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  1. trip insurance, don't leave home without it. I had the trip insurance on a cruise, had a heart attack. You don't want to pay for a jet ambulance out of your pocket.
  2. Once when I had to use our trip insurance, the travel insurance desk secured the jet ambulance from Bonaire to Fort Lauderdale when I had a heart attack while docked in Bonaire. For those who like to self insure, do you know exactly who to call? Yes there are medi-evac groups to join but I would suspect that like most of us we we choose to buy travel insurance or not and leave it at that. My wife probably would have been more frantic without the assistance of the "travel desk 1-800 number"
  3. I would check out the Marriott at the IAH between terminals 2 and 3. They have an onsite restaurant. We stay there when we have an early flight out of IAH. You can grab your bags and take the underground tram to the hotel.
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