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  1. I am planning on the emed testing at home...and here is how 'easy' it has been so far: Not. Setting up the accounts with emed and Navica...confusing with both of us having our own Qcodes in the same login. I tried setting up 2 logins, but I'm guessing that my computer cookies had something to do with it and they both redirected to same log in. But, both names are there and we will find out ahead of time at 'dry run' test how this works. Murphy's law and issues to now has convinced me to test both of us a month prior to Nov sail. Fri test for Sun departure. Next issue...my Samsung Note 6 that I love and swore to never upgrade because I hate the loss of stuff and learning new tech...doesn't have the system requirements to TEST on the Navica ap! It's only 2 years old. Sigh. Try something else. My desktop computer...apparently doesn't have webcam. No prob...ordered a plug n play thing from Amazon. Sat around for a couple of weeks before I decided to plug it in and see if I could figure out how to use it. How hard can it be? (Like peeling a mango apparently.) WHAT?! No microphone and ...okay a few hours of banging around and found that....but: my Amazon Skytech NEVER found the webcam. Try DH's...plug...no play.. I GIVE UP on that. Ipad...its a 6th gen. It has a built in webcam. It MIGHT work, but is more than 2 years old and if my phone isn't tech spec up to date, the odds of that ... NEXT. Today, I'm going to buy a NEW PHONE. At the STORE. Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Tried to order online yesterday and everything seemed to go well until I got a message with a link to click to scan a picture of my id. I did that for other software apps, should be no problem. Except that I kept getting a message that said. "no camera permission. Please fix and try again. Constraints could not be satisfied." I turned on permission for EVERYTHING on EVERY Ap..still nothing. Called and got shifted to a chat helper...no help. He told me to do everything I had already done. My frustration level is beyond comprehension. I am not an unintelligent individual, although questioning my limited technological PROGRAMMING skills! I'm just a USER. While I'm at the ATT STORE, buying a phone and having THEM transfer data...ugh...apps n passwords...long day ahead of me... I've decided..new IPAD for DH while we are there. If those don't work, and the protocols don't change back to a more reasonable THREE DAY test requirement that labs can handle, I don't know what else I can do. Local test option is not guaranteed and antigen not offered within a 3hour travel radius. Just stay home forever, I guess. Oh, but it is so easy! 😉
  2. Good question. Wouldn't fit in the quart liquid bag sealed...but, I'd think it would qualify under medical exemption stuff. As long as you don't have a new TSA agent, probably fine in carry on bag, but I'd probably put in a gallon ziplock and put in the gray bin visible.
  3. I had already checked in for a Nov cruise for 2 cabins and thought I better double check. My phone, Samsung, was still showing my express pass and time, but there was a new section that needed to be completed. A picture of vax card. So..I added that and went to DHs phone, iPhone...and it showed check in after 9/30. Although it had already been done. I had PRINTED boarding passes when I had completed the first time, for all 4 of us. So.. 11:30am check in is confirmed! Went to the website and I could see the other cabin still showed the info I had previously entered. But, no request for pic of vax card. Ditto for mine. So...the app is being updated to add more stuff and the website isn't from what I can tell.
  4. I would be hesitant, particularly for a Sunday departure, due to the 2 day pretest requirement on a holiday weekend. In fact, I wouldn't bother to look to see if the dates would work and just presume it's too much trouble. Therefore... supply and demand=lower price.
  5. Answer to my own question.... no to reprice. Technically, if booked at casino discount, through their department, you can only upgrade after final payment and the best price guarantee does NOT apply. However, I have heard of many, and was told by a different agent last month, that you could reprice for onboard credit if the price dropped, even after final payment. This new guy was going to 'go to bat for me', however I just chose to UPGRADE to a higher category (S1) and instead of onboard credit, I got a smaller amount refunded outright. Works for me. SO many details and workarounds one has to know about. Sharing.
  6. Anyone have experience through the casino Blue Chip Club getting adjustments? I've noticed that the extra discounts available on the main website are not always showing (lovely IT) when you call to book direct with them. I had already decided that booking myself and then calling to have the last play discounts applied is the way to go. Next time. But... if I upgrade to the next category? I'd rather not keep holding (disconnected after the first 20minute hold)...now on an hour...if the answer is 'get lost'.
