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  1. We just returned from our cruise on the Oasis of the Seas yesterday and I'd like to share the wonderful experience we had using the Cozumel Wedding Planners for my son and daughter-in-law's beach wedding. The service we received from Lluvia and her group was amazing. The planning process was so simple and stress free. Email communication was always responded to within less than 48 hours. We chose Mr. Sanchos for the venue, but there are more options available. We would also like to put in a good word for Mr. Sanchos. We followed the ceremony with their all inclusive access for our guests rather than a formal private luncheon and it turned out to be the best day of our trip. I could go on and on about the day, but instead will be happy to respond to any questions anyone may have. Cozumelweddingplanners.com
  2. Add another vote for this tour. We were a group of 3 "mature" ladies a little apprehensive about this tour but became comfortable very quickly and had a BLAST! I've never driven a trike before, but they are automatic and so easy to drive. Wear a long sleeve sun shirt if you burn easy.

    RC/M-Life/Hyatt Status Matches

    Thank you for the information, however, I have been unsuccessful getting the tier match with World of Hyatt. After numerous calls, I eventually called M Life to find out if they were holding up the process. The rep indicated that once the process went through an on-line "opt-in" with Hyatt, only earned M Life Status is recpricol. Royal Caribbean status still earns status with M Life, but can' be transferred through to World of Hyatt. Bummer :( Be thankful if you got in under the wire!

    Getting married - Options?

    I've been helping my son plan his wedding in January during a stop on our Oasis January 2018. My research pointed me to http://www.cozumelweddingplanner.com and so far, they have made the process very easy and stress free. Their reviews are very good and I feel confident that everything will be great. They will only be doing a symbolic ceremony with about 15 other guests. They will be legally married at the local courthouse just prior in order to avoid the red tape. Be thankful that Royal Caribbean turned you away because I've read that their wedding planning department is a nightmare!

    Amazing Cozumel wedding

    My son and future daughter-in-law will be married at Mr. Sanchos during a stop on our cruise in January 2018. One of the options Cozumel Wedding Planners offers is their sound system for your own personal music. Can any of the past or future brides share if they did this and if there's a website to download a whole set of wedding ceremony instrumental music? Trying to help make this easier for the couple. Thanks!