could have done a number of different things, but you choose to do it the way you did. Don't second guess yourself and don't allow anyone to tell you that you did it wrong You are attempting to find the owner. Good for you. You could have kept the ring yourself and no one would have known, but you didn't I lost a ring two years ago, have no idea where, just looked down at my hand and it was not there. Either someone found it and kept it, turned it in to customer service and someone there kept it, or it got thrown overboard - I will never know. Hope you hear from the owner soon.
  20. to be clear if you play in the casino you must set up an account with your medallion the first time you play. if you play cash. Go to the machine, but in your money, and then touch your medallion to the medallion pad follow instructions to set up your account - if you do not you can not take your money out of the machine. example: you put in $20, play .60 per hand for ten hands, win nothing and want to try another machine - if you don't have your account set up, you won't get your $14.00 that is left in the machine. - the machine does not give you cash or a ticket back. if you don't play cash, you use your medallion to charge the amount you want to play to your cabin. If you win you can go to the cashier and get the cash amount that is in your account. example: you put in $20, play your .60 per hand. play 10 hands and win $100 - you now have $114.00 in your account - you can cash it out or keep it on your account so you can continue to play another day.
  21. depends on the dimensions of the pack n play. the area would handle possibly 3 ft wide. but it would mess up the hanging clothes. you really need someone on the ship now that can respond with measurements
  22. We did the Celebrity tour back in 2016 - I picked the cheapest tour they offered because we were on a 34 night B2B2B and we had so many tours planned. It was great. Even though you may have more people on the bus, everyone was back to the bus on time, we had great weather, and we saw a lot. I don't have a problem using the ship's excursions.
  23. We are planning a British Isles cruises for 2021. A must for us is a return to Le Havre. We stopped there on a transatlantic in 2016 with Celebrity and did the Celebrity 10 hour tour. It was the highlight of our cruise and we were on the ship for 34 nights. No matter which way you go - do a tour of Normandy - you will never forget it
  24. We had an 11::00 am. flight. We walked off the ship with our luggage, took a taxi and arrived at the airport by 8:00 am., had breakfast and then flew home. We were lucky that they allowed us to leave the ship by 7:15, we had no long wait for customs, and we had no trouble getting a cab. One things goes wrong and you may have problems. I was personally nervous until we got to the airport. I will not book early again. I would rather have to wait and take an afternoon flight.
  25. Rincon has had the princess offering for the past year. But that can change cruise lines at any time. Most of the slots are newer - 6 months ago they had Game of Thrones and they removed it and put in the "Shark" they have the money grab, but I don't recall seeing Top Dollar or Pinball. I could not even name any of the machines, just know I tried most of them
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