  7. On the Edge Aug 14 sailing in Luminae I asked for a glass of the Montaudon and was told the contract had ended and was replaced with the... Brut Cattier.
  8. Since no one has replied...I remember reading fasttestnow 1-833-830-8383
  9. For those who say there is no need to stress... Let them eat cake! Antigen & PCR tests are "apparently" readily available in the BIG cities. If Marie Antoinette is not in the castle and lives in the village, small cities/towns...she "might" have the choice of a faster Antigen test, or her result may be delayed from 12 hours to longer with a PCR. If Princess Antoinette is visiting her parents on the FARM outside the walled villages...she will NOT get a choice. She will only have access to a PCR test! It will have to be hauled to the nearest village...and there is no guarantee how long that horse has to ride to town and back. 😉
  10. Post #458 at the bottom has the pic of the suitcase where I saw the 3 days notation. US Travel Requirements as of August 4, 2021 Travel requirements vary by homeport country. Be sure you’re aware of both homeport country and Celebrity Cruises vaccine and testing requirements as they may differ. We will continually evaluate and update these requirements and protocols as new information becomes available. Booked guests will be advised of the latest requirements leading up to departure. US Entry Requirements All non-US residents must present a negative NAAT or Antigen test taken with 3 days of travel. Be sure to save a copy on your phone and bring a printed copy. Name on test results must match those on government issued identification.
  11. The Celebrity healthy-at-sea, as of Aug 2 NOW says... 3 days instead of 72 hours. If they will tell the port workers, it is a little bit simpler. Wed test for Saturday cruise, Thrs test for Sunday cruise.
  12. You won't be able to get an elevator easily. Can you carry all bags up a few levels of stairs?
  13. Well...I thought you had something there. I'm in the Texarkana area in the same situation as College Station. So, I see that that link has a place for TXK! SCORE..oh wait, not so fast... under schedule appointment section: "...Please do not sign-up for non-emergent reasons like these: Travel clearance, Day-care clearance, "re-test" to see if you are negative now after testing positive once. If you register for evaluation for these reasons, we may deny you testing at our facility and you will not qualify for a refund of the registration fee... " (no copywrite notice, thank you) So... my "choice" is CVS PCR only (in Atlanta, TX) and I MIGHT get it back in 1-2 days, but as many as 5, with no guarantee. I also have a layover of 1.38 mins in DFW, where they have an antigen test, barring no flight delays or long treks across the terminals. Or Plan C hope that FLL airport will test at the baggage claim, even though I'm not boarding but deplaning. So... in any case, being in the countryside, I have to fly before I get results. Cross fingers & pray that the PCR makes it (day prior flight.) Plan D is hope that Celebrity has antigen available (sailing AFTER the free tests at pier dates), if all else fails. And it may well expire before embarkation if there is a delay there if I haven't guessed the timing right. Yeah. Not EVERYONE can just go get an official test. However...self test at sam's club $20 for 2, no problem. I already had 2 on hand, which I was planning on using at the hotel before the rule changes.
  14. Yes. A couple of cruises in 2022 that HAD the availability for specialty dining, etc...do NOT have them there today.
  15. Re: losing OBC.... AFTER 6/14 I was told that I had until 6/14 to rebook/cancel/move my reservations for summer vaccinated (95%) sailings or I would lose the OBC. (My sailings were for Sept/Oct.) I just happened to call and had not gotten a letter. Lost in the netzone, I suppose. But, I had decided after Christine Duffy's interview that it was time to be proactive with a decision. I knew we would not be in the 5% exception (2 vax, 2 not) and preference would, and should, be given to children first. I am gambling that the CSO will be allowed to expire on 11/1 and things will return to semi-normal. Since I had an agent first thing in the am, calls were backing up on hold, computers were crashing from overload...someone HAD gotten their letters! And I pushed all of mine to later sailings. I had already booked other plan Z's and it was easy enough to transfer funds/obc. If I had tried to do it online, I would have been penalized 200 per booking, so call necessary. I was told hold time up to 4 hours the last time they had to do this type of thing.
