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  1. Congratulations - glad you were able to get it done and everything came out negative. How did you get your results? - email ? or text? We have 10:00 appts. When I booked, we had our choice for all day long, we are the only ones for Dec 9th, but sure it will get booked Hoag is my medical facility, so know the area well thank you again for keeping me updated and all other Orange County cruisers
  2. I just went on line and booked an appointment for myself and husband. I will check back here on Sat. Nov 27th to see if you had any problems. It was a pain with downloading the copies of drivers license, medical cards, but we do have the appt. thank you for the info and I hope it goes smooth for you.
  3. thank you for information regarding locations. I will check out both - the Hoag Hospital location is the easier for us to get to, but we don't leave for 56 days (i think), so I may have to wait for appt. My biggest beef is that Princess has agreements with CVS and Walgreens (as per their website) and you can't get tested for what is required. And the personnel at both Stores were not helpful at all - really acted bothered by our questions regarding getting the tests and finding locations that would do the tests
  4. We are leaving Dec 11 out of San Pedro (california), we live 40 miles from port. I have been researching where to get our Covid Test. local CVS and Walgreens both said that getting results back in 2 days is a hit and miss. No guarantees. Today my Husband and I went to Walgreens to get our Covid Booster shot and while there, we heard two different people asking about getting the results back in time to satisfy the airline, cruise line, etc. I came home and sent email to Princess asking why they were "partners" with CVS, Walgreens, etc. if they can not provide the results in the 2-day requirement. I would be willing pay for the Covid test at the pier, for a reasonable price ($150 is not reasonable), but they state that they have limited tests I tried to call my dr to see if they would write a perscription for us to get rapid covid test, but as luck would have it, they do not answer their phone. No one is making this easy If I hear back from Princess, I will post their answer here
  5. We are doing a B2B out of LA in December. Really hoping that it will be low capacity - one because it is so close to the holidays and the other because they are required to limit passengers. We never had a problem with the crowds - only getting tender passes or going to the shows, but that would not be a problem with less people. Have two cruises booked for 2022 so far - hope the low capacity in December won't spoil us if the ships are back to full capacity in 2022
  6. jswartz@princesscruises.com csteinke@princesscruises.com jchernesky@princesscruises.com if you email all three hopefully someone will reply
  7. i clicked on the site and it says results back in 1 -3 days. Were you told it would be within 2 days when you had the test taken ?
  8. I feel your pain. I tried to down load the app found out that my Iphone6 is too "old". I am not buying a new phone. I tried to update info on the website, but that not longer is available. So I wrote an email to Jan Swartz and within a week I received a call from Princess. I told them it was very frustrating and they agreed (of course), but said that they were rolling out an online version of the app, so that we could go back to the old way - this will happen sometime in November Our cruise is in December, so we will see if that happens, either way, we called and ordered our Medallions and we will show up at the pier, fill out any paper work there and board the ship (knock on wood). Only problem having now is finding a testing center near us that will do the rapid test and not charge an arm and leg. I am calling Princess later to book another cruise that will be prior to the one we have already booked. So we will be doing a B2B, 7 day and then 4 day.
  9. Our granddaughters were 6 and 4 when we took them on a 7 day cruise on the Royal. They are begging to go again. They loved the kids area and were there morning and afternoon. They loved getting dressed up for dinner. We took them to the pool everyday and walked around the ship. We got off the ship for two of the stops and they didn't enjoy that as much, so next time we will stay on board.
  10. We did a cruise that hit the Greek Islands in 2011 - another cruise line. We loved the history and the designations but the Baltic cruise was our favorite. We are planning a "big" & "long" trip for 2023 - We want to go transatlantic, then tour British Isles and then redo our Baltic cruise. Would be around 40 days and cost alot, but it would be our last to Europe.
