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  1. I remember seeing Kate Spade purses in one of the shops but don't remember an entire shop dedicated.
  2. We did 11 night Southern Caribbean in 1 bedroom haven on the Pearl in December 2014. Entire cruise (including prepaid gratuities) ran us $5,500 for the both of us. Priced a similar cruise a couple of years ago, same time frame on same class of ship but was only a 10 night Southern Caribbean. Same room was running just shy of $12,000 for two. I think they jacked the prices up once they started with all of the "free at sea" perks.
  3. Frank did get a bonus increase. I guess this might be where it came from!
  4. We made it fine the middle of June the one time we stopped there.
  5. I did it when my daughter and I did our first cruise. Knew we'd be doing spa treatments, specialty dining, drinks and some shopping. Our final bill came out to $17.24 which was a lot better than getting the huge credit card bill at the end of the cruise. At least for me it was.
  6. We stayed there last summer and enjoyed the view. Had a room on an upper floor facing the port. I'm a Hilton Honors member and was able to go in and choose my room location when I checked in online. We ate at the outside bar and the food was fine for us. I was out on my balcony at 5am watching the cruise ships come into port. In regards to driving directions, I got on google maps before we ever left our house and researched how to get there and where the turn for the hotel was so that I would have an idea once we got into the area. Water tax stop is right outside the hotel. Wish we had gotten to the hotel a lot earlier in the day so that we could have taken it down to Margaritaville also, but we did ride it round trip the other direction. The views were great and the guide on the taxi was very informative. Have a great cruise!
  7. We've got ebags brand and love them. Have several different sizes and two different colors. I put husbands in one color and mine in the other. I also roll our clothes before putting them in and I can fit a lot more in them than I thought I'd be able to. Just take them out of the suitcase and put them in the drawers or on the shelf.
  8. We're from the Atlanta area and I brought Coke's for one of our gifts since they are headquartered here. It went over pretty good with the recipient. Guess I can't do that anymore!
  9. 12/2014 11 Day Southern Caribbean on the Pearl out of Miami $5500 for 2 people in a 1 bedroom Haven suite (that included gratuities and dining package for 11 nights)
  10. Do away with all of the "free at sea" perks that have been going on for years now and drop prices back to reasonable. We sailed an 11 night Southern Caribbean in a one bedroom Haven suite on the Pearl in 2014 for a total of $5,500. That was before they started offering the "free at sea" perks. Since then that cruise now (or one just about like it) runs just shy of $12,000 for 2 people. Guess they have to make up for those "free" perks that they are giving away.
  11. We just stayed at the Hilton Marina in July and had a tower room facing the port. Our room was spotless and all of the hotel from what we could see was. And there was even a huge Florida Supercon Convention going on with huge parties at the hotel and it was still extremely clean. We plan on staying there again next cruise. We did the water taxi and loved it. Just wish we had gotten into town earlier in the day so that we had time to ride it down to the Hollywood area.
  12. We stayed at the Hilton Ft Lauderdale Marina a couple of months ago before our cruise. Had a room facing the port and woke up at 5am so that I could sit out on the balcony and watch our ship arrive. Great view and will more than likely stay there again next year.
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