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  1. I brought some on a previous cruise and didnt have any issues.
  2. Looks great on you. Congrats on your progress!
  3. It would be weird if a neighbor that I didnt know came to my door and asked me to zip their dress but I would do it for her. I say go for it.
  4. I definitely can't maintain a diet. It's easier for me to get up and workout.. I already accept that I'm probably going to gain weight, I just try to minimize the damage. As long as I have fun I'll deal with it later.
  5. It's a no for me. Especially for that many days. I enjoy picking out vacation outfits way too much to let someone dictate what I'm going to wear everyday. But I'm not knocking anyone else's choices.
  6. I plan on trying these for the first time on our next cruise. I have yet to hear anything bad about them. I wish I had know sooner!
  7. No change for me and that's fine. But congrats t everyone that made progress!
  8. Congrats! I cant wait to pay mine off. Random expenses are slowing me down!
  9. Definitely 12 good ones. I especially agree with the food items and not sanitizing hands. But I have never heard and discussions about the fares.
  10. I gained about 6 pounds on a 7 day cruise but I think it was a combination of everything. Before we leave for any trip I'm usually eating right and working out a little harder to compensate for me not doing it while we're gone. I feel like that backfires on me when we cruise because as soon as I start ordering drinks and eating stuff I dont normally eat my body seems to be shocked. Within a couple days I feel like I'm already gaining. I think I'm going to quit purchasing the drink package because I'm pretty sure I drink considerably more than I would if I didn't have it. That will probably help me a lot.
  11. If it were my husband I would like 4-5 days notice. Great gift! She's very lucky.
  12. I prefer pockets also. I usually don't notice that they don't have then until I've bought them and am wearing them. I'll reach to put something in them and realize they arent there. Happens way too often.
  13. I gained about 6 pounds on a 7 day cruise. Some of it came off quickly once I got back to my regular routine, but the rest was a struggle. No regrets though!
  14. I lost 5 pounds from having a real bad cold. I'm hoping I can keep it off!
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