  16. A ban for life? Is that all? Support the DEATH penalty?...that is the next step, you know. WTH happened to due process and laws? Or innocent until proven guilty? I don't get it... your vax protects you doesn't it? According to..Fauci! Don't want unvaxed on your precious vacation, then get the laws changed accordingly. But, the mob mentality throw them overboard is ridiculous. The darn thing is supposed to protect YOU! What are you so afraid of?! Dying yourself? We all get there eventually.... where you go after death...is that the real fear?
  17. Yes. For some reason, on one of those days, one I had booked ages ago wasn't in my planner when I double booked a superdeal for the exact same week. I guess I'm senile. 😉 Or just relying on the website...
  18. You mean this one? (Hand or forehead)... https://www.swfinstitute.org/news/85704/darpa-displays-human-implant-microchip-that-can-detect-viruses https://www.scmp.com/tech/tech-trends/article/3129809/pentagon-team-reveals-covid-19-detecting-chip-can-be-implanted
  19. You hover your mouse over the name on a post on the left side. A window pops up with their join date and post count. Under that are 3 small boxes. The middle one is 'ignore user'. Click on that...then check the boxes.
  20. DAFFY DUCK BACK FLIPS! Oh, wait...this is an impressive business statement, IMO. I have already cancelled this years re-books on Celebrity due to stated vax requirements. Turned down another 2 free AQ veranda from St Maarten in June/July, 2 Nov/Dec free Concierge on the Edge class..... and all I have left are 4 cabins on Carnival, rebooks for Sept & Oct this year, and one new for Oct 2022. So, I'm keeping my HOPES up and keeping my reduced rate Carnival cruises. Regardless of how things play out, Carnival looks good to me politically...they support the AMERICAN way of life. Freedom of choice. They keep my money a little longer. Because I don't believe that just because A.Donald SAYS they won't require a vax, that it will play out that way for the next year. If it does, DAFFY DUCK BACK FLIPS!
  21. FINALLY, someone with a bit of sense! Thank you. FWIW... as addicted to cruising as I am, I would never break the law by falsifying documents to do so!!!! 1st...I don't look good in orange. 2nd...I'm not a CRIMINAL simply because I choose to do what I want with my own body. I am a Constitutionalist and for now, I still have a right to make my own choices over the only thing I own. My self. 3rd...These so-called miracle drugs (biotech, not true vaccines) that are not FDA approved (EUA only)...if they are all that and a bag of chips, then why does anyone care? After all, you have been TOLD they are 95% effective to keep you from catching and 100% effective at keeping YOU out of the hospital. Sorry, I've been sold a shady bag of goods before. (Read my lips: no new taxes.)
  22. 😉 Clean? Smell nice? Hands washed, hair combed, & teeth brushed? You do YOU and I will MYOB.
  23. Celebrity does charge more for 3rd/4th passengers than the average cruise line. In our case, we added our granddaughter to 2 casino cruises we had on 2 different lines. Our free cabin on Celebrity turned into $1113 to add 13yr old. Our discounted cabin on Carnival to add her was $149. It has nothing to do with age or cabin arrangements...they were the same rooms. BUT, the Carnival rate was slightly different with an additional benefit because the current casino offering was a different code than at the time we booked. JMO...Celebrity doesn't want to discount 3/4 pax rates. Sometimes it looks like adding a room is the way to go if you have 4.
  24. Even if you fill out the form, you have to either call OR wait for someone to call YOU (my PVP has done this twice) to manually complete the cancellation. I've tried doing the cx's several different ways. (3 CCL) My best option has been to go into the record and manually cancel the 'extras' like excursions, dining, pkgs and THEN call if I have another cruise already booked I'd like to transfer the deposit/pmts/obc to. Or wait if I don't for the PVP to call me at HER convenience. JMO..the form is worthless unless you intend to utilize the FCC far into the future. And hope it is still there and done properly by the time you choose a sail date.
  25. Not sure...but my 'thought'... Cat 2A is the category I'm routinely offered through the casino comps. Maybe they set a block aside when they plan on offering those dates in the future?
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