  11. I book through the casino department and I was told that anything I want to add or change must go through them or it can cause your booking to be deleted. Do not add excursions, dinners or try to change cabins without calling casino department just a heads up
  12. We have only sailed on Celebrity and Princess. If price were not a consideration, I would go Celebrity. But we are now retired, no longer wish to fly to ports and going out of southern California, we will go Princess. Princess is equal to Celebrity in many ways, but Celebrity is costly
  13. I did forget to mention that I was on hold for 30 minutes, then passed to someone else and again put on hold for at least 15 minutes. Bottom line - I got my dining time, and medallions ordered, but I still will have to finish all the paper work at the pier. Not happy about that. I am sending an email today to Jan Swartz to point out the obvious, but she has probably gotten thousands of emails already, and nothing has been fixed for those of us that don't own the right equipment
  14. if you want to order your medallion not using the app call 1 844 525 0942 I have an iphone6 and the app will not download, and i am not going to buy a new phone I called the number above, put in my request for dining time, and ordered my medallion and will do the rest of the paperwork at the pier. not happy, but I can spend money on a cruise or spend money on a phone, which would Princess like me to do
  15. I just booked the same type of offer yesterday. I asked about the cancellation policy because I want us to have our booster shot before going in December. Plus what if we test positive for the covid test prior to the trip if it is still required in December. Answer: The cancellation is the same for casino offers as for all cruises. The money would be given back in Future Cruise Credit. The offer that you booked may not be available for the future, so the credit would have to be used for whatever cruise you choose. We had a cruise for April 2021 that had a lot of perks, but Princess cancelled that cruise. I called and chose April 2022 for the same cruise, but lost a $300 OBC that was for the 2021 cruise.
  16. thank you for continuing the "live" info. did you have to pay for a cabin upgrade. what were you booked in and what did you get upgraded to?
  17. We did not do this cruise/land tour. We booked a cruise out of Rome in 2011. We flew into Rome two days early, made our own arrangements for hotel, transportation to and from airport and port. I booked tickets for the Vatican on line before we left, everything else was walking everywhere in Rome. We went to three stops that you will be going to: Ephesus - one of the best places we went to. Book an excursion that has a stop with the House of Virgin Mary. Athens - we got off the ship and paid a taxi driver to drive us all over and we paid $80 total (long time ago) Naples - did a ship excursion of Amalfi Coast and Pompeii - don't miss it. this was a once in a life time trip at the time - so glad we went and would love to go back (we are both in late 60's) but probably will not, so happy we did what we did. don't want to make any sick with pricing,, but we paid $899 per person for a balcony.
  18. We did one suite cruise with Celebrity - it was nice - they gave a special bar room Michaels that is used by suite guests. Pricing: Princess is a lot less than Celebrity. Since we only go out of LA - we can only use Princess - Celebrity currently not using LA
  19. We are in the planning stages - planning to do an Alaska cruise that leaves out of Vancouver. I did a mock booking for the cruise that leaves in May and then did a price check for the airfare with Princess. The cost for a one way LA area to Vancouver was over $400 per person. We did that same flight 3 years ago and paid about $150 one way per person. I then checked with WestJet and they were around $140 one way each person. Check with different airlines.
  20. Disclaimer: I have not read all 69 pages, so maybe someone has addressed this already. I do not carry my phone around with me on the ship (cord not long enough). I am on vacation and I don't want to be tied to a phone. I don't mind the medallion for opening my cabin door, or using it to order a drink at the bar. But other than that I want to be "tech" free. Am I the only one ?
  21. I vote - Take the Balcony. Even if you don't go out on the balcony, having the curtains open and seeing the ocean is worth it. 2016 did a trans Atlantic on another cruise line, paid $899 for balcony. Another guest living in Florida booked his cabin two weeks before leaving at got it for $699.
  22. We have done the round trip to Tahiti out of L.A. which has 8 sea days coming back to L.A., we have also done the Trans Atlantic which is six sea days. Make plans for your own time, not everything provided by the ship will be of interest. I down loaded the "Game of Thrones" tv show on our ipad and and watched episodes when we had nothing to do. We brought 10 -12 paperback books, which we leave in the ship library when we are done with them. I bring our laptop computer which had games that my husband likes to play. We also love the casino, but we have to limit our time and budget our gambling money Before our next cruise i am getting a chess/checkers/backgammon board to take. again, the ship has something scheduled all the time, not everything suits everyone.
  23. how old are your grandkids? We took our son,dil, and two granddaughters ages 4 & 6 at the time. We did the 7 night out of LA to mexico. They had a great time. They went to the kids area everyday and to the pool. Son & DIL went to Cabo for the day and left the girls with us on board and they were easy to entertain. They loved getting dressed up every night for dinner in the dining room and the waiters were wonderful and knew what they liked and took really good care of them. This was on the Royal Princess - no rock climbing, no slides, no major top deck kids area, but the kids had fun. We are looking forward to doing it again
  24. My husband and I have received our first shot and will get the 2nd in 12 days. We one cruise booked for April 2022 and I would like everyone, passengers and crew all vaccinated before the ship leaves port. I want to cruise, but I want to be safe. I don't have a problem wearing a mask either, if that is the rule